Luxury Train Shikishima – Five-Star Hotel On Wheels

Japan’s luxury train suite Shikishima (a coined word meaning “island of four seasons”), has been dubbed the world’s most luxurious mode of public transport. The train has just taken its maiden voyage, with speculators calling a voyage on the vehicle “the ultimate travel experience.” The train’s aesthetic has been dreamed up by Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama, the automotive designer behind the Ferrari Enzo and P4/5 along with the Maserati Quattroporte, and brings the elegant physique of a supercar to public transport. With dome cars, large geometric windows and a plush sofas, a trip on the rain suite Shikishima is comparable to a luxury cruise. Decked out in traditional materials such as wood, “washi” japanese paper and japanese lacquer, the 10-car train harks back to its heritage. The train suite Shikishima uses artistic techniques that have been a part of eastern Japanese culture of generations, whilst also nodding to oriental landscapes with an interior aesthetic that’s reminiscent of a quiet, tree-lined forest. The Shikishima suite room comes complete with a flooring of tatami mats, while cypress bathtubs over the riders a fragrant bath mid voyage. Guests are even attended to by staff kitted out in custom-made uniforms designed by Uniqlo creative director Naoki Takizawa. Okuyama nods to Japanese artisanal crafts with his use of bentwood—made by curving wood with steam—to frame the sofas and seating. Meanwhile, oriental carpet mills takes car of the design under foot, using their signature ornate carpets that can already be found in the Vatican palace and Kyoto state guest house. The train consists of 17 rooms in total, with two large suite rooms and 15 smaller ones. JR east, the rail operator behind the luxury masterpiece, seeks to provide “a high-grade space” that is currently unseen in existing railway journeys. far from distracting guests from the natural scenery outside, the train suite Shikishima incorporates the outside world into the experience of riding the luxury vehicle. With specifically designed glass “observatory cars” at the front and rear of the train, the ride offers up a panaromic view of eastern Japan’s diverse landscapes. The journey even comes complete with a culinary experience influenced by the areas through which the train travels, using seasonal food from the local regions to be eaten with silver nikel cutlery created by Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo.

Glacier National Park – Izaak Walton Inn

The Izaak Walton Inn is a unique family-owned retreat that borders the southern boundary of Glacier National Park. Open year round ,Izaak Walton Inn provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Izaak Walton Inn is an Alpine Lodge located in Essex, MT. Apart from main building this hotel feature a few luxury suits located inside old caboose.

The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada

Young and talented photographer Jeff Friesen just completed a photography project called “The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada” that involves a train’s journey across Canada but with an unexpected twist. "I carry the train rather than it carrying me. It fits into a shopping bag." The unique series shows us the vast, diverse and beautiful landscapes of Canada in a sweet and enchanting way. At first glance you will be sure that you’re looking at an actual, real-life train. But in fact we’re invited to imagine what small and mysterious creatures could possibly be enjoying such a wonderfully scenic trip. Enjoy!

Luxury Train “Maharajas’ Express”

Launched in January 2010 Maharajas’ Express is the most luxurious train of Indian Railways and one of the most expensive in Asia. It’s newly-built train with all the modern amenities of a 5-star hotel combined with the ageless charms of classic Indian culture. This year it was recognized as the best of such kind in the world. For eight days this luxury train will carry you across the country by the most famous attractions of India. Cost of trip per person ranges from $800 for deluxe coupe to $2,500 for the presidential suite per day.

Future Train Design Concept by Chris Precht

Today we want to show you interesting concept of railway seatings. This design won second place out of 5,000 submissions to the Bombardier/YouRail design competition. The designer is Chris Precht. This design features retractable and flexible seats that are formed by an external stretchable layer which is attached to the structure and can adapt to different configurations (body types).It designed to meet the needs of travelers by train, metro, subway. Extremely cool and stylish!