15 Best Free Travel Templates and Themes

If you look up #Inspo on Instagram, I bet you will see thousands and thousands of travel-related photos. People will never stop searching for inspiration that exploring new countries gives. Some 20 years ago arranging a trip could become a real pain in the neck, but now we can easily settle everything on the web in the comfort of our homes. Select a destination, book a flight, find a fancy hotel with a breathtaking sea view – and you’re ready to go just in a few clicks! When people want to get services online, they want these services to be fast, clear and effective. If they don’t get these three at one website, they go to another one. Thus, a quality website is the key factor of any modern company’s success. Luckily for travel companies, their field has much to offer in regards to visual content, which makes travel websites so rich in eye-catching imagery. The only thing that’s left to make their websites effective is to pick up some beautiful framing. In this article we discuss the essential functions of a travel company website and show some beautiful travel templates and themes that have all these functions on fleek. If you want to know what a dream travel website should be like, read on!

Best WordPress Themes with In-Built Theme Builder

WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful website platforms alongside with free website builders. It’s pretty easy to install and use and there are tons of stunning WP themes available in the market. And now WordPress became even easier with new in-plugin allowing to customize your WordPress theme without any technical skills. There are many such plugins created by different web developers but all of them allow to modify initial theme with the help of WYSIWYG styled editing interfaces. All you need to do is to download WordPress theme and customize it by your need. Customizing is a really easy task. Just select the content element you want to edit (text box, image, video, etc) and place it where you want it to appear on the page. That’s all! Also such plugins allow to change the whole look of the your website with color picker tool, preset layouts and even ready-made database of free to use fonts and images. So now WordPress theme is something similar to online website builder with drag and drop editor. Sounds interesting? Then check the following collection of creative, interesting and colorful WordPress themes with in-built theme builder plugin.