Ice-Breaking Luxury Yacht ‘Ida Pfeiffer’

If you want to take a holiday cruising the Arctic, but prefer to do so in private five-star style, then the Ida Pfeiffer might be the yacht for you. Developed by Globe Regal Yachting in conjunction with Gill Schmid Designs of New York and Dörries Yachts of Bremerhaven, the 1,500-tonne (1,653-ton), diesel-electric luxury cruiser is designed to carry 14 guests and 15 crew into the coldest waters on Earth along with a small armada of tenders, rescue boats, sailboats, and even a helicopter and a Triton submarine.

Futuristic Superyacht Styled on a Dugout Canoe by Oceanco

Oceanco unveiled its new 377ft superyacht concept ‘Tuhura,’ conceived in collaboration with Lobanov Design Studio, BMT Nigel Gee and the interior designer Achille Salvagni. Though it won’t get into the list of the most expensive yacht all over the world Tuhura is truly in a category of its own, unlike any yacht on the market. Its design harkens back to ancient times. The exterior styling is reminiscent of early canoes; dugouts and other vessels used hundreds of years ago by indigenous people all over the world. The Polynesians, in particular, famously made long voyage explorations across thousands of miles of open Pacific Ocean in their outrigger canoes. The thinking behind revisiting basic primal forms is to evoke a sense of exploration and discovery.

Modern Electric Luxury ‘Kathreen’ Yacht

Kathreen by Marko Petrovic is a design study of an electric sailing yacht with the elements of modern contemporary art. It has been designed as a 45m long luxury yacht with elegant design. Massive shape and 2 solid structured solar sails. The inspiration was taken from modern architecture where main goals were simplicity, volume and aggressive but yet sophisticated design line. As for the sea inspiration the design resembles the body of a sword fish. This luxury sailing yacht is imagined as a 2 floor glass cabin yacht (first floor to be a lounge area and the second control center) 2 massive sails consist of solar power panels that were imprinted in sail material creating a giant web of collectable energy. Height of these sails is around 30m. Sharpe and edgy design perfect for cutting waves and together with large sails reaching high speed. Though this is just a concept once it’s made it could be listed in the top most expensive yachts of the world.

Scenic Eclipse Luxury Discovery Yacht

Most ships are dedicated to either luxury or discovery. The Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yacht is designed for both. The tour brand’s first ocean cruise ship, it measures 168 meters long, yet has just 114 suites, each with a private verandah. With 176 crew members, it offers as close to a 1:1 ratio as you’ll find, which ensures you never have to wait to enjoy your next indulgence at the spa, pool, theater, lounges, or bars. It also carries its own Discovery team, who has a fleet of Zodiacs, kayaks, e-bikes, and other outdoor toys at their disposal to help you explore your surroundings in ways traditional luxury launches can’t. Its maiden voyage launches in the Mediterranean next August, and current itineraries include trips through the Americas, Antarctica, Europe, and the Arctic. Also don’t forget to check our list of the most expensive yachts.

Rossinavi Aurora Modern Luxury Superyacht

With a dramatic, angular form and a layout designed for the 28-year-old bachelor who owns it, the Rossinavi Aurora Superyacht is designed for fun. That’s evident in the oversized beach club, steam room, swimming pool, and foredeck lounges found throughout its 161-foot length. It also has three salons, two VIP staterooms, a massive main deck master, and two additional guest cabins. With all these entertaining-focused features, it could have easily turned into a frat party on the water. Instead, a rather feminine interior with curved surfaces, soft edges, and marble walls helps provide some necessary balance and a calming influence on even the most raucous crowds. So, this beauty could easiy be a part of the most expensive luxury yachts.

Breathtaking Se77antasette Luxury Yacht by Fernando Romero

Se77antasette is the first concept yacht designed for Benetti by award-winning international designer Fernando Romero. Premiered at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, Se77antasette embodies Benetti’s spirit of innovation, design, technology and hand craftsmanship. This breathtaking yacht concept strays away from the usual Benetti style and it was described as an innovative and revolutionary vessel, inspired by the natural marine environment. Even some aerospace engineers joined in on the project, to help create those smooth, flowing exterior lines, without compromising safety or the entertainment areas on board. The radical looking vessel is matched by an equally outrageous interior. Featuring adaptable spaces, connected to the exterior through glass panels or open balconies and terraces, the ship shows off a two-storey atrium right at the center – the heart of all entertainment on board. An observatory deck at the very top of the yacht competes with the aforementioned features, promising 360-degree views over the horizon. In terms of power, an impressive diesel-electric propulsion system, with five variable speed generators and a single C18 CAT engine, will allow this concept to reach a top speed of 19 knots – at least, in theory – with 5,000 nm predicted at 12 knots. And of course, don’t forget to check World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts.

Luxury Superyacht ‘Nature’ by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

The brilliant team from Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design has just revealed a new incredible project called Nature, a futuristic 120 meter-long yacht concept that might have Kevin Costner begging for a Waterworld sequel. The proposal is a full custom design with a holistic approach that seeks to combine beauty and functionality in a groundbreaking way. The yacht’s name was chosen due to the boat’s conception as a platform for experiencing the natural world. Complete with a garden and observatory decks, the design aims to create a functional yet desirable retreat on the open sea. The lush garden on board benefits from state-of-the-art climate control technology, while the upper deck observatory allows passengers to enjoy unique and memorable views the open waters. Two levels with floor-to-ceiling windows eliminate all borders between man and nature, allowing an overwhelming sense of bonding with nature. Amenities aboard include eight luxurious state and VIP rooms and, a spectacular owner’s suite, and many other bespoke features, like a cool spa deck, with a lovely gym and swimming pool. Building luxurious yachts with nature in mind seems like the proper way to go, although it might seem a bit discriminatory to allow only those of us with deep pockets to enjoy the good life and save the planet in the process. Also we recommend to check other our post World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts.

Trondheim 40 – World’s First Electric Trawler

The Trondheim 40 Electric Trawler is one of the world’s first electric powered hybrid trawlers, and the boat is as stunning as it is technologically advanced. The Trondheim 40 is basically a luxury yacht in that more upright, “work boat” style. Two Deep Blue i 1400 RPM electric motors paired to two 64 kWh large capacity batteries give the trawler six hours of running time on battery power alone, but the Trondheim 40 is also equipped with a pair of Torqeedo 25 kW high voltage generators that bring the maximum range up to 2,500 nautical miles. Step inside the boat to find two fully decked out staterooms along with a common area featuring a functional kitchenette, dining table, couches and everything else you’d expect in a traveling home away from home. Trondheim Trawlers are also available in 30ft and 43ft models if you want something a little smaller or bigger.

Award Winning Solar-Powered Arcadia Yacht Sherpa

The 55 foot ‘Sherpa’ by Arcadia Yachts was built from the ground up and is designed to suit a number of environments. Depending on its layout and furnishings, the multi-purpose yacht can serve as a fishing boat, a party boat offering plenty of deck space, a family-style cruiser with room for sunbathing, a superyacht’s shadow-boat, or a support vessel for an oceanfront villa. Arcadia Yachts’ ‘Sherpa’ made an outstanding debut at the 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival , picking up two coveted awards at the World Yachts Trophies in the categories: most innovative yacht from 50 to 80 feet, and boat of the year in the motor yacht category. Named after the Nepalese people from the most mountainous region of the Himalayas, the ‘Sherpa’ is available in two superstructure configurations: there is an open deck suited to carrying cargo; a saloon deck which features an enclosed living space on the main deck; the lower-deck area can be configured with one, two, or three cabins; and the enclosed upper-deck includes a bridge, galley, and dining area. The ‘Sherpa’ is constructed from lightweight materials for fuel efficiency, and there are even solar panels built into the superstructure helping power its onboard systems. The boat cruises at 20 knots and has a top speed of 25 knots, while its Volvo ‘IPS’ propulsion lets the captain maneuver up to, and away, from the dock effortlessly.

Elegant Luxury Maori Yacht

To celebrate a decade of great work, Sardinia-based boat maker, MAORI, is rolling out a brand new 54-foot yacht. There were no corners cut in producing this vessel. Just roofs. The cabin of the boat, depending on the weather and the preferences of those on board, can peel the ceiling back with nothing more than the touch of a button. This result is a large, open social space that flows freely with the outside. Designed to work as a shuttle or a day cruiser, the boat also boasts a large open deck that can fit up to twelve sunbathers at once. As for the amount of power this yacht packs – it is more than substantial. Buyers have the option to choose from either a pair of FPT2 650-horsepower engines, or much more hefty MAN 2 X 800-horsepower engines. If you want to check more luxury yachts – we recommend you to check our post about the most expensive yachts in the world.

Batman-Inspired Luxury Hydroplane ‘Alpha Centauri’

Named the ‘Alpha Centauri’, this sharp vessel combines the luxury of a super-yacht with the speed of a hydroplane race-boat. The 8.3m prototype has the looks of Batman’s personal power boat and has enough power to match the looks. A 9.5-liter V8 Big Block Chevrolet engine capable of developing 750 hp is used as power source coupled to a two-stage Scott jet-drive. The result is a mind-blowing top speed of 60 knots. This makes the Alpha Centauri vessel one of the most fastest superyacht tenders in the world. Built from a stainless steel frame, and a lightweight composite structure, the ‘Alpha Centauri’ hydroplane has a total displacement of just 1650 kgs. Interior refinements have been kept to a minimum, with four red leather racing-style bucket seats, bright red detailing, a Raymarine navigation system, and a Rockford-fosgate sound system that includes two subwoofers. Optional extras include heating, air conditioning, and an array of colorful exteriors, for those who’d prefer to give the superhero-styled boat a colorful finish. Also don’t forget to check our post about Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts.

Luxury And Magnificent The Rolls-Royce Aeroboat S6

Combining pure elegance and luxury outdoor living with the thrill of high-performance cruising, the blissful 65-feet Rolls-Royce Aeroboat S6 is ready to seduce each and every single one of us. This magnificent vessel was specially designed to create the ultimate user-focused yachting experience, with the overall aesthetics and teardrop shaped cockpit hinting towards some serious thrills. The cockpit includes a sofa-style helm station and a lovely seating area, with a concealed table for al fresco dining, offering serene views of the ocean whether you’re at the helm or just relaxing on deck. But there are many other surprises around, like hidden television screens, that are automatically stowed away when they’re not in use, or a stunning information panel mounted to the upper frame of the windscreen. Another important feature of the Aeroboat S6 is the extendable swim platform, that’s as wide as the transom and can be easily lowered right into the sea, allowing you to access the clear blue waters. Dubbed as the “Aerostairs platform”, this special feature was designed to be a safe and graceful system, that’s also perfect to get on and off the yacht. Apart from this, guests may also enjoy a full-size day head and shower, a generous galley and comfortable sleeping arrangements below deck. The S6 features a superstructure composite tail, set to reveal the engine bay and also includes a wide passerelle with pop up rails for easy access on-board. One way or another, this yacht will be flying over the seas!

Futuristic 190-Meter L’Amage Luxury Superyacht Concept

Sourcing a futuristic style that aspires to transcend imagination to become an advanced and modern reality, the “L’Amage” superyacht concept is the work of visionary designer H.Bekradi, founder of HBD Studios. Its exterior displays minimalist profiles with clean lines, such as an inclined character edge running from its helipad to its beach club tender, and touches of personality with large details of complementing wooden decking. With a total measurement of 190 meters in length and 28.6 meters in width, the vessel’s hull design presents an inverted bow that creates a strong and sleek shape. First previewed at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, the 190 meter HBD studios’ “L’Amage” superyacht has a passenger capacity of 28 guests, featuring 14 staterooms, a private apartment for the owner, and space for up to 70 crew members. Furthermore, it is equipped with advanced technologies to push the concept to the forefront of naval design. Claimed to be the “first superyacht project to incorporate the flat panel satellite technology by KYMETA”, the concept replaces the unsightly domes that normally sit on top of yachts. Instead, the flat satellite panels are hidden away behind exterior walls, resulting in a much lighter and purer aesthetic. Enhancing CODAG – an advanced propulsion system which combines diesel engines and gas turbines – as well as controllable-pitch propellers, the “L’Amage” superyacht produces 95,000 hp that pushes it to a max speed of 32 knots. Additionally, the water vehicle has a fuel capacity of 1,500 tons and approximately 6,000 nautical miles of independence. If you want to find out what is the most expensive yacht in the world – we recommend you to check the list of World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts.

Luxury And Powerful Yacht – Limited Edition Bugatti Niniette 66

Sometimes the only thing boats share with the sports cars that “inspired” them is their name and a coat of paint. That is demonstrably not the case with the Palmer Johnson x Bugatti Niniette 66 Yacht. The curving line that defines the sides of the Chiron is carried over to the 20-meter-long vessel. On deck, there’s a luxurious lounge area, with a hot tub, fire pit, and champagne bar, and the interior quarters are similarly posh, with plenty of leather, suede, carbon, and polished metal, a guest bathroom, a galley kitchen, a skylight, and an enormous bed. Despite all this, the Man V8 engines are still able to propel the boat up to 48 knots, giving you the performance you’d expect from a yacht inspired by one of the world’s fastest cars. Also we recommend you to check the list of the most expensive luxury yachts in the world.

Luxury Personal Vessel Kormaran K7

The ‘K7′ from Austrian company, Kormoran, is a versatile luxury vessel that can speed on the seas as a catamaran, trimaran, monohull, or a hydrofoil. A pair of hydraulically actuated hulls allows the watercraft to transform on the sea, even when in motion. The kormaran ‘K7’ is a 23 foot speedboat that can change shape + pilot settings at the push of a button. Its electronically activated hydraulic-arms are central to its adaptability: when drawn inward, the outrigger hulls fold into a monohull watercraft; when deployed partially, the body stands above the water surface, acting as dual hulls of a catamaran watercraft; when deployed completely, the body is submerged effectively becoming the third hull of a trimaran watercraft. The luxury watercraft also features a set of fold-out hydrofoils, enabling it to lift the body further above the water in monohull mode, creating a smooth experience that reduces water resistance by up to 80 and consumes less fuel. Kormaran complements the ‘K7’s’ innovative design with materials that create a sense of prestige. Its overall structure is crafted from carbon fiber, the hydraulic arms are a blend of titanium and stainless steel, while the interior is trimmed in soft leather. The hull + deck surfaces are covered in veneers of black-jointed teak wood, providing ample room for occupants to sunbathe, or dive into the water. During the evening, an intelligent lighting system navigates the pilot through dark conditions, while red LEDs + aquamarine strip lighting provides the perfect ambience to appreciate the seascape at night. The luxury watercraft’s 493 horsepower ‘triple-jet-drive’ allows it to reach its top speed at 45 mph (70 km/h), travelling up to nmi (200 km). It measures 7 m (23 ft) in total length, and between 5 and 11.5 ft (1.5 and 3.5 m) in width, from the monohull to trimaran configurations. Sat at the rear of the pilot is a leather seat for two rear passengers, allowing the to get cozy while revelling in the luxurious cabin.

Top 10 Gorgeous Superyachts With The Most Exciting Sundecks

A superyacht charter is the ultimate experience. Buying a superyacht also gives you the ultimate freedom. Escape with your family in privacy onboard an incredible yacht with a captain and crew at hand to cater to your every preference. The sundeck is always a popular spot onboard. Many charterers spend all day on the sundeck. All sundecks and all yachts are unique, but on every sundeck there’s enough to keep guests entertained and relaxed all day. Hang out in the Jacuzzi. Enjoy a barbecue or other six-star cuisine freshly prepared to your tastes by the onboard chef and served on the open air dining table. Work out with the onboard gym equipment or enjoy an onboard sunset yoga session – professional trainers and instructors are often on the crew, otherwise specialists tailored to your requirements can be brought onboard.

Personal Luxury Submersible for Fast Underwater Ride

Ortega’s Mk. 1C three seater submersible is a personal submarine, fitted with two high-performance electric motors. It is built for both above and below sea travel. It’s also equipped with an HUD navigation system, on-board breathing apparatus, and a fully equipped trimming tank (to control buoyancy). Optional upgrades include Magnetometers, sonar, an extra air supply, or a larger cargo hold. This badass sub also has a range of 92 miles and can travel over water at 10.4 mph or underwater at 12.7 mph. No price has been announced, but you can count on this killer underwater craft costing nothing shy of a fortune.

Seataci Concept Yacht Copying The Behavior Of The Whale

Montreal-based industrial designer Charles Bombardier created stunning concept. Named Seataci, this concept yacht uses Bombardier’s propulsion system in each of its connecting pods that would house an oscillating foil that pushes water like that tail of a whale. This system, Bombardier proposed, would generate less noise underwater, prove more efficient that propellers, and allow the vessel to venture into shallow waters. The yacht would also feature a ballast system used to sink its main hull as to allow passengers an underwater perspective, host a dining hall for events, observatory lounge, and a tropical garden on the deck with a pool and landing pads for personal drones. And since the Seataci boasts the unique ability to navigate shallow waters with ease, it would be used to traverse various atolls and archipelagos in fantastic fashion. This is just a concept for now but if you want to check real super yachts – check our list of top 10 expensive luxury yachts.

The 37-Foot Aston Martin AM37 Powerboat Makes Its World Debut In Monaco

The 37-foot Aston Martin “AM37” powerboat made its world debut at the Monaco Yacht Show, marking the luxury British brand’s entry into the nautical world. The new day-cruiser is offered in two versions with the AM37’s expected to reach speeds of 50 knots. It arrives as the the result of two years of research and development, challenging the status quo of the nautical world and combining innovative technology and bespoke craftsmanship. The powerboat was a true team effort, bringing in the most experienced Aston Martin designers to style and create a truly unique product. The British-automaker’s master craftsmen who worked on cars such as ‘one-77′; “Vulcan”; and the new “DB11”, provided their automotive experience, which was reinterpreted onto the boat with outstanding results. The yacht is a day cruiser that can be transformed into an overnight berth by transforming the table into a comfortable bed. Tthe cabin is well appointed with mood lighting and air-conditioning. with a refrigerator, microwave oven and coffee machine–and a lavatory on board, absolute comfort is guaranteed. Crafted from the finest leathers, elegantly laid out rear seating is available for up to eight people. The exterior of “AM37” features dynamic proportions in a design that is simple, yet immaculately executed. The boat is set apart by the attention to detail in every element of its design. The wraparound windscreen has been created from a single piece of sculpted glass fluidly draped over the foredeck. With extreme double curvature it sets a new industry standard. Sliding deck technology allows owners to cover the cockpit of the boat completely at the touch of a button. The three lightweight carbon panels, operated by the ‘AM37′ key, fold under the aft deck when the cockpit is uncovered. An electro-hydraulic carbon fibre bimini top is stowed under the engine hatch when not in use and, extending from the aft deck, a swim platform allows for easy access to the water. At the helm, a carbon fibre dashboard echoes styling elements from aston martin’s most advanced sports cars. It includes fine leather with functional features, such as the steering wheel, throttle handles and joystick in polished metals. The boat’s navigation, control monitor and entertainment systems are all integrated, with advanced multimedia functions. The 37-foot model is available in two versions–the “AM37” with an estimated top speed of 45 knots and a choice of two 370 hp mercury diesel or two 430 hp mercury petrol engines. And the powerboats version with an estimated 50 knots derived from its twin 520 hp mercury petrol engines.

Hareide Design 108M Super Yacht

Award-winning studio, Hareide Design, has recently developed a concept for a super yacht that goes by the name “108M,” which comes from the form of the classic 108M mono hull design. Unlike many yacht designs that feel heavy and isolated from their surroundings, this one is designed to offer a number of spectacular views that encourage connections with the natural surroundings. An elevated dining and viewing area, a tranquil garden surrounding a 20m pool and a seamless transition to the water at the stern contribute to a completely new experience. Osn board, some of the design features of the yacht include dining and entertaining areas, as well as a garden, pool and helipad. “Today’s megayachts are most often designed like floating luxury hotels with interiors based on traditional luxury. With this hybrid megayacht concept we want to shift the focus from extrovert admiration to creating a platform for actively experiencing the beauty of nature and the changing elements,” says Einar Hareide, founder of Hareide Design. The “108M” also features high-efficiency solar panels with lithium-ion batteries that supply the large-scale sea vessel with a sustainable source of energy for moving along at a light cruising speed. As an alternative to this, cruising on the mega yacht can also happen at higher speeds with a switch to diesel-electric propulsion. More super yachts you will find in our list of the most expensive yachts in the world.