10 Best Ecommerce Website Builder Reviews of 2018

10 Best Ecommerce Website Builder Reviews of 2018

Which is the best ecommerce website builder of 2018? This question is actual for ones who is going to open their online business and wants to find the best solution by price/quality ratio. In this post we’ve featured ecommerce website builder reviews of the most perfect WYSIWYG platforms for ecommerce of 2018. Pay some more time for choosing the most suitable ecommerce web builder and you will save much more time and money in future.

Top 10 Best eCommerce Website Builders for Creating Online Stores

The goal of creating of this review wasn’t to select exactly free ecommerce website builders – the most important was to pay the attention to features allowing to create professional sites for online stores. With max functionality, SEO friendly, oriented on big sales and constant expansion of assortment of goods – here was our goal in creating this list of top ten ecommerce website builders.

For each ecommerce website builder we’ve specified the price for basic plan and for some – for extended plan. So, you will have an idea about the required budget for developing and future managing of your online store. At the same time we strongly do not recommend to searching for cheap rates – cheapest ecommerce builders won’t save you a lot of money but options of your online store might be not so good as you wanted to have. And this is something that can influent on your sales in future.

If you need not an ecommerce site but standard personal website or business website but without online sales – you should check our previous review 15 Best Free Website Builders


Wix Ecommerce Builder

[ build online store ]

Wix is one of the best website builders for ecommerce. Despite the apparent universality and simplicity Wix allows to create online stores with incredibly rich features and traditionally affordable prices. When it comes to having a one-stop shop for all your web store requirements, noting matches the amusingness and completeness of Wix. Right from the mesmerizing range of professionally designed and responsive templates available categorized as per various categories to the drag and drop website builder that makes it super easy for you to set up an online store that’s tailor made for your selling needs.

Particularly suited for ecommerce ventures, Wix comes with several powerful and important features such as inventory management and taxation and shipping costs calculation widgets, enough to put your selling activity on autopilot. Use Facebook and other social media integration tools to include all your social networks in your marketing and content promotion schemes, leverage integrated payment solutions for effective selling, create product pages and explore product attributes based SKU management – all this and more with your Wix store. With smart SEO tools, you will be able to attract organic customers by featuring in search engine result pages, and with marketing oriented features such as coupons management and newsletters, you will be able to make the most of your existing customers and prospects pools.

To top it all, your Wix store will be mobile compatible, allowing shoppers to shop on the move. Explore Wix’s super affordable ‘eCommerce’ plan, at merely $16.17 per month, and savor all the features along with 20GB storage, 10 GB bandwidth, your own domain, and additional benefits such as Google Analytics along with credits and vouchers for AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Wix ecommerce website builder



[ build online store ]

Shopify is the leader for ecommerce web builders and many well known online stores have chosen it as a platform for sales. Why is Shopify so popular though this is not a cheapest and easy ecommerce website builder? Firstly, this is incredibly powerful ecommerce online platform. Using Shopify, you will have total control over the design of your website as you get to choose from over a hundred different templates. If none of these satisfy you, you could also custom design a theme that is suited to your needs where no HTML or CSS is restricted. The website CMS is fully featured, and is built along WYSIWYG principles. There is a smart analytics platform where you can get detailed customer profiles, let clients set up accounts and also create customer groups.

Shopify also supports the creation of apps that are fast and easy to set up and use, and add a ton of functionality to your website. These will improve your SEO, help you track sales trends, make your shop easier to manage etc. This platform also supports over 70 payment gateways, from MasterCard, 2Checkout to PayPal and automatically integrates with various payment gateways globally. Shopify also supports multiple languages, differing tax rates from over the world and even multiple currencies from around the world.

Shopify’s BASIC ecommerce package costs you $29 per month, and backs the price tag with amazing features such as discount codes management and mobile commerce, along with the terrific features discussed above.

Shopify ecommerce builder


SITE123 for Ecommerce

[ build online store ]

SITE123 – easy drag and drop ecommerce website builder launched in 2016, and was very clear with its aim – to help beginners create beautiful websites, made as simple as 1-2- 3! And it lives up to its goal in many ways. SITE123 allows user to set up a professional looking website or e-store without knowing any coding at all. It does not even require you to work using a drag and drop builder! Once you sign up, you can select a category for your website or web store (example – photography, business, medical, sports, etc.). Next, SITE123 takes you to the editor, giving you a good-looking layout to begin working with. Here, you can choose from 13 different layouts, each of them good enough for a modern website.

SITE123 lets you customize the design using buttons instead of a drag and drop styled editor. This makes sure that beginners do not have to make design decisions; instead, SITE123 “forces” them to create a good-looking website by keeping things simple. SITE123 is great for setting up an e-store. Apart from helping you set up your e-store quickly, SITE123 lets you add unlimited pages. Because it offers free web hosting, free images and icons library, free mailbox setup, and lets you add your domain to your web store, users can start focusing on selling instead of the technical aspects of e-store creation. Free SSL / HTTPS is another great benefit, ensuring your SITE123 based e-store offers the expected level of data security to users.

For $9.80 per month you’ll get advanced features such as order management and progress tracking, multiple payment gateway integration, multilingual support, easy product page creation, and promotional campaign management (such as coupons) to make your SITE123 store a success. You can even sell digital products, and use 3rd party integration to make your e-store more sophisticated.

SITE123 ecommerce builder



[ build online store ]

Bigcommerce is a professional ecommerce site builder specializing entirely on developing online stores. With Bigcommerce you can create a website for selling only one product or thousands products with huge number of categories and sub-categories and also you can integrate your online store with eBay, Google Shoping, Amazon, Facebook and many other popular selling platforms. As well as other best website builders for ecommerce, Bigcommerce will help you set up a website, choose your domain name, set up a secure shoppin for your clients, upload you reproduce catalogue, secure a payment gateway, set up email accounts, use their extensive catalogue of marketing tools and also set up a mobile-optimized store!

Bigcommerce has excellent SEO tools that have been shown to improve search engine rankings, which would mean you will need to spend less on marketing and paid traffic. This also provides built-in marketing options like discount and coupon codes, social media integration, newsletters, automatically generated customer lists and even an abandoned cart saver that makes your site a dream to visit right out of the box! It also has point and click design tools that support the already loaded template store, and what’s more – you can even customize the CSS and HTML! It also makes your site appear on multiple selling platforms like eBay, Shopzilla, Facebook, Pricegopher etc. Your site is also enabled to use over 60 payment gateways including and Google Checkout. There are also apps for everything to make running your site easier.

Check out BigCommerce’s Silver ecommerce package that comes to you at $29.95 per month and brings the advantage of super smart SEO features, unlimited products, discounts and gifts management, ratings and reviews, and more.

Bigcommerce website builder



[ build online store ]

Volusion is the one stop shop for selling anything online. This site has a complete online store builder which includes the options to build a website, create shopping carts for your clients and even have secure hosting services. Volusion’s professional ecommerce services include in-house design services like custom design packages, design add-ons and both free and premium templates; marketing services like SEO, PPC, shopping feeds, social media marketing, conversion optimization and commerce analytics. They also offer business tools like payment processing, SSL certifications, domain names, integrated live chat that will help you open communication lines with your clients, fraud protection that will protect your own business from fraudulent orders and even extra packages that are available at a low price. To get you started, there is a wealth of apps, how-to guides and videos.

There is 24×7 support for you site, and an extensive knowledge support base that will give you answers to known issues quickly and easily, along with free live chat supper and phone support as well. Volusion’s Min plan allows you to enjoy all these features along with tools for social media including Facebook, mobile commerce and automated taxation, along with dependable online support, along with more features at merely $15 per month.

Volusion online store builder



[ build online store ]

Highwire is one of the easiest ecommerce web builders. Its strong features are intuitive usage, wide customization opportunities and inbuilt marketing tools. Highwire is a great option not just for novice website developers but for season pros as well, as the software allows complete customizability and is the most developer friendly website builder on the market. Highwire also provides excellent marketing tools that take care of SEO, Google rankings, social network highlights automatically in the background. And keep all the data and the security of your site at your fingertips using the powerful admin panel as well.

Start off creating you dream site with $14.95 per month which gets all the necessary options required including domain name generation, eBay integration and automatic security and backup checks.

Highwire website biilder



[ build online store ]

Ecommerce is a multidimensional endeavour; there’s the store, there are customers, and there are search engines. 3DCart positions itself as an all-encompassing, wholesome, and easy to use ecommerce website builder software that offers the best of features and tools covering these three dimensions. Offering you hosted and secured ecommerce website creation with responsive storefront themes, integrated CMS with blogging, emails, newsletters, and POS solutions, 3DCart is an exceptionally comprehensive an ecommerce solution. With 3DCart, you can easily customize the storefront themes to create a unique looking web store. All themes are professionally designed and optimized for high conversion rates. The admin panel offered by 3DCart is intuitive, responsive, and highly empowering. Because of the frequent upgrades (generally, monthly releases), this platform remains updated with the best of latest features and tools for ecommerce management. 3DCart brings to you the power of multichannel sales, as it lets you enter the realms of mobile commerce, and offers integration with eBay, Amazon, Shopzilla, Google, and Facebook.

3DCart’s appeal is evident from the fact that it has a POS solution as well, allowing you to integrate physical store, kiosk, and trade fair sales with your e-store. Your 3DCart powered website will support electronic payments, credit card payments, cash sales, and many other modes of transactions. Other noteworthy features include advanced SEO controls, unlimited products, 24×7 support, hard disk file storage, zero transaction fees, and unlimited order processing capabilities. Plus, there’s real time shipping service integration, social and mobile commerce, PCI certified web security, and marketing functionalities that help you promote your store and sell more. Basic plan starts from $29 per month.

3DCart website biilder


Web Ecommerce Store Builder

[ build online store ]

This is one of the most comprehensive ecommerce platforms with professional design help, setting up Google Local, monthly marketing submissions to the best search engines and even local directories. If you run into any problems, there is an online library of videos that walk you through every step of the way. When this resource is insufficient, you could contact customer support either online or through the phone. You could also set up secure payment processing in your website, which accepts all major credit and debit cards, has easy sign up, flat-rate pricing and fast deposits to your own bank account. There is also SSL certification, various hosting options and existing email marketing templates.

You could also avail of an analysis of your reputation online, get an online visibility report, load PPC for your website, boost your numbers on Facebook, get local leads and optimize your website for search engines. There are also premium services like return-on-investment focus, dedicated services for your business and comprehensive business strategy formulation that are award-winning services that are also a Google Premier Partner. With its eCommerce Express plan for $22.95 per month, Web provides you more than a 100 templates along with 5GB hosting space for your web commerce store to spring into action. ecommerce platform


Wazala Online Store Builder

[ build online store ]

This simple-to-use website builder tool makes creation of ecommerce websites a walk in the park with its powerful admin panel and customization options that allow you to create websites with simple drag and drop options and absolutely no coding. Using Wazala you can create even the most complex of ecommerce sites complete with customizable shopping carts, discount code enablers, payment gateways, interactive gallery style shop navigation, and so on in an instant. Wazala equips you with right tools that make web designing not just more effective, but also fun by allowing you to create websites even from scratch using easy tools and without any hiccups.

Also you can just choose from tons of preset templates available within the package, and customize it according to your needs by changing the layout, color background and themes, and even by adding additional plugins. And with Wazala you can be sure of complete security backup and minimal threats from hacking as well. With just $16 per month get your own ecommerce website complete with over 50 product support, 1GB of digital downloads and free service and data backup, and get selling right away.

Wazala ecommerce builder


Squarespace for Ecommerce

[ build online store ]

Despite the fact that Squarespace isn’t entirely ecommerce website builder, opportunities of this general web builder allow to create powerful and beautiful online stores. Squarespace can offer great templates and will perfectly suit for selling photos or art works. The powerful admin panel allows you to put your ideas to motion with just a flick of a button and without all the complex coding and irritating error messages.Sell anything, market everything and get customers flooding your store from day one using the intelligent marketing tools from Squarespace that automatically generate SEO options for your page, make your page more visible by integrating with Google analytics, and automatically set the page options for you that not just make you e-shop more SEO friendly but better performing as well. And the security options provided by Squarespace will ensure that you and your customers can have a safe web experience as well.

Get started right away using the Basic pack from Squarespace that provides everything you might need to start selling for $24 per month.

Squarespace website builder


What are Professional Ecommerce Websites?

ecommerce or electronic commerce is basically an umbrella term used to denote all the business activities undertaken on the internet via websites. An ecommerce website vastly differs from a general-purpose content website, and comes with many advanced tools and functionalities that make business possible.

The theme of an ecommerce website is such that It enables the website owners to showcase a wide range of products on the website. Plus, there is a secure shopping cart functionality, using which you can select and add products to a virtual cart. Most importantly, the website allows customers to place orders and make payments for them, using payment services. Most ecommerce websites have integrated blogging and reporting tools too. Plus, there are marketing oriented features, such as email marketing and social media marketing management, apart from discounts and customer loyalty functionalities. Professional ecommerce websites have hundreds, or even thousands of pages, and use several 3rd party tools by integrating with these services via APIs.

What to Look for in an Ecommerce Website Builder?

The websites you see today look nothing like the ones you’d have found, say, a decade back. From integrating tables and charts to using flash animations, ecommerce websites have evolved drastically over the past few years. Each ecommerce platform has its own set of features and designing tools. How do you choose? What are the things an ideal ecommerce site builder should include? These are some of the questions we will be addressed below:

Impressive Storefront Templates

Your ecommerce website must be eye-catching and easy to navigate through. Most ecommerce website builders offer a selection of attractive templates, themes, and layouts for users to choose from. Note that these themes must not only be aesthetically appealing but also compliment your website. Also, ensure that the templates you choose are optimized for mobile-screens.

The Must-Have Technical Features

Most ecommerce websites you see today incorporate advanced elements like virtual shopping carts, and offer discount coupons and seasonal offers to customers. With catalogs and carts, users can easily browse through your store and select the products they want to buy. E-stores are also multilingual with multiple payment gateways to attract international customers. Opt for a website builder that has all these functionalities.

Marketing Tools To Sell Effectively

These days, the social media is a major part of ecommerce. All the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become more business-friendly. Choose an ecommerce website builder that allows you to link your store with the trending social networks. Most website developers also let you add newsletters and CTA buttons to attract more subscribers.

Ease of Customisation

As a user with zero technical expertise, you’re obviously not looking for a complicated platform with loads of coding right? Most ecommerce web builders have a drag and drop interface that works on a WYSIWYG framework. This allows you to add, remove and update the content of the web page in but a few clicks.

Mobile Optimisation

You are losing out a major chunk of your visitors if your website is not optimized to for the device screen. The templates and themes should be compatible with Android, Windows and Mac devices. Most ecommerce platforms automatically create a mobile-friendly version of the website the minute you publish it online. Any change you make on the original website is reflected on the mobile application.

SEO Tools for Greater Visibility on the Web

A website builder with powerful SEO tools improves the reach and performance of the website. You might have the unique ecommerce platform, but without SEO you won’t gather much of the online traffic to make sales. A high SEO ranking ensures that you are visible on the popular search engines like Google. Opt for a website builder that has SEO tutorials and on-screen help, or an SEO wizard, to help you get started.

Pros of Ecommerce Website Builders

An ecommerce website is the smartest way to get some quick cash. It offers loads of advantages, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Very user-friendly
  • Offers global reach
  • No coding required
  • Very secure
  • Cost efficient and time-saving
  • Optimised for mobile devices

Cons of Ecommerce Website Builders

Like every good thing, even ecommerce website builders have their fair share of downsides. And while the pros outweigh the cons, we cannot ignore them outright. The disadvantages of ecommerce website builders are mentioned below:

  • The best ecommerce platforms are not free
  • In most cases, you have to pay extra for web hosting and domain registration
  • Some ecommerce builders charge a per transaction fees, which brings down your profitability
  • There’s always the risk of failed transactions, and issues related to cybersecurity and data privacy

The Best Ecommerce CMS Solutions Trending Online

A web store doesn’t necessarily have to be about selling a retail product. B2B services, consultancies, music companies, restaurant websites, finance management portals – are all a part of ecommerce. A CMS or content management system allows you to modify your web content, and use the latest functionalities that help you manage, grow, and expand your business via the Internet. Some of the best CMS solutions for your ecommerce ventures are listed below:


Magento is among the most flexible and scalable CMS solutions we’ve reviewed. It caters to the needs of all kinds of business ventures. For instance, the Magento Enterprise edition is used by the likes of Samsung and Nike. The Community Edition, on the other hand, is more suited to small-scale enterprises as it’s free. You get tons of super cool features, extensions, and plugins which aren’t available on most other open-source platforms.

Accessing multiple accounts, managing multiple stores at once, choosing from the many language options and offer different currency payments – Magento is made for conquering the international market. On the downside, Magento is very extensive and hence exhausting to navigate through and understand.


PrestaShop is an easy, user-friendly and extremely intuitive CMS solution perfect for first-time users who are new to website development. The platform empowers over 250,000 websites, coming second to only Magneto in its popularity. You don’t have to download the entire suite to access it. You get a choice between a fully-hosted and a self-hosted version, both being free. Prestashop is perhaps the only free and open-source platform in the market available for ecommerce.

Choose from among the 5000 vibrant modules and themes available at the Prestashop Marketplace. These customizable themes are optimized for mobile devices. Make your web store more user-friendly by integrating shopping carts, catalogs, and including over 50 payment gateways. The Prestashop extensions and ecommerce analytics give regular reports on the performance and reach of the website.


Small-scale, low-budget enterprises benefit most from OpenCart CMS. The platform is ideal for the first-time users don’t require a lot of advanced customization but just a simple eye-pleasing ecommerce website for their business. It is fairly simple, hassle-free and hence “boring” for professionals.

That being said, you can still do a lot with OpenCart. For instance, there are loads of plugins and extensions available for free that improve the functionality of the website. Here you can add unlimited products and categories, create your own catalogs, or incorporate multiple payment gateways for international customers. You would need a professional to help you around with the interface as it requires a bit of coding. Also, the platform is slow on getting updates and hence lags behind others in terms of features.


osCommerce supports over 260,000 ecommerce ventures online and has been one of the most trusted CMS solutions for the past 15 years. It is a community-oriented platform that has an extensive yet well-knit community of buyers, sellers, developers and service providers. OsCommerce incorporates over 7,000 add-ons created by the members of the community for better customization and improved functionality. The downside is that osCommerce is too old-school and hence not very scalable.

osCommerce incorporates several powerful features giving you free reign to customize and operate your web store as you see fit. The Product Catalogue Management feature allows you to add unlimited products, divide them into several categories, and define their attributes. The more advanced tools include banner control solutions, cache checker, regular database backup system, and a built-in firewall.

What is the Best Ecommerce Website Builder?

There is no death of ecommerce website builders on the internet, each claiming to be the best among the lot. It gets increasingly confusing, especially for the first-time user to make the right choice. Well, according to us (and most other ecommerce experts apparently), Shopify is probably the best ecommerce software in the market today. The platform is suitable for growing start-ups and established enterprises alike. There are over 100 premium-quality mobile-ready themes, over 1400 apps available on the App Store and several other tools concerning SEO, CMS, and marketing to choose from. No wonders, it’s the favourite among beginner ecommerce entrepreneurs as well as experienced SMBs and enterprises.


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  1. Jon Dale

    I’ve stopped my choice on Shopify and do not regret about this. From all website builders in this list – Shopify is really professional ecommerce website builder. You can build simple online store on any website builder but if you need big and really functional ecommerce store – it’s better to make it on Shopify. As a businessman with experience – I don’t have doubts in this.

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    Have I missed something, as I only count 9? FYI, one thing I’ve been finding hard to determine from reviews is data entry and updating options. I’ve over 400 SKUs, and whilst I might enter them into a datasheet once, I know from experience that manually updating more than one data document is a recipe for delays, error and price/description mismatches (until automating everything round a single spreadsheet, I sometimes ended up with three different prices; one on the (manually updated) shop labels, one on the (manually updated) price list; and the ‘master’ one on the invoicing spreadsheet. Somehow, the data for stuff on the website has to interface (reasonably automatically or cut ad pastably) with the data for the physical shop, but this is not easy to see on reviews (or it’s so simple that no-one thinks to mention it).

  5. Nishant

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    Thanks for highlighting the top features individual eCommerce platforms are having. Comparisons like this helps people to decide which online platform is best for them start their online venture. I think mentioning the open source platform “WordPress” would be worth your time.

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    Good selection. I personally prefer Wix and Shopify – really functional platforms.

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    This is all new and mostly over my head. I already have registered URLs, websites and host provider is this a prerequisite for these sites? Question is: Will I need this after I go to one of your previously mentioned site?

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    Outstandingly written article on eCommerce storefront alternates! Due to the volume and budget, i go for Shopify. It’s easy to implement and you can start your own storefront within hours!

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    Ecwid is great also

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    What web building platform would you suggest is best for webinars and clicking through to the payment processor Stripe? The webinars provide a service so No products would actually be shipped. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and input, it’s appreciated.

  11. Mary

    I want to open an online clothing store for children, I been reading about web builders and other. Do I need a web builder, or can I just build my own and then get a host company for my store. This is very confusing. Thanks for your time!

    • Cat

      Hi Mary (and anyone else reading!) I just wanted to say I’ve made a little online quiz to help you decide which eCommerce platform is best for you – depending on your business, technical ability and so on. It might make the decision a little easier and more customised to your needs!

      • John

        Where do we get to that ? I could do with it?

  12. Sheri Weiss

    When building an interactive selling site with OOAK items, which site do you think would work the best? Some have item limitations. and some have site space limitations, not allowing for multiple photo views, which would you suggest to do that kind of a selling business?

  13. Darnell

    Your best ecommerce website builders came in handy for me right now. I just decided to develop my own online store selling clothes and accessories. I’ve read many reviews including this one but I don’t have exact answer – which ecommerce platform is the best for me? Are there any special ecommerce builders exactly for clothes stores or this is just my fantasy? And one more thing – if I will use my domain name – are free ecommerce web builders suitable for me?

  14. Margarita

    Hey outstanding blog! Does running a blog like this require
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    • Jessica

      Your comment is not related to the discussion of this post. This post is not about blogs and how to manage blogs by novice bloggers but about ecommerce website builders and other platforms for developing online store. If you have any questions regarding this matter – feel free to ask.

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    • Jessica

      There is no unequivocal answer on this question. From all mass of ecommerce builders you can pick out 3-5 of the most advanced but you cannot say what exactly ecommerce web platform is the best one. Each website builders has its own pros and cons – even the best ones. My advice – to choose a few ones, all ecommerce website builders have free trial versions. And don’t need to spare your time on this – thanks to this you can choose the most convenient ecommerce website builder for your online store and in future will avoid many possible problems.

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    • Radek

      Magento isn’t ecommerce website builder… It’s CMS – content management system with open code that’s why it’s not correct to compare Magento with online website builders.

      • Bill Nemo

        I don’t see a principle difference. It might be because I’m not a specialist in web development. It’s quite enough for me that magento allows to create great online stores.

        • Radek

          But you don’t name a airplane a car only because it has a wheels and before flight it uses it for moving?

          Magento and other eCommerce CMS like Prestashop, Oscommerce, Zencart – are software in simple terms. You download its distributive on official website, then integrate it into layout of your website, then customize database and as a result you have a website. But it’s not the end. Because you need to buy a domain name and hosting for it. After this you have to upload ready website to a hosting and only after this you will be able to use your website. For web developer – it’s an ordinary task though it sounds complicated.

          WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) website builders have absolutely different principle of work. You choose template design you like most and edit it as you need by dragging blocks and design elements with mouse. For this website builders have drag and drop editors. Them you select domain name and push the button Publish and voila – constructed by you website is ready and online. I.e. you don’t need to additionally buy anything – you do everything online and usually very quick.

          • abangweb

            Dude. Magento and other eCommerce CMS like Prestashop, Oscommerce, Zencart – are software Free. You no need buy addons or plugin with high cost like this list blog. because there are million freelancer and developer gave you free modules or addons and service if you pay them to build what you need.
            Im use prestashop and very happy. in list Website Builders have no setup Shipping for my country and other addons if you needs then you must face to face with high cost or you waiting with nothing.

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      Open source solutions like Magento and nopCommerce give more space for customizatation no doubt.

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