15 Best Free Website Builders of 2017

15 Best Free Website Builders of 2017

We’re glad to represent you the Best Free Website Builders Review of 2017. In this collection we’ve listed the most advanced and trusted free web builders software that could be the great solution for free website development. Nowadays there are great amount of different free website builders and it’s not so easy task to understand this diversity. Each website builder strive to be better than the others – to be more comfortable, more powerful, more functional. In fact not all web builders are equally good. We’ve analyzed tens of free website builders, weighed their advantages and disadvantages, and according to this we’ve created the current rating. As selection criteria we took into account: functionality of free version, features and usability of visual editor, presence of drag&drop editor, number of available free web templates, their quality, special options, SEO friendliness, possibility to upload your own layouts and much more. And of course – all selected by us website builders allow to create free sites without any special skills in programming, HTML or web design. This is so easy that even a child can do this.

Free Website Builder Reviews

Why did we make an accent of FREE website builders? It seems weird, but all free site builders have paid plans as logical extension of opportunities for free websites. But unlike absolutely paid platforms, free website builders allow to use free opportunities as long as you need it without any trial limitations. At the end you can always stay on free plan – your website won’t look worse, just functionality will be a little bit lower. In case you want to customize your website (for example, add online store) you can easily do this by using one of premium plans. We hope that this review of the best free website builders will help you to make right decision.



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Wix is one of the best free web builders and perhaps the most popular. WIX specializes on search engine friendly HTML5 websites. If you’re looking for easy-to-use and at the same time advanced drag&drop website editor, huge collection of professional looking websites templates and lots of templates categories to choose from – then WIX will be a perfect solution. With its help you will be able to create any website: a personal page or online portfolio, any business website or even one-page resume. Alongside with free hosting your free website built on WIX will have second level domain, limited to 500MB storage space and to 1G bandwidth, built-in Google Analytics, quality support and Wix brand ads on all pages of your website.

Wix free website builder

Here is a great Wix video tutorial that will make your work on creating a website on Wix much easier:



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Market of free website builders provide us professional website builder with quite obvious name WebsiteBuilder.com. WebsiteBuilder.com will allow you to create your professional looking website absolutely for free. One of the main advantages of this website builders is a great collection of website designs – hundreds of gorgeous website templates cover many popular categories. With their easy to use drag&drop editor you really won’t need any HTML/CSS skills to launch your website. As well as other free website builders WebsiteBuilder.com will add a banner in a footer and give you a free sub-domain name for your free website.

websitebuilder.com free web builder


IM Creator

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IMCreator.com makes the process of creating free website quite simple with their intuitive drag&drop editor. Like other free website builders IMCreator with its free package offers you free domain name of second level and 50MB of storage. But the main thing about IMCreator free website builder is their regularly updated collection of website templates – each month you’ll be able to find dozens of new template with modern and creative designs. And thanks to adherence to web-standards your free website on IMCreator will look perfect on all browsers as well as on mobile phones.

IM Creator free website creator



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Let’s continue our list of best free website builders with a brand new website builder SiteBuilder.com allowing to create stunning free websites. SiteBuilder.com can offer you a really impressive collection of free professionally designed website templates divided on many different categories. Alongside with free web template you will get a free domain name on a sub-domain and opportunity to create more than one free website. Drag&drop editor is very easy to use, many additional options allow to create really beautiful website and even add a blog to your free website. As well as other free website builders SiteBuilder.com offers to create free website only with a promotional banner in a footer.

SiteBuilder free web creator



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If you’re in need of creating a professional looking website then you should definitely check Sitey.com. This is quite new but at the same time very powerful free website builder. For free plan Sitey.com offers 50MB storage, 5MB file upload and 1GB bandwidth. Also you will get a mobile version of your website, access to 100+ professional website templates and image gallery, easy to integrate social media links. And all listed features are free. As all the rest website builders Sitey.com leaves a small ads on your free website.

Sitey free website maker



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Another great free website builder in our list is Weebly. Weebly exists for a pretty long time on website builders market and knows what to offer its users. Weebly offers absolutely free plan with standard options: domain name on sub-domain, free hosting without limitations, unlimited number of pages and even opportunity to create basic online store but with 3% transaction fee. And with new modern website templates that can be easily customized in drag&drop editor you will get a chance to receive beautiful website without spending a penny.

Weebly free web maker



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Created in 2004 website builder Jimdo.com became one of the most popular website builders all over the web. It allows to create mobile friendly HTML5 websites absolutely for free. One of the most obvious advantages is the opportunity to create free online store, of course with limited number of products – you will be able to sell only 5 items but without any transaction fees. 500MB of storage, free domain name on sub-domain and friendly customer support are also included into free plan.

Jimdo free web builder



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Another great website builder allowing you to create your website for free is ucraft. ucraft is a quite new brand on the market of website builders but it allow to create SEO friendly website with the help of easy drag-and-drop editor. If you choose free plan by ucraft you will be able to get 1 page website with free ucraft subdomain and as usual with ucraft branding. Website templates provided by ucraft are fresh and stylish. So, it’s a great solution if you want to create a personal or landing page.

ucarft free web builder



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SITE123 is claimed as the easiest, the simplest and the fastest website builder. And you can check this by creating your own free website with their help. Alongside with the pro package SITE123 offer to their client the free one. It will allow you to create a free SEO friendly website on subdomain and with floating “Powered by SITE123” tag. 500MB storage and 1GB bandwidth will be a pleasant addition to your free website. And unlike some other website builders SITE123 offer website templates that are compatible with mobile devices.

SITE123 free website creator



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Let’s move further and the next free website builder we want to share is WebStarts providing a standard range of services with some insignificant difference. Free version of your website will include 5 pages, limited web storage and bandwidth (10MB and 5GB/mo accordingly) and WebStarts footer displayed on all pages of your free website. They’ve recently made an update of their free website design and at the moment they offer pretty interesting collection, though it’s not so impressive like competitors have but you will be able to find some interesting solutions.

webstarts free web creator



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Moonfruit.com is an easy-to-use free website builder with plenty creative templates. Free package from Moonfruit includes only 1 website with max 15 pages on a second level domain, 20MB of storage and 1GB bandwidth, no customer support and some Moonfruit ads. Pleasant feature that alongside with web version of your website Moonfruit software automatically creates a mobile optimized version and can push your entire shop into Facebook with just a few clicks.

moonfruit free website builder



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Webnode.com offers free versions for personal websites and online stores. Both have similar limitations such as 1GB bandwidth and small storage space (10MB for on-line store and 100MB for personal website). Number of products that you can offer in your free online store is also limited to 10. Free website has mobile version.

webnode free web maker



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You can create your free website with Webs.com. Free package includes 1 website with ads as well as mobile version of your website also with ads, limited to 500MB bandwidth and 40MB storage space. If you decide to create online store then web store items will be limited to 5 items.

webs free web builder



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Offer from Yola.com looks very interesting. Free package from Yola provides you 5 websites instead of standard 1, banner-free hosting, quality customer support, build-in website statistic and 1GB storage per site. And as usual your website will be on a second level domain. Of course, Yola provides many interesting features but the main thing is 5 websites on one account and no banner and pop-up ads. Pay attention!

Yola free website builder


The A to Z From The World of Website Builders

Many people with a need to create a website do not understand what’s the difference between website builders and CMS with open code (for example- WordPress), they don’t know what advantages will they have by using free website builders and how will change opportunities of their website in condition of buying premium packages. About all this and other things related to free website builders we will tell you below:

What is online website builder?

The name explains it all – a website builder is a tech-tool that lets you create a website. These builders are available in the form of cloud based Graphical User Interface tools as SaaS ( Software as a Service), or as downloadable packages that can be installed on local machines. Website builders leverage important components such as template repositories, widgets, WYSIWYG interface, pre-populated content, etc. to deliver simple, swift, and affordable website creating services to users. Most free website builders are simple enough to be used by anybody having working knowledge of GUI software usage. Website builders are focused towards enabling web users to create a functional website with a whole gamut of additional features, without necessitating any knowledge of web development frameworks and coding languages.

How do website builders work?

If you’ve had any experience of creating a web page in the traditional manner, that is, using HTML coding, you’d knowhow time consuming and energy sapping an experience it can be. Isn’t is amazing, then, how online website builders tool enable you to create professional looking websites in minutes? It’s natural for anyone to wonder how these tools enable a novice to create stunning websites so easily, without knowing anything about coding languages. Let’s, then, explore the question – How do online website building tools work?

To start, let’s break our primary question into smaller components, which we will then address individually. In terms of the core working, here’s what we will explain about online website builders:

  • How do they create beautiful looking websites?
  • How does an ordinary web user succeed in creating his/her personalized website using such a tool?
  • How do these tools help you own a website name?
  • How do these websites become available online?
  • How does ‘ownership’ of website work when you use these tools?

Let’s begin.

How do they create beautiful looking websites?

Well, most successful online website builders have mustered up their reputation riding on their ability to deliver beautiful websites that can match any professionally designed website on the globe. These website builders deliver stunning websites by leveraging preset collections of images, backgrounds, headers, footers, fonts, icons, etc. and clubbing them together in the form of coherent layouts called templates. The quality, quantity, and variety of templates are, arguably, the primary factor of differentiation between competing online website builders.

Modern website builders bring responsive templates to the fore, which adjust as per the screen size they are viewed on. You can expect a sophisticated online website builder to offer free templates spread across popular categorizes like medicine, sports, news, portfolio, commerce, technology, arts, photography, etc.

How does an ordinary web user succeed in creating his/her personalized website using such a tool?

Having the option of a stunning template is just the beginning; you need to marry it to your content, presentation style, core idea, etc. Online website builders allow you to do so, majorly, by allowing you access to WYSIWYG styled editors. These editors open your chosen template, and allow you to drag and drop content elements, reposition text and image content boxes, add widgets, play around with typography, etc.

Whereas professional web designers and developers conventionally achieved this using HTML and CSS coding, online website builders take the technicalities out of the job, and just enable web page creation through visual management of content elements. Most online website builders allow you access to libraries of royalty free images and fonts to help you give a unique and appealing look and feel to your websites.

How do these tools help you own a website name?

This can work in two different ways. If you are just experimenting with an online website builder, you can create a website that will be hosted on the website builder company’s domain. So, your website called MyFirstWebsite will have a URL that’ll look something like MyFirstWebsite.WebsiteBuilderCompany.Com.

Of course, this is bound to be a concern for those looking for a useful, professional, and sustainable website. In such cases, these online website builders allow you to use your own purchased domain name, or connect you internally to website domain name purchase/registration services.

How do these websites become available online?

Publishing your website for the global community of web users to access, and for the dozens of search engine bots to recognize and hence publish in search results, involves steps such as creating and submitting sitemaps. In order to deliver the complete website creation and usage experience to user, online website builders also take care of this aspect. You can use the Publish option in your online website builder to make your content live. Plus, these tools generate and create sitemaps and submit them to respective search engine bots. Also, in order to enable your website to feature high on web page search results for relevant target keywords, these online builders even offer SEO (search engine optimization) management features. These include keyword research, meta titles, URL optimization, basic SEO housekeeping, analytics, etc.

How does “ownership” of website work when you use these tools?

Well, as long as you own the domain of your website, your content will be live. Of course, you’ll need to regularly update the content, and hence will need your website builder service subscription to be active. Most online website builders offer affordable monthly subscription plans, with varying features, based on your needs.

In this manner, these online website builders offer a means to quickly create a functionally awesome and aesthetically appealing website, without having to hire a developer for the purpose.

What are the undeniable advantages of the best website builders?

The most salient advantage of using online website builders is, of course, the facility of accessing a WYSIWYG styled editor, wherein users just need to drag and drop content elements, add their custom content, leverage settings to fine tune the appearance of these elements, and put together some great web pages. Plus, there are more prominent advantages, which include:

  • Anyone with working knowledge of the web and GUI software can use online website builders without knowing a single line of coding to create a website.
  • Responsive HTML templates and free stock images in the web builder’s repository ensure that the user does not need a graphic designer.
  • Free website builders are useful enough for anybody to create a basic website. Premium website builder services, decked up with advanced features, are reasonably priced, and help anybody create a great website at a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer and designer.

What’s the difference between free website builders and paid website builders?

For obvious reasons, free website builders are more popular as compared to their paid counterparts. Naturally, these come with some limitations, which are alleviated in the premium versions of these services. Here are some of the major differences between the paid and unpaid website builders.

  • Most free website builders are restrictive in terms of forced hosting on their own sub domains, which takes the fizz out of your website’s URL. Plus, free website builders are known to add branding pop ups, banners, footer labels, and sidebar advertisements to your websites. In most cases there is an illusion of control which lets you choose the size of the banner, placement of the ad or the time of the pop-up, but factors like frequency of the ads, the kind of advertisements cannot be controlled by the users of free services. Premium website builder services, on the other hand, allow you to host your website on a domain host of your choice, and don’t add any inadvertent advertisements to your pages.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Usually most of the free website hosting services do not provide SEO friendly attributes. Only the best free website builders can be the same SEO friendly as premium ones. At the rest… Most paid services, on the other hand, offer a gamut of SEO functionalities to kick-start the search engine success of your website.
  • Most contemporary website building services give the users the freedom to choose from a variety of packages. But in case of free services, users can only use a minimum bandwidth which is not always enough for video clip transfer, photo sharing, and embedded live maps. The customer experience you can deliver with a free website builder is rather limited because of bandwidth restrictions. Paid services do not impose any such restrictions and the speeds are undeniably faster.
  • Generally, free website builder services offer only the most basic level of customer support, whereas paid website builders offer dedicated account managers, tech support helpdesks, 24 x 7 email and telephonic support, and fully decked up FAQ and Guidebook databases. With free website builders, the learning curve can get challenging because of absence of fully fledged support. And that is not so surprisingly because the most famous free website builders have tens millions of free users.

The other factor which sets the paid ones apart from the free website builders is the quality of their templates. Most of the templates offered by premium website builders are unique, differentiated, customizable, and value adding. Websites built on free web builders often experience downtime which impacts traffic, business, and drives away customers. An exception – the most advanced free website builders like WIX, Weebly etc.

Needless to say, if you want a professional website which is completely functional and free from glitches you should opt for paid website building services. Most of the renowned e-commerce websites also use paid services of reliable online website builders for the best performances.

Classification Of Website Builders

Most of the website builder services on offer market can be categorized as offline website builders and online website builders. A few of their defining characteristics have been described below:

Offline builders are downloadable tools offered under different licenses, and require a basic knowledge of both HTML and CSS, for users to create functional web pages. Almost all the offline website builders are more expensive compared to their online counterparts, for a comparable set of features. Hence offline website builders are more suited for professionals who are ready to involve graphics designers and web developers for sophisticated website development, in return of more sophisticated and functionally comprehensive websites.

Online website builders allow their users to create websites using visual interfaces, without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. These website builder interfaces are delivered through the cloud, are easy to use and are ideal for anybody looking to have a smart and feature rich website in minimal time and at reasonable prices (if not free).

Online website builders can be classified into 3 categories depending on their functionality. These categories are not always mutually exclusive; here’s a simple overview of the categories:

  • Business: Whether you want a professional website for your company or your personal practice, you can easily set it up within just a few hours. Most free business website builders come with special templates attuned for the needs of businessmen. These responsive template contents can be replaced with your custom content. Most of these builders come with basic SEO functionality and round the clock customer support.
  • Ecommerce: Ecommerce website builders provide the most sophisticated website building experience even for beginners. All you need to do is pick a template, swap the demo content with real content, add products to the website, and leverage the settings and features to define pricing, tax and inventory management, product variants, etc. Most of these builders come with functionalities such as one-click checkouts, interactive shopping carts, direct shipping calculation, social sharing options, etc.
  • Portfolio: Creating an online portfolio for photographers, designers, models and freelancers is easier than ever, using these portfolio website builders. Most online website builders offer full customization with free fonts, SEO support and retina ready features for portfolio websites. You can choose a suitable template from the thousands of options the modern portfolio website builders have to offer.

From The History: Who Was The First One?

Primitive website builder services were available as early as in 1990s. Unlike the swanky auto-pilot styled website builders of this day, the first website building services were based on manual HTML coding. Gradually the workload was reduced with the help of pre-coded blocks and modules. Dreamweaver emerged as the leader of visually empowering online website builders as early as 1998. Dreamweaver was one of the very first builders to use a WYSIWYG editor philosophy. But with the emergence of W3C standards Dreamweaver and similar contemporary website builders were scorned upon for not being compliant. As a result of the demand of W3C compliance Amaya, the first open source tool was created. This was initially crafted to be a CSS/HTML authoring system.

Innovations: what technologies are used in modern website builders?

Demands of users, competition in the market, and proliferation of revolutionary web technologies – all have ensured that modern website builders are constantly reinventing themselves. Here we take a sneak peek at the defining technologies being leveraged by web builders of the 21st century.

  • Integrated Big Data Analytics – Premium website builders integrate data analytics capabilities into their service packages, helping administrators understand traffic, campaign success, and eCommerce KPIs like never before.
  • Mobile Apps – Imagine being in control of your website and your web store even when you’re on the move; with website builders offering dedicated apps to help you control your website’s back end, that’s possible.
  • Responsive layouts – Most templates offered by the modern free web builders are responsive and retina display ready. This boosts the aesthetic appeal of websites, and makes the websites accessible from mobile devices.

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    Great article, but I wouldn’t use any of these hosted companies. They are proprietary and you are stuck with them. You can’t move your store or domain to another hosting company. God forbid if they go out of business or they go down or there credit card system doesn’t work. You are screwed. Use Magento, PrestaShop or WooCommerce. At least you can move these stores to any hosting/server company and have control. I’ve been using Magento on eComLane for over 4 years now, and I’m extremely happy.

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    I’ve seen a few of these, but I have to say that one that is not on your list, SiteRubix, looks like the best online web creator option to me. It is a WordPress platform that can handle any business, ecommerce or portfolio needs by using the right plugins.

    I think that among the best attributes of all that they offer is that SiteRubix comes with complete security, 100% spam free environment and completely free affiliate marketing training.


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    • Jessica

      This is review of exactly free website builder. Some of them allow to create online stores (Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, Webnode) but as a rule these web builder platforms aren’t specialized for ecommerce. If you need to develop a good online store – better check other our review: Top 10 Best eCommerce Website Builders for Creating Online Stores. There you will find not only free web builders but also paid ones but all of them allow to create online stores.

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    • Jessica

      Website builders including Free – are the ready-made SaaS solutions and they already include free hosting. So you won’t need any other hosting service if you’re using web builder platforms.

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    Weebly is great. I think Wix is pretty similar (a bit better for my taste), but they are very close. Both are based on a freemium model and offer great templates.

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    We built a website with Free Web Store, which I thought was good. There is an unexpected downside though, which is that they are keeping their own link there for about a month and only remove it on second subscription payment, which is just plain wrong. What’s pretty good is that the sites download pretty fast, they have an easy enough to comprehend data file to allow bulk upload. You can see the site at balhambikes.club

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    However as with the above mentioned alternatives the design is the hardest part to nail. I would say spending somewhere around $10 a month makes it worthwile. Out of the paid alternatives I would say Shopify and AnyWebstore.com are the ones I’m most impressed with and I’ve tried quite a few. Another option is of course to buy a WordPress template and use WooCommerce but since WordPress is built with PHP things can get messy..

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    Of course, you can delete my comment but in this case your list won’t be objective and independent – you have to consider opinions of your readers.

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    Some of the free website builders are great, but it depends what you want to do, if you just want a personal blog they’ll do. But if you want to build a business or a brand then you will need something that gives you more flexibility.

  43. Ha Sim

    Before I always used WordPress like a my favorite platform. Through this article, I know much more new platforms to build website easily. Thank you so much

  44. Rahman

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  45. Rabia Khalid

    This is certainly a great list free website builder. Though I personally believe Own domain and Hosting are one of those primary invest which one could not over look if they want to be a professional Blogger or build a commercial website. Still these are quite useful for amateur blogger.

  46. Google

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Website Builders. Regards

  47. Musa blower

    This free website builders are great. But over the years, they dn’t offer only free service but also customer support. Beautiful Life, you guys rock!

    • Jessica

      You’re not right. All free website builders featured in our list are still absolutely free. Of course, if you want you can buy more opportunities for additional fee – but it’s not necessary. You’ve written your comment in 2014 – now it’s 2016 – but Wix, Weebly, Jimdo and other free website builders are still free and what’s why they’re in our list of best free web builders. Also there are new website builders, many of them are free. People like free products, that’s why many companies make basic version of their product absolutely free, including website platforms. Do you want a free website for 5-15 minutes? – Ok, use free packages. Is it not enough for you to have opportunities of free package? – pay little more and enjoy advanced opportunities of your new website. It’s easy! No one fools no one!

  48. Najeftinije Avionske Karte

    I like snap pages, it’s easy to build a website.

  49. Matt

    Thanks for this review. Currently I’m looking for proper website builder and your list will be very useful for me.

  50. DamienIMS

    I prefer to use Wix. It is the best free website builder I tried.

    • hossain

      but people saying its not mobile and seo friendly . Even , its known that wix sites google cant read . its an one page website because flash . how you will consider it???

      • Andrew

        Flash is already dead and Wix doesn’t use it for a very long time!! Yes, they used it – but it was long time ago. Now websites created by this builder are fully responsive and absolutely SEO friendly.

  51. Booomer

    Thank you for review. It’s really good but I would limit by 3 web builders – wix, weebly and jimdo. The rest website builders from this list are obviously weak comparing to these three.

  52. Builders Expert

    The best free website builder is wix. No one website builder has such beautiful website designs as wix. And customization is very easy. Of course, it would be better not to have ads, but I think you can live with it – it’s free web builder. If ads on your website is unacceptable for you – you can always switch it off but in this case builder won’t be free ))

    • Michael John

      Yes Wix to me is by far the best website builder out of all the site builders on this page. And like you say for a small monthly payment you can upgrade and get more tools and no ads.

  53. ahmeth

    Lifeyo is relatively new to this market, but Weebly has been around for a number of years already. They now boast more than 11 million users, or about 10% of the internet’s websites are created through their platform.

  54. baykan kombi servisi

    I came across this page looking for FREE website building sites, as I dare say most, if not all others did that landed here. If I’d have wanted professionally built site and had the budget to go with it, I would have searched for ‘Website building company’ Your comments are a futile attempt to make professional website builders seen value for money, but they are not FREE are they?? thanks admin

    • Jessica

      To whom you wrote this comment? If to the admin of the blog – we have no relationship to the comments on this post. And now about free website builders – all website builders from this list are absolutely free. Try it and see for yourself. Perhaps functionality and features of some free web builders will seem inadequate – but this is a subjective opinion of your. In fact, these builders are free, your thoughts about their professionalism don’t have any relation to the subject of this post.

      • Andrew Turner

        What is the use of a free web builder if you can do nothing with the site once you have built it.

      • Sam

        Please inbox me those sites name that allows you to build without demanding payment.

  55. klima servisi

    Using one of these sites would be the same as wanting to build a new house and you find someone that has a do-it-yourself kit and you buy the kit but by the time you get done putting it together all you have a is a garden shed. It provides a roof over your head but that is about it.

  56. Bayole

    Thanks for this list of website builders . I think the best one is Wix .

  57. Ben Richardson

    Puzl.com is also a great DIY tool to create a professional website with.

  58. Erwan

    Also Easyweb7.com. Good stuff !!:-)

  59. Péter Patrik

    U forgot uCoz

  60. tinyfinch

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  61. Mary Klarks

    I used Puzl.com. It is an amazing platform to build a website if you are lacking coding experience and you need a professional cutting cost website. Puzl is a free one and offers great selection of business templates and a number of widgets to help you build a fully personalized website. I cherished excellent results building mine Puzl site.

    • martin

      Hello Mary, what is the advantage if you can not integrate coding? I mean´, I agree it is nice to have drag and drop but you still need coding interface to copy and paste code snippets like Adsense, PayPal, Facebook like boxes and much more, don’t you think so.

    • Bo

      ^ obvious paid review

  62. Luffy

    Hey, That’s a cool builders list you have here. but the preview images are not loading i have to click and view the site.

  63. izrada web stranica

    I used Wix, very good, others not. Thanks for the clarification, the article is useful

  64. Adilson Lima

    Wonderful tools. Thanks

  65. Larry

    it’s not on the list, but a great option for building websites is also IMcreator.com. i built my website with it and i have no programming knowledge. it based on a very simple drag&drop system that allows you easily design. i managed to complete my website in a few hours and surprisingly, it came out great. of course it’s free of charge.

  66. connie

    There is so much information here, its just great. I have used Dreamweaver for developing a website which can be difficult and very time consuming and now I see there are all these sites with ready made templates … It all looks so easy, why would anybody bother to use software like Dreamweaver? I have tried Wix.com and although theyre are 100s of beautiful templates I couldnt use the editor , I had awful problems selecting and deselecting the items I wanted to edit? Anybody know why? But what I really am looking for is an easy builder for an ecommerce site with about 120 items in Ireland? Any advice would be most helpful? Connie

  67. ChaturbatePLUS

    Webs was easy to use, setup and gave me some extra help with finding new members and improving my seo. Multiple sites a breeze! thanks Webs.com

  68. Andrew

    Has anyone mentioned Serif WebPlus Starter? It is a free program and very powerful especially for being free. For more advanced features you can upgrade at any time to their latest release. At the time of writing this their latest version is Serif Webplus X6. I built my website on it and just wouldn’t recommend anything else.

  69. ange

    Weebly is another great free website builder, and with this referral code you will start off with $10 towards getting more features, although the basic features are great for a free website!

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    Does anyone know of a free website builder with a cpanel and allows a Remote MySQL?

  72. Ferero

    WEBNODE – good builder. if you try, you can get a decent result.

  73. Jeremy

    These are all great options and a good starting point for people who have no clue how to start a website. The downside is that some of them are so laden with ads, it can be pretty annoying.

  74. Abdul Rehman

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  77. kizi

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  78. Chris

    Yola has just changed their free site to a limit of three pages, which makes them totally impractical. I would have rated them 10 (strong customer support) but this limit makes their service almost useless for free users.

  79. Tony Smith

    I found this web page as a most excellent web site for most recent updates. thank you for sharing great post.

  80. youssef

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    Thanks for this one buddy, I might sort these out and choose another site to start on with my new blog.

  84. taylor

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  85. Martin Logo Design

    Agree great web designs. Weebly is best of them. Just relaunching ours, so hopefully it will make it on one of these lists. Thanks. Martin

    • Stephan

      Weebly is not the best website builder. Yes, it’s convenient and has intuitive interface but their web templates aren’t good. Compare them with free templates from Wix or with paid ones from Squarespace – they are really worthy and beautiful web templates. Weebly doesn’t have such. I think that many believe that Weebly is the best website builder because everybody talk about it and not just because it’s the best. It’s like about IKEA furniture – many like it but I wouldn’t say that it’s the best.

  86. Allan Perry

    It is in reality a great and helpful websites. I’m happy that you shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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  89. Gee

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  90. Dirt3-fr.eu

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    I prefer Wopop and Tripop, the best for me.

  91. AMS

    I created a very complex website using wix (free)
    Wix is simply the greatest website maker there is.
    1. Not many ads (unless you “ad”(get it) them)
    2. unlimited pages
    3. good flexibility, uniqueness, range
    4. Plenty of storage and bandwith
    5. You can get more storage simply by adding a free master page!!!
    6. Free Unlimited Backgrounds, complex color options, buttons html, and more to make your site cute.

    GTG! My sister wants to play MovieStarPlanet. Check out my site and make your own on wix. See ya!!!

    Email Me: amscompany1000@gmail.com

    • Aleks

      I Think site.pro is better. They have responsive templates, domain names, plenty of storage and bandwidth. This builder is easy to use and free :), and you can build your site using tablet or phone.

  92. Alsen

    Thank for the post. I think the future is web builders. Website templates aren’t so popular and themes are usually used by webmasters which are familar with HTML and web desing. That’s why every year there are a lot of people think about website builders. I think it’s the same great invention in IT industry as Henry Ford’s conveyor in car world.

  93. Andrew

    Weebly is great but i think they offer too small storage for free account but Wix offered 500 gb that i am really convinced
    too also webs.com is great but just like weebly it is offering small storage

    • Abe

      500 gb?
      i think someone’s mixed up gigabytes with megabytes!
      if your talking about bandwidth, the most you’ll get is a hundred and the most web storage you’ll get is 10 gigabytes but those websites take 5 days to be active and you have to code them yourself,

  94. Helinka

    Every body must try Webnode! 🙂

    • Bella

      yep. i utilize MULTIPLE biz pages for Web.com it is OK but not all that and should’ve just LEFT it as it was easy web maintaining,

      and i utilize yep WEBNODE I LOVE IT SO FAR NO COMPLAINT
      as pie, love it,and look SO GREAT!

      good luck to all webmasters, like me doing biz online better adding more website page(s)etc. with these free pg

      no need 2 really pay but for web.com that is it,and even then i am think kin bout leaving them why pay 200 ever few months for them when i have 10 other sites,web pgd.
      etc. may just use them for the good SEO they have help me with that bring much biz in,but WEEBLY over all is my # 1 source of biz comin in,and i m still free wit them!

      for now i might give em my paid biz soon though well worth it at weebly

  95. Ariel

    If I publish my website can I still edit it later if I want?

  96. Ayhan

    Thanks for information… I just need it…

  97. jake

    beware the web you weave

    i’ve been checking out free website builders. there are several good ones so far. i have a site on weebly which ive found to be very good. all but one deleted my website when i finished evaluating, but i could not delete my Webs.com website. The Delete link didn’t work and they have failed to respond to repeated emails to delete the site. i chose to delete their website because it was difficult to use their program and support was lacking at the free level. i suggest avoiding Webs.com.

  98. Susan

    Weebly could also be on this list!

  99. nitin sharma

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  100. A.B.M.S. Doulah

    Most of these “Free Website Builders” are followed by some kind of subscriptions. Can somebody help me by giving me the addresses of truly free “Free Website Builders”?

    • drew

      I get your point, I’ve tried a bunch of websites, including Yola, Webstarts,Weebly, etc., but to get all features, you have to pocket out money

  101. Stickman

    Why aren’t listed the best? People got their own standards so what I mean by best is that the most used by most of the people. Where’s wordpress and weebly? wix is good but its pretty much more complicated than weebly, these listed websites aren’t that so good for creating a professional like website unlike weebly everything is easy , I already tried most of these but none of them is good if you ask me

  102. Nick Saguri

    Dont forget EXAI website builder.. probably the best damn website builder in the world today

  103. Paritosh

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  105. Name

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  106. Gilbert

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  107. friv

    yola and breezi are simply the best for me

    • Laarni Roxas

      I think they are, I enjoy using jux though because it looks cooler than any of those sites mentioned. You should try it. 🙂

      I am actually looking for free services for to make an ecommerce site but I haven’t got any yet that can blow my mind. For shopping cart support, I guess izzonet is the best.

  108. Ken

    Honestly, I’ve tried all website builders above. The best one that I’ve currently used is uCoz.

  109. Andreea

    I think we should also mention ucoz.com, which offers FTP, unlimited traffic & space, domain attachment and so on. Mentioned those as, the majority of the website builders I used didn’t offered those features in the free plans. I find it easy to use and would put it somewhere between a Website Builder and an advanced CMS. As a web-developer I highly recommend it!

  110. 纶菲


  111. Pavan Somu

    Great collection right there, wix really has an amazing backend within their product. Love the drag n drop function there

  112. Dvaughn

    in which of them support advertisement for making maoney 😀

    • Mani

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  113. jingo

    yola and breezi are simply the best for me

  114. Byen

    Great line up of website builders. I think two other free website builders that deserve mentions here are Weebly.com and also Lifeyo.com. Lifeyo is relatively new to this market, but Weebly has been around for a number of years already. They now boast more than 11 million users, or about 10% of the internet’s websites are created through their platform.

    • Lucas

      I specially visited Lifeyo website builder – and it’s not free: “Get a 14 day free trial. Plans start at $12/month”. What relation does it have to free web builders? And the website itself looks awful. How can you compare it with Weebly?

  115. Raphael

    Tripod now has over 200 templates.. not 150.. just saying 🙂

  116. Evelyn

    What about Jux? It’s easy and it looks beautiful!

  117. Seth

    Using one of these sites would be the same as wanting to build a new house and you find someone that has a do-it-yourself kit and you buy the kit but by the time you get done putting it together all you have a is a garden shed. It provides a roof over your head but that is about it.

    These sites serve a purpose if you are looking to build a “shed” type of website. But if you are wanting an actual website for your company or business then you need to turn to a professional web designer.

    And NO, not all professionals are going to charge you an arm and a leg to design a site. Good professional web designers can work within your budget to meet your needs.

    • keya roy ghosh

      I need to set up three websites to cover three activities of mine teaching and couselling, legal assistance, art gallery. Could you please advise me as I am not tech-savvy and work from home.

    • Lucas

      dude, lots of time have been passed since 2011 and your comment reminds me old guy who teaches everybody how to live. Now it’s easier (and cheaper) to use good free web builder – and to forget about head ache brought to you by “a professional web designers”. I can say this as experienced customer of these “professional web designers”. At the same time result will be better – visually website will look cool. Of course if you will use not the first website builder you met but something like wix or weebly.

  118. Žogi

    I really don’t think that someone should use them.

    • Tino

      Why? Can you offer something better?
      My friends have websites from Wix and they’re happy with it. For ordinary users these companies are godsend.

      • Žogi

        Well if we talk about blogs these sites are ok, but if about web sites in general – buy your own domain and use WP + theme you like 🙂

        • Tino

          Many people don’t know what is domain name and WP as well. I mean ordinary people that aren’t related to web design and web development. And not all of them have opportunity to pay a lot of money to some web agency for a website with its own CMS, domain name and hosting. For such people, web builders are exactly that they need. And it’s not too expensive and everything is clear.

      • parsa

        i know but when you add an page in wix its hard

  119. Salil

    Weebly is best of all of them.

  120. Sonic

    Cool free web builder services!! thanks for sharing.

    • ravi pop

      thanks it helped me a lot (y)

      • jo cam

        I started with blogger and moved to wordpress.com. These two are the most reliable free website builders. Google sites has also been quite reliable. The basic rule is….if you want to make money (adsense, webstore etc) dont use a free website builder.