Futuristic Personal Mobility Rides NEBULA by Oneobject

Futuristic Personal Mobility Rides NEBULA by Oneobject

Nebula by Oneobject provides the user with freedom, speed, and agility to ride with no strings attached – literally. The Hong Kong-based design studio aims to revolutionize the urban transport scene, becoming too cluttered for the current roads. Having over a decade of experience in transportation, smart IoT, and electronics – Oneobject has created Alpha and Beta rides – one an electric motorbike for mid or long distances. The other is an electric modern scooter for last-mile travel or short commutes.

personal mobility vehicle concept

Sustainability is at the forefront of the design since Oneobject has used hard and soft materials like polypropylene for the outer shell of both vehicles. This provides hard-shell protection to all the internal machinery. The 3D-knitted fabric for the interiors is waterproof and dirt-proof – while also being durable and having an attractive surface matching the overall modern appeal of the rides. Both the rides offer keyless access via fingerprint authentication – ideally in tune with convenience and modern features. Both are in the concept phase and are expected to become a reality soon. Meanhile you can check 10 smallest folding electric mini bikes.

modern electric motorbike

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