Futuristic Self-balancing One-wheeled Honda Electric Scooter

Futuristic Self-balancing One-wheeled Honda Electric Scooter

Honda Baiku is a futuristic vehicle concept that gives us a taste of transportation’s next step. Envisioned by Valencia-based designer Nacho Alfonso, the one-wheeled motorcycle explores the new electric mobility that has become popular in the last years, where electric vehicles – modern scooters or skates, occupy the streets of many cities around the world. The Honda Baiku concept adds a high-end segment to this market targeting younger generations.

one wheeled self balancing scooter

Honda Baiku by Nacho Alfonso takes shape as a self-balancing electric scooter standing on a single wheel. The vehicle utilizes gyroscope and accelerometers sensors enabling it to balance itself. The motorcycle features a movable flat seat that can be retracted into the frame sparing space while not in use.

one wheeled scooter honda

Furthermore, Baiku’s rectangular-shaped front includes led array lights providing a clear view on nightly trips. Meanwhile, a long display spans from the top section to the lower chassis. The top part reveals all the important information such as speed, temperature, navigation, while the sloped section function as a remote control for the user’s connected smartphone. Also don’t forget to check sel-balancings electric motorcycle.

self-balancing scooter

self-balancing one-wheeled scooter

self balancing one wheeled scooter

one-wheeled electric scooter

futuristic self-balancing one-wheeled electric scooter

futuristic scooter

futuristic honda scooter

futuristic electric scooter

futuristic electric scooter honda

electric one wheeled scooter

one-wheeled electric scooter concept design

self-balancing one-wheeled scooter concept

balancing one wheeled scooter

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