Old-fashioned Volkswagen Beetle Mini Bike Volkspod

Old-fashioned Volkswagen Beetle Mini Bike Volkspod

Reusing old car parts to replenish other models has always been the custom, however using them to create a mini bike? Brent Walter, who describes himself as the “maker and builder of a variety of things”, created the VW Mini Bike, or what he fondly calls the “Volkspod”. Much like its name, the automotive is a little pod-shaped two-wheeler. The Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 or the ‘Bug’ has gained iconic status since it’s release. Its adorable bulbous structure had won almost everyone’s heart in the mid to late ’90s, with production lasting until 2003. Paying homage to the Bug, Walter used the fenders from each corner of the car to build the mini motorbike. The four vintage fenders merge together to form the head and tail-light system of the Volkspod. Power-packed with a 79cc engine, the Volkspod promises to be as or even more dynamic than the Beetle Type 1.

retro style bike

The petite scooter looks like it’s right out of the ’90s with its wide handlebar (much like the handles of a bicycle) and bulb-like head and tail lights. Resembling one-eyed cyclops, or green little Mike Wazowski from the Monsters, Inc. movie, the Volkspod has a very eccentric, other-worldly appeal. Available in the iconic shades of the original Beetle; birch green and pastel blue, Walter’s Volkspod is the right fit for anybody who wants to zip right into the retro era! Also don’t forget to check electric bike Monocaso and 10 Smallest Electric Mini Bikes.

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  1. Is there a website that I can buy a Volkspod mini bike? I am interested in buying one.


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