DIY Cat House from Black Paper


DIY Cat House from Black Paper

Designer Taesung Yoon designed Pulpet, a DIY paper cat house. Pulpet initially consists of eco-friendly paper cutouts, which are ultimately handcrafted and put together to assemble a cat house in the shape of a geometric, sitting cat. Users can easily assemble Pulpet without any additional building components. Prepared with all the necessary contents for assembly, Pulpet is easily constructed by adhering the geometric faces together to form the shape of a cat. If the shape of a cat doesn’t readily come to your creative eye, an assembly manual comes included with the paper house cutouts.

diy paper cat house

To make Pulpet eco-friendly, Taesung Yoon sourced FSC-certified paper material harvested from forests that are responsibly managed and environmentally conscious. Since cats can’t help but scratch and claw at cardboard, Taesung Yoon chose paper material that doesn’t puncture easily and won’t elicit any scratching from your cat. Further enhancing Pulpet’s durability factor, the paper comes equipped with lightfast technology so that Pulpet’s black exterior won’t fade in sunlight, measures a neutral pH level, and uses chlorine-free bleaching pulp, which protects both your cat and the environment. Also be sure to check modern cat box furniture.

eco-friendly paper house for cats

diy cat house images

diy cat house

diy eco-friendly cat house

diy cat house photos

create a cat house

diy house for cats

diy cat house photos

diy cat house pictures

diy cat house images

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