Unique Aviator Turbojet Espresso Machine

Unique Aviator Turbojet Espresso Machine

Super Veloce calls their Aviatore Veloce a “high-pressure brewing system for tea leaves or coffee grinds.” The body of the Aviatore Veloce is a quarter scale replica of a real jet engine, with insides fashioned to percolate your favorite ground coffee or loose tea leaves.

custom coffee machine

It has a 3L titanium water tank, accessible by sliding open the turbine shell. While in use, the machine’s turbine blades spin to create an even more enthralling effect, albeit at a "steady and safe 38RPM." With just 100 units available the world over you still have a small chance to get the best cup of coffee or tea you’ve ever had in your life or make a perfect gift for your beloved one.

custom coffee maker

custom espresso maker

unique coffee machine

unique coffee maker

unique espresso machine

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unique espresso maker

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custom coffee machines

unusual espresso machines

unusual coffee machines

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