Flowspace Pod Concept – Personal Workspace from Microsoft

Flowspace Pod Concept - Personal Workspace from Microsoft

Microsoft’s Envisioning Center has come up with the concept Flowspace Pod that is designed for the latest new normal – when we resume work in office settings once again. Owing to it readiness for a hybrid workspace – where people will still be wary of being in the crowd and working – the Flowspace Pod has been recognized as the Best of the Best by Red Dot Design. The unique office pod is shaped like a question mark on two sides with a private space in between. It’s not a cocoon – like the pods we generally come by – but has a novel form factor to it.

Microsoft's Flowspace Pod

The pod’s covered in gray felt for a premium finish. And as you’d expect from Microsoft, each of these pods is equipped with its own work desk, ergonomic chair and a PC. Noteworthy for the creators here is the mammoth PC screen that spans almost the entire width of the pod.

Given that the Flowspace Pod is aptly equipped to offer you the best of working in privacy and the excitement of still being around colleagues in person, it will likely find many takers when Microsoft’s Envisioning campus for ideas and latest technologies gives it a go-ahead.

Microsoft office pod

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