Shell Sofa – Perfect Place for Humans and Cats

Shell Sofa - Perfect Place for Humans and Cats

With a voluminous yet hollow frame, the Shell sofa by designer Natalia Komarova is instantly visible. It is, in a strictly physical sense, minimalist, but visually, the Shell sofa is almost pillowy, spacious, and a treat to look at. The sofa is a frame that curves from the left to the back and to the right, with space in between for cushions, or even two side tables if you remove the cushions at the extreme ends. It’s visually imposing, but still manages to look light and airy, thanks to its wickerwork of metal rods. The interwoven rods also create this moire effect that creates a dynamic optical illusion, making the Shell sofa’s body incredibly interesting to look at… and while we’re on the subject of interesting, the sofa comes with two small openings at the beginning and end of its structure, making it perhaps the most entertaining play area for a domestic cat. The Shell Sofa is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019. Also we recommend you to check luxury cat beds.

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