House Inside a Rock by Amey Kandalgaonkar


House Inside a Rock by Amey Kandalgaonkar

In the development of the “House Inside a Rock”, Amey Kandalgaonkar took influence from the rock-cut tomb architecture of Saudi Arabia’s Madain Saleh. This ancient archaeological site expresses classical facades carved into a mass of sandstone, rationalizing the organic geometry. The Shanghai-based architect develops a more contemporary reading through an investigation of this subtractive method, introducing a second material to cut through the original rock. Rather than through a flattening of the organic surface, the formal dichotomy is generated with the insertion of clean concrete slabs.

rock house

Architect elaborates: “Considering the visual complexity of the rocks at Madain Saleh, it was imperative to use simple planes and cubes in order to achieve a visual balance. I started out creating the rock in 3D software which in itself was a sculpting process. Later when inserting the house into this rock, I tried to keep its visual impact from eye level as minimum as possible and only when observed from a bird eye, the real extent of the intervention is revealed.” After viewing this concept we recommend you to check modern mountain hoouse with a pool.

house on the rock

creative house

house inside a rock

house on a rock

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