Northern Wisps Nordic Cabins


Northern Wisps Nordic Cabins

Like the Nordic gods that they represent, these cabins by Bartosz Domiczek are just a concept, but they are very beautiful. Still, the Northern Wisps Cabins are one concept we would like to see come to life. Ensconced in the Icelandic Thórsmörk (Valley of Thor), a mountain ridge in Iceland situated between the glaciers Eyjafjallajökull, Mýrdalsjökul and Tindfjallajökull are these luminous, numinous cabins designed by Polish architect Bartosz Domiczek. Domiczek submitted the design as an entry to Ronen Bekerman’s Cabins 3d Challenge. The cabins are huge white monoliths, like the Nordic Frost Giants that Odin extinguished. Their interior is warmly decorated, and comfortable. The cabins stand boldly on the edge of the valley, arranged with the idea of Nordic gods standing in a row on a mountain ridge. Also be sure to check other creative cabins: Skyli Trekking Cabin and Trailer.


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