Fantasy Art - Illustrations of Elena Dudina

Fantasy Art - Illustrations of Elena Dudina

fantasy art

Todays main hero is talanted graphic artist from Spain Elena Dudina. Her beautiful artworks are great combination of magic fantasy and dark emotions. Just playing with illumination, colors, contrast she brings us something special. But the main thing is an idea. As she said “It’s like a puzzle. It’s a long process to make it perfect.” She creates photomanipulations for almost 2 years and already have such stunning results. Elena is definetly talanted artist. Enjoy!


fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art

fantasy art


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  1. Andy Merchel

    amazing works…..

  2. rick hartline

    You just awesome, beautiful work so real. please paint me in one so I have a place to go when I aint to far away for me. I love this stuff. I’ve done alot of puzzels of Josephine Wall

  3. Maggie

    Your work is just so amazingly beautiful!

  4. Rita

    Gosh I never seen such beautiful work, I am so amazed, is there a tutorial site, would love to try some, I find these speechless

  5. Shazia

    its really beautiful pictures, i like it very much, thanks to share, keep it up

  6. Lydia Perez

    So Beautiful, God Blessed you with talent

  7. Pakistani

    my favorite, i like it very much and i find it very interesting.

  8. Alex

    Really love your art !! Fantastic

  9. Tonja Green

    Gorgeous artwork. I love the way & how much the Moon & moonlight are portrayed. In viewing, I felt as if I were in that scene at that time. Thank-you, for blessing us with the beauty & inspiration that your art evokes. The candid glimpses into the souls of women are emotional, deep & profound, as well as the emphasis on what is not so obvious, or hidden whether from conscious knowledge or subconscious of the spiritual & mystical worlds. Your gift is profound & powerful.

  10. Sylvia

    i am very impressed – beautiful work. thankyou for sharing:)

  11. kapila

    wow ..i don’t have word to say how beautiful… love it…

  12. Raquel


  13. Martin John

    these paintings are amazing. The concept is fabulous. My favourite illustration is that of the girl sitting on the mushroom

  14. kale

    looove these pictures!

  15. Kim

    Absolutely beautiful…where can I find more?

  16. James

    Amazing work!thanks for sharing!

  17. mike

    Lovely, but would have been much better if you’d shown their tits.

  18. Melissa

    sweet…I have the exact same outfit the girl is wearing in the picture with the black skirt, bodice, arm pieces and orange wings. it’s made by Moresca ^_^

  19. Meraj Khan

    Fantastic job. Beutyful is Beutyful.

  20. N3T1O

    WOW!!!! thx for the share! 🙂

  21. Clipping Path

    wow! awesome post! thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  22. Taz

    I am a figurative artist and I am very impressed with the scope and imagination shown in this artwork. Well done!

  23. Massive Marbles

    Truly exquisite

  24. IVETE



  25. kelly

    B E A U T I F U L ! !! !!! !!!!! ~ Love it..

  26. Chris

    Amazing beautiful, I can look for hours to this pics !

  27. Jason

    Wonderful pieces of work. I’m impressed

  28. sir jorge

    those are incredible

  29. Iniwoo

    It’s just amazing. I can’t stop looking the pics. Great artist.



  30. Johnson Koh

    The artist made stunning artworks from the usual stock images that we can easily find! I am very impressed.

  31. FrigginRandom

    These are fantastic. Do you mind if I use one on my site to link back here?

  32. Beatrice

    Absolutely beautiful!

  33. Grayman Returns

    I was impressed to show the world of a wonderful goddess.
    Thank you.



      • S.

        That is not even a word… ‘gorgeous’ is though.