Moooi “Big Ben” Wall Clock by Marcel Wanders


wall clock

The gorgeous Big Ben wall clock was designed for Moooi by industrial designer Marcel Wanders. “With time constantly ticking away in our pockets, on our wrists and computer screens the use of wall clocks has almost been forgotten. We still admire works of art and architecture like the big ben that help us tune into London’s time and space, but our personal daily time, the seconds and minutes we spend working and socializing, have become as small as our pockets and as abstract as our computer screens. Big Ben by Marcel Wanders helps us regain consciousness of time’s weight. So why not give it an important position in our living space? Why not go for a giant, decorative, iconic wall clock to give time our own, personal dimension?” Take a look!


Moooi clock

Big Ben clock

Marcel Wanders

creative clock

Big Ben clock

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