Compact And Easy-to-Use Urban Bike

Today we want to show interesting concept of urban bike. Created by industrial designer from Canada Zheren Zheng the Urban Bicycle aims to provide city dwellers with a compact, easy-to-use and efficient way of zipping around town. Composed of aluminum and fit with a belt drive, its featherlight frame is ideal for carrying between commutes. Designed with working professionals in mind, the entire belt drive system is neatly contained within the body, there is no risk of getting a suit or dress dirty while carrying. Its unique loop handlebar also doubles as a locking system, eliminating the need for peripheral locks that are cumbersome to carry. Users must simply hit the release and wrap the loop around a post or bike rack and snap back in to place. If you’d rather store it in your office or home, its folded form only takes up a small footprint no larger than a standing person! And don’t forget to check another great compact urban bike X1 EXPLORER.

Futuristic Concept Bikes by Barbara Custom Motorcycles

Created by Barbara Custom Motorcycles, this series of bike concepts depicts the future for bike brands Husqvarna, Triumph, Yamaha and BMW. The France-based design preparation shop is directed by the enigmatic ‘Barbara’, and has created no less than one forty captivating renderings in the past, all of which exhibit a unique and authentic interpretation of each brand. Barbara Custom Motorcycle’s otherworldly renderings blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality: while each of these bikes lend themselves to different landscapes, all of their individual styles certainly carry a sci-fi influence.

Yamaha NIKEN Leaning Three Wheel Motorcycle

It’s been no secret that Yamaha has been working on a large-capacity three wheeler that, unlike other three-wheelers , actually leans. Yamaha calls this technology “Leaning Multi-Wheeler (LMW), and during the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha unveiled the machine that will debut LMW: the Yamaha Niken. From the released photos it should be powered by the FZ-09 power plant, and arrive with dual 15-inch wheels up front with dual forks on each side. “This large-displacement Leaning Multi-Wheeler (LMW) is powered by a liquid-cooled, in-line, 3-cylinder engine. This model is equipped with LMW technology to reduce the effects of changing ride environments and to deliver a high feeling of stability when cornering. It achieves excellent performance for spirited and sporty riding on various road surfaces and the capability to freely carve through the continuous corners on winding roads. The body design makes full use of the unprecedented front-end suspension mechanism, pairing 15-inch front wheels with dual-tube upsidedown forks that visually accentuate the machine’s sporty performance and create a high-quality look and feel at the same time.” Great bike but don’t forget to check our list of the fastest bikes in the wolrd.

Futuristic Motorcycle – Yamaha’s AI-Powered Motoroid

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show gets underway in October and promises a look at the future of transportation. Yamaha will be there with a slew of electric and self-driving concepts, including the Motodroid self-riding motorcycle. The anime-inspired, bleeding-edge design features AI that controls the bike and interacts with the ride as well. No details have been offered, so exactly what this concept bike is capable of will have to wait until it debuts in Tokyo.

Extraordinary White Phantom Motorbike by Kingston Customs

German workshop Kingston Customs created stunning motorbike named White Phantom Motorbike. This motorbike was stemmed from BMW R80RT donor bike. Boasting a 798cc boxer engine that packs quite a punch and a single, horizontally mounted, turbo which is spooled-up by a short pair of headers, this breathtaking machine rides almost as fantastically as it looks visually. The Kingston Customs White Phantom Motorbike is a vintage looking piece of stunning minimalist design which is almost unrecognisable from the bike on which the customization project began. Luxurious and impeccably well crafted, this first rate steed will turn heads everywhere you go and we’re loving the sheer attention to detail that has gone into every element of its crafting. The bike has a fairly simple frame structure that helps improve the performance of the bike and it offers a striking shield which has been coated with a composite material which is commonly used in Formula 1 in order to prevent wires from melting and float bowls boiling and the end result is a contraption that is unparalleled from a visual point of view. The White Phantom Motorbike is merely one in a long line of awesome looking machines and for those with a thing for vintage, cafe racer style bikes, you’re not going to find many rides more extraordinary than this one from German workshop, Kingston Customs.

Retro Style Electric Bike Avionics V1

Electric bicycles are all the rage. From high-tech offerings like the Xkuty to the more casual Piaggio Wi-Bike, there’s something for every purpose and budget. Avionics is on the verge of releasing their own electric bike, each one of which gets its own custom name. The distinctive look walks the line between minimalist modern and decidedly retro, all accented with parts made from Jatoba wood. The battery and motor case, brake levers, fork covers, seat, and headlight bucket are all made from the extremely tough wood. But an electric bike wouldn’t be electric without a motor. The Avionics features a 5,000 watt brushless DC engine, capable of a frame-bending 92 ft-lbs of torque and 75 miles of riding. Preorders start in September of 2017.

BOLD – Electric Motorbike Concept by Camal Studio

Today we want to show you stunning motorbike concept BOLD created by Italy based Camal Studio, in collaboration with Tacita (the technology partner) and Alcantara (providing the trims for BOLD’s seat). Made from top to bottom in Italy, the BOLD is a electric bike with 100 horsepower, capable of going from 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds, and is powered by a 10 Kwh battery that can charge in half an hour. The motorbike has one singular closed form that contributes significantly to its visual bulk, but the color separation, with the silver on top and matte black at the bottom, helps cut the visual mass, making the bike look speedy and streamlined. The most interesting design element is the bike’s visor, which extends all the way over the headlight and even below, creating a sort of protective shield around the front of the bike in a manner that makes it instantly iconic and memorable.

Harley Davidson MT500 Military Motorcycle

The Harley-Davidson MT500 is a bit of an unusual motorcycle. It’s thought that just 500 were ever made, and it’s not known how many have survived in original condition. The MT500 is powered by a 500cc Rotax single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with 4 valves, 5 gears, and kickstart only. It’s a mechanically simple motorcycle designed explicitly for military use – though it’s broad adoption never took place due to many militaries only wanting diesel-powered vehicles for matters of logistical simplicity. The basic design started in Italy, before finding its way to Britain, being put into production with the Armstrong-CCM company in 1984. The model saw limited military use in Britain, Jordan, and Canada until it was phased out in 2000. Harley-Davidson isn’t a stranger to badge-engineering motorcycles, and if you look back over the long arc of motorcycle history there are very few established marques that haven’t at least dabbled with rebranding bikes. The reason Harley bought the MT500 stateside was the hope of acquiring a military contract with the richest armed forces on earth. Sadly it never came to be, largely because of the aforementioned diesel-only guidelines. The majority of the Harley-Davidson MT500s that were built, were built to the same specifications. There are twin jerry can holders either side of the fuel tank – designed to hold either water or fuel. There’s a waterproof rifle case on the rear right side for an M16 or similar, and the case is designed in such a way that it can take both scoped and unscoped weapons. All-original MT500s only rarely come up for sale, possibly because collectors are sitting on them in anticipation of a value increase as they edge closer to vintage territory. The 1999 model you see here is estimated to be worth between $20,000 and $24,000 USD, and it’ll be crossing the auction block with Bonhams in Las Vegas on the 26th of January.

Electric Cafe Racer ‘The Phaser Type 1’ by Union Motion

Responding to the growing environmental need for an increase in electricity dependent vehicles, Union Motion has designed a motorcycle to engage with commuters on both an emotional and practical level. Such engagement is essential to the speedy transition to cleaner forms of transit, and Union Motion think their ‘Phaser Type 1’ bike is just the thing to kickstart the revolution. Founded in 2015, this is Union Motion’s first prototype. “We want to challenge the trope of nostalgic and aesthetically led custom motorcycles by encouraging others to experiment with the awesome possibilities offered by electric powertrains,” explains the team. “The Phaser Type 1 started life as a ’98 fazer 600. We got it as a rolling chassis, just frame, forks, swingarm and wheels. Once de tabbed, the double loop frame made a great base for experimenting with battery location and drivetrain layout. After a little trial and error, we settled on a conventional motor location, echoing the final drive output of the original engine.” The 6 kwh battery pack found a home above the motor and controller, snug between the two top frame loops, keeping the centre of gravity of its 50 kg weight nice and low. The pack sits on a set of rails that allow it to be easily removed from the rear of the bike. This means a fresh pack can be installed in under five minutes, giving another 60 miles of riding. With a top speed of 110mph, the phaser type 1 can be fully charged in just 2 hours. CNC milled sheet aluminium bodywork keeps things clean and minimal to allow for easy access to the controller and airflow over the motor. The tank has been reduced to the bare essentials, keeping the profile of the bike low whilst retaining the original ergonomics, allowing you to grip the machine around corners. Finishing touches include union motion’s own programmable instrument, an akira-inspired disc wheel and a super-bright halo running light.

All-Electric Beast Zvexx

A talented group of designers and engineers have joined forces with a few bike shops in Switzerland with the aim of developing the world’s most “badass” electric motorcycle. That’s how Zvexx Motorbike has been born, a company which plans to deliver outrageous performances, at least in theory, in a jaw dropping two-wheel wonder. The company’s first project was simply called Zvexx and it’s a fierce-looking all-electric machine, equipped with 26 lithium-ion battery cells that add up to a total capacity of 13 kwh, which should be responsible for up to 150 km (93 miles) of range – but that’s not what this motorcycle is all about. The performance-oriented Zvexx features a custom electric drivetrain, developing an astonishing 1,218 Nm of torque the instant you touch the handles – that’s almost the same torque as a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, but you now get it on two wheels, which is even more impressive. This will translate into a 0 to 80 km/h time of less than 3 seconds! Now, the ravishing bike before you is somewhat of a unique project at the moment, but the company is working hard on making this a production bike. The Zvexx is the only fully registered bike like this, and you might just spot it on the roads pretty soon in limited numbers.

Huge Moto Mono Racr Motorcycle

Based around a 1,000cc Honda inline four-cylinder engine, this Huge Moto Mono Racr Motorcycle was created from the inside out with an eye towards purposeful design. As a result, it lacks the loud graphics and unnecessarily harsh angles of some of its contemporaries, instead opting for an aero-driven, sleek shape. The mainframe and swing arm are made from a single piece of carbon fiber, reducing the weight and improving performance. Although it’s still just a concept, the company is actively exploring fabrication options. And don’t forget to check TOP 10 World’s Fastest Motorcycles.

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Concept Motorcycle

Aside from the fact it has an engine and two wheels in a triangular shape, there’s nothing traditional about the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Concept Motorcycle. Designed as a bike that could, maybe, potentially be produced as an actual production bike in a few decades, this concept is insane. It balances itself. The flexframe itself changes shape when steering rather than having moving joints. It’s powered by an emissionless drive “engine” that changes shape while driving. It’s supposedly so safe won’t need to wear anything other than a futuristic, connected visor that serves as a combination of HUD and gauges. This futuristic concept could easily make its way into a big budget science fiction film, but for now it’s going to have to live on the page and in concept videos.

2017 Ducati SuperSport

Ducati have presented their new versatile sports bike, the Ducati SuperSport, a bike that is sporty yet appropriate for commuting and touring. The sportbike is aimed at everyday riders, it is designed for those who want a sport-inspired bike that can still provide comfort and easy handling on everyday roads. The SuperSport perfectly balances sport and comfort to guarantee excitement and riding pleasure, it features a twin-cylinder testastretta 11° engine that delivers 113hp, and comes with the Ducati Safety Pack, which features ABS and traction control. If you need something a bit sportier, Ducati also offers the SuperSport S.

DIGIMOTO – Motorcycle Designed In Virtual Reality

Take a look what industrial designer Christian Zanzotti along with GRAYDEV and Wunderlich just built with some VR assistance. The Digimoto started life as a BMW R1200R. Then, after completely dismantling it, Zanzotti donned a VR headset and designed individual parts. After fabricating those parts, the team built a totally unique ride. Not only does it look like it’s from the future, it boasts features that feel like they are, too. Onboard sensors track data and display it directly on the rider’s visor. The cooling elements of the headlight were 3D printed. Everything is streamlined. Unfortunately it’s not for sale, unless, as Zanzotti states on the site, you impress them with an offer. Don’t forget to check our list of the fastest bikes of the world.

2014 Triumph Thruxton by Icon 1000

The Portland, Oregon crew over at Icon 1000 wanted to use the bike to pay tribute to vintage road racers, which is probably why they decided upon a Verdoro Green paint job, used previously by General Motors in the 1960s. It also features a fresh set of brakes from EBC and a single-sided suspension with a single Nitron shock. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a vintage tribute without a set of Avon tires wrapped around a pair of ’70s style Kawasaki KZ1000 rims. The tank was also modded out to make room for the exhaust that now runs atop the engine and the headlight is an old fog light that used to run on Northwest logging trucks. The end result is a cafe racer that’s streamlined in appearance and vintage enough to please a wide array of motorcycle fanatics, us included.

Urban Motor “Easy Like Sunday Morning” Motorcycle

Urban Motor, a Berlin-based bike shop that produces some seriously excellent rides, is creating something completely unique for this year’s Glemseck 101 race in Leonberg, Germany. The race already brings out some of the best and brightest in the world of custom bikes, but Urban Motor’s “Easy Like Sunday Morning” will blow them all away. “Easy Like Sunday Morning” is based on a two-cylinder, two-stroke engine from a 1964 Jawa 350 combined with custom, well, just about everything else. Custom steel frame. Short exhausts. Narrow 23″ alloy SM Pro rims. Jikov Carburetor. And a total weight around 200 pounds. Put all those things together and you get a bike that, quite honestly, we’re not sure we’d be able to ride around the block, let alone through a race. The entire frame is barely as wide as the wheels, and it has to be ridden almost completely horizontally.

Deus Ex Machina Ago TT Motorcycle

Named after racer Giacomo Agostini, who won 13 Grand Prix championships and 10 Isle Of Man TT’s, the Deus Ex Machina Ago TT Motorcycle is part tribute, part modern reinvention. Based on an MV Agusta Brutal 800rr, the bike sits on a custom subframe, and offers several dramatic features, among them the custom aluminum tank shell formed from seven separate pieces of aluminum. There’s also a handmade aluminum tail that houses the electronics, a custom Öhlins rear shock, Beringer hand controls, and a Scitsu tach. Also notable is what it’s lacking, namely a headlight, turn signals, and license plate, as they’re unnecessary for a bike whose only home is the track. Also we recommend you to check our newly created list of 10 fastest bikes in the world.

Custom BMW R NineT

Launched in 2014, the BMW R nineT was designed to be as easy to customize as possible. It offers bike workshops a perfect start for creating new motorcycles that maintain, in various degrees, the retro roadster look which is partly inspired by BMW’s iconic R90 bike launched in 1973. The R nineT features separate chassis wiring and engine harnesses as well as fewer bolts attaching the rear subframe; it comes with a 6-speed transmission, upside-down forks and monoshock rear, a dry clutch, and an 110bhp engine. Sydney-based Gasoline Motor Co. took a more creative path when modifying this gorgeous motorcycle, and the result is a blend of subtle retro vibes and sleek futuristic design with a hint of ruggedness. The team installed a new seat, seat pan, rear cowl, and front fairing. Using aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy, the workshop completed all the new metal work by shaping each curve to suit the bike. The surface features an eye-catching texture and a clear matte coating that protects the material from the elements. Other additions include a new breast plate and side covers, an LED headlight and a distinct LED tail light blinker, a custom side-mounted bracket for the license plate, a custom 2-into-1 under-box silencer, and a seat upholstered by hand. Stylish and distinct, this BMW R nineT perfectly embodies the concept of the motorcycle while also illustrating the creative possibilities of a custom build project.

Moto Guzzi MGX-21 Flying Fortress

Featuring both Italian taste and American style, Moto Guzzi MGX-21 Flying Fortress pushes the limits of traditional style, crossing the common bridge into the realm of science fiction. It boasts 89 ft-lbs of torque, thanks to the Moto Guzzi Big Block engine, carbon fiber wheels, a ride-by-wire throttle, power maps, and evolved traction control for a smooth and comfortable ride across the many miles of America’s highways. The MGX-21 also comes with red cylinder head covers, a carbon fiber body, an extended flyscreen, memory foam rider and passenger saddles, and carbon fiber underseat side panels. Moto Guzzi is also rolling out their infotainment system with this bike as well, boasting the functionality and sound quality of a luxury sedan. The bike is available now for reservation and prices start at $21,990.

Auction: 2014 Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

Back in 2013 this Lotus C-01 began as a computer rendering but soon caught the attention of the bike world for its ground-breaking body shape in conjunction with the respected Lotus name. It’s the first time Lotus has its name affiliated with a motorcycle, and since the concept was sketched out by former Bugatti designer Daniel Simon who was responsible for the Tron Legacy Lightcycles, it’s not surprising why this bike has garnered so much attention as of late. Only 100 of these futuristic-looking bikes were produced, and this is the only one available in North America. Its engine is an 1195cc liquid-cooled twin pushing out 200 horses housed within a steel, titanium, and carbon fiber frame. The chassis is highly notable as well, featuring 320mm Brembo racing brakes, twin Ohlins rear suspension, upside-down Sachs forks, and a 12-section carbon fiber shell. The wheels are also built from the super light material thanks to South African specialists BST. So if you have a half million dollars and interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind bike, it’s slated to hit auction August 18-20 in Monterey, CA. And don’t forget to check the fastest bikes of the world.