Electric Motorcycle WMC250EV by White Motorcycle Concepts

Electric Motorcycle WMC250EV by White Motorcycle Concepts

UK-based White Motorcycle Concepts is developing an electric prototype, the WMC250EV, that’s been designed in an unusual way: Company founder and CEO Rob White was laser-scanned while adopting an extreme racing crouch position, and then the bike was designed around his body.

electric bike

White’s goal was extreme aerodynamic efficiency, and thus the bike has a tunnel that runs through it from front to back.

electric bike concept

electric motorcycle

White Motorcycle Concepts

They say that the bike’s sculpting has yielded an unheard-of drag coefficient of 0.118. White also reckons that the two-wheel-drive bike, which is powered by four electric motors, will be able to reach speeds of around 400 km/h (249 mph). So, don’t forget to check the fastest motorcycles in the world and the most compact electric bikes.

WMC250EV bike

WMC250EV bike concept

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