Fortify – Creative Chess Set from Concrete

Today we want to show you creative chess set – Fortify – created by industrial designer Daniel Skoták. “Fortify is a chess set that is based on nowadays industrial era. Inspiration comes form the construction of old industrial iron-concrete buildings. Particularly from the area DEPO2015. Bearing that in mind, combination of concrete and iron was used. I chose the shape of frustum due to the great ergonomic characteristics it has, which include good handling together with ideal stability. Shapes of the upper parts of the figures are stylized into the most simple forms so the legibility of the figures is maintained. The colour of the upper parts of the figures is dimly white or black. The chessboard is a combination of iron and concrete as well. Dim iron squares are used for the black figures while for the white figures, concrete is used. This way, the whole chessboard appears to be neat and individual squares are easily recognizable.”

Raw Studio Portable Chess Set

Nick Rawcliffe is a London-based designer, inventor, engineer and general creative that creates unique products using innovative materials and processes. Operating as Raw Studio, he produces some of coolest, most creative furniture, lighting and accessories we’ve ever seen, but the Raw Studio Chess Set is easily our favorite. Each of the thirty two pieces is a ring made of heat-treated, oxidized and hand-polished stainless designed to stack together to create one long roll of chess pieces. The board is made of leather that’s hand cut and sewn to create tactile difference between suede and skin sides to differentiate between the white and black squares. It’s designed to be rolled up and stuffed into the tube created by the pieces, which makes this the perfect portable chess set.

KNGDOM Chess Set by Blank William

Chess is one of the oldest and the most popular game all over time. And we’ve already show you some really creative examples of chess sets – you can check all of them here. But today we want to show you another one – KNGDOM Chess by New York based designer Blank William. This black&white chess set is elegant and creative at the same time. So if you’re a chess lover or have sophisticated taste – you have to see this set!

Mate: The Wall Hanging Chess Board

Chess is an intense battle of intelligence that requires great creativity, problem solving skills, foresight and risk assessment. As such, the game has become an iconic symbol of status and intellect. Mate by Sean Connell is a wall-hanging chessboard that symbolizes the creativity of the game. The board hangs vertically on the wall to provide a new and challenging perspective of the battle field. The design serves as a minimal piece of functional art that allows players to enjoy casual games without having a traditional board stealing table top space or collecting dust in the corner. Another advantage is that Mate fosters community or family involvement by allowing players and an audience to comfortably watch the game. Further, instructors can use the wall-hanging board to teach the game without forcing students to stand around a crowded table looking over someone’s shoulder.
Mate is perfect for chess enthusiasts, casual players or discerning individuals. You cansupport this project on Kickstarter.

Creative Chess Set by XYZ Integrated Architecture

Chess collection by XYZ Integrated Architecture comprises four sets. Two of them are intended to be set on the floor, the third one is for playing on the table, and the forth one has a vertical wall chessboard. Unusual patterns on the chessboards are created using various combinations of colorful fruit, citrus varieties, eggs, as well as any other organic or inorganic product of a suitable shape and size. Thus, the chessboards double as trays. The shape of chess pieces was simplified to the utmost. Some of them (rooks, knights, bishops) – though it may not be easily discernible – bear the “family resemblance” to the classically shaped chess pieces. As for the king and queen, they can be recognized by exaggerated sexual characteristics. Color schemes for chess pieces are aimed at juxtaposing “cold” and “warm” hues. For one of the sets, 32 shades of red and gray are used.

Giant Vintage Aluminum Chess Set

Brought to you by the team at Restoration Hardware, this Giant Vintage Aluminum Chess Set is absolutely gorgeous. More than just a tabletop game, this is a striking visual statement. Each oversized piece is constructed from sleek aluminum, and the board is crafted from equally beautiful inlaid wood with a stained finish to complete the look. The board measures in at nearly 30 inches, while the pieces range in height from 5 to 8 inches with an industrial finish on the lighter pieces, and a darkened metal finish on the dark pieces. As with all things made by RH, this thing will cost you. The vintage set carries a retail price tag of $399. Interested? You can this set here.

Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set

Are you ready to pay $2000 for this stunning Ferrari carbon fiber chess set? You can play checkers on it too. Ferrari’s luxe piece of merchandise for the gaming collector features a wood chess/draughts (basically British for checkers) board covered in carbon fiber and stamped with an enameled metal Ferrari shield. Board squares alternate between carbon fiber and fiberglass. The black and red playing pieces are also made of wood, with signature Ferrari knights shaped like the company’s Prancing Horse. Black and red checkers coins are included for the checkering Americans and draughting English. Handmade in Italy, the Ferrari carbon fiber chess set measures 16.5″ x 16.5″ x 2.8″. The board’s lid lifts up to reveal storage compartments for all pieces.

Creative Tool Chess Set

Famous grandmasters insist that appearance of chess isn’t important at all. Most importantly – strategy of the game and opponent skills. But this doesn’t prevent modern designers to create new models of game pieces, more and more creative. The most unusual are chess sets made from nuts and bolts. “Tool Chess sets are 32 handsome, handcrafted chess pieces served in a tool chest carrying case (available in Black and Red). They are made in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan by myself and my father. Tool Chess pieces are handcrafted out of everyday hardware pieces that are powder-coated, giving them a beautiful finish. They’re quite hefty!” Interested? You can buy this chess set here.

Limited Edition Chess Set by Nendo for Baccarat’s 250th Anniversary

As part of Baccarat’s 250th anniversary celebrations, Nendo has collaborated with the French luxury crystal house to create a limited edition chess set that embodies nearly three centuries of elite craftsmanship. Based on a timeless baccarat icon – the celebrated harcourt glass design – the elegant set comprises 32 hand-cut pieces made in clear and midnight blue crystal, shaped in forms of the king’s crown, the hem of the queen’s robes and the bishop’s mitre. The production process demonstrates the epitome of a master-craft; each individual set of chessmen requires the utmost precision, demanding over 200 hours of labor for cutting alone. As a result, both the transparent and midnight crystal pieces come to life with a subtle diffusion of light, illuminated by the chessboard and enhanced by the series of elaborate glass cuts. Just like the signature ruby octagon adorning baccarat chandeliers, a ruby square on the base of the chessboard pays tribute to the emblematic baccarat color.

Real-Life Versions of Chess Pieces

Italian portrait photographer Francesco Ridolfi created Chess Portraits fine art series. He shot the same models in contrasting white and black outfits as a “set of archetypes that convey different aspects of human nature”. It took nine months to realise the project, including researching the right period costume for each of the twelve characters. Mr Ridolfi said: “I have always been fascinated about Chess. When I was a child, my father taught me the rules of the game and we used to play together. That said, I’m certainly not an expert on it, but still today I love to play chess with friends. So, probably this is the roots of the whole idea.” Take a look!

Skyline Chess Set

Want to play chess with really creative chess set? Then this Skyline chess set is for you! This set recreates the London cityscape over the checkered black and white plane of the beloved, ever-popular board game. Designers Ian Flood and Chris Prosser have translated traditional set pieces into prominent London landmarks, drawing from both the symbolic value of the built form as well as their role on the chess board. Pawns become the quintessential London abode, a humble terraced house; the bishops become the gherkin (50 st. Mary Axe); knights are the all-seeing London eye; the rooks manifest as the iconic Big Ben; the queen is appropriately the most dominant building on the London skyline, Renzo piano’s shard ; finally, the might and presence of the king take on the form of Canary wharf. While the skyline chess set is still in prototype phase, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to bring the game to the market and offers a full set starting at £75 and a cast metal version starting at £350. “We don’t want to stop at London…..we have visions of global domination! Why not play your home city against that of your friends or family; London vs. Paris, New York vs. Rome, Dubai vs. Shanghai.”

Modular Chess Pieces by Neora Zigler

There are plenty creative chess sets developed recently. Today we want to show you another creative example. Developed by Israeli industrial designer Neora Zigler “Chess for the mass” proposes “an alternative solution for existing chess game pieces by implementing current methods for plastic injection manufacturing, while still preserving traditional identification symbols. Prior to modern ages, chess characters were produced using wood turning technologies, which had a direct influence on the shape and form of the pieces. Today they are manufactured mostly by plastic injection molding, yet they still maintain the traditional shapes relevant to wood turning. the “Chess for the mass” components are shaped in a shell-like form fitting the production process, allowing for stackability and compact packaging.” Take a look!

Typographic Chess Set by Hat-Trick Design

Do you remember our collection of creative chess sets that we’ve shown you some time ago? The following chess set is worth to be included in this collection. Designed by Hat-Trick Design this typographic chess set is based on chess notation, K for king etc. The forms are based on the typeface Champion (lightweight) by Hoefler Frere Jones. The limited edition of 50 sets are laser cut from 25mm acrylic. The king is 50mm tall, the pawn is 30mm. The board is made from two 2mm pieces of greyboard, and foiled in black. The whole set comes in a foam tray with a greyboard sleeve. Take a look!