Vagabund V09 1992 BMW R80RT Custom Motorcycle

Based in Graz, Austria, Vagabund have been designing and building custom motorcycles for just over two years – but their work defies their experience. Starting with a 1992 BMW R80RT, Vagabund pulled out all the stops to create a modern cafe racer. Wiring and cables have been minimized, with 3D-printed switch housings, and a handmade rear frame carries a 3D printed seat. Lowered front forks set a low, aggressive stance, and the black paint and solid rear rim recall vintage speed racers. All-in-all, another great effort from the Austrian design duo. And we will recommend you to check a few more interesting custom bikes: BMW “R nineT” and BMW T63.

Futuristic Concept Bikes by Barbara Custom Motorcycles

Created by Barbara Custom Motorcycles, this series of bike concepts depicts the future for bike brands Husqvarna, Triumph, Yamaha and BMW. The France-based design preparation shop is directed by the enigmatic ‘Barbara’, and has created no less than one forty captivating renderings in the past, all of which exhibit a unique and authentic interpretation of each brand. Barbara Custom Motorcycle’s otherworldly renderings blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality: while each of these bikes lend themselves to different landscapes, all of their individual styles certainly carry a sci-fi influence.

Custom Ducati ‘Cucciolo’ from Analog Motorcycles

These days, we associate Ducati with tire-shredding 200 horsepower superbikes. But in the years after WW2, Ducati was best known for producing a tiny 98-pound motorcycle called the Cucciolo. Cucciolo is Italian for “puppy,” and the bike was named after the high-pitched bark of its tiny exhaust. By 1952, an incredible 200,000 Cucciolos had left the factory, but few survive today. And outside Europe, they’re very rare. So it’s great to see some love for the humble 49 cc single, with this immaculate restomod from Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles. The owner is Michigan man Del Thomas, who’s been Tony’s customer since 2013.

Gonzo Motorcycles Nimbus Type C ‘Odin’s Fury’

Everyone who sees the Gonzo Motorcycles Nimbus Type C ‘Odin’s Fury’ concept at first time will think that it was designed and purpose built to crush straight line drags. Even though the bike doesn’t bear much resemblance to the donor Nimbus Type C it’s based on, that historic Danish bike (which was originally built by vacuum manufacturers) had a remarkable engine cast into a single block paired to a shaft drive. When Danish motorcycle builder, tinkerer and all around madman Lars Nielsen set out to build ‘Odin’s Fury’ to compete in the ‘750cc, home built frame, partially streamlined, vintage, blown category’ at the Bonneville Salt Flats during AMA Speed Week, he kept that motor and rebuilt the rest of the bike around it. An entirely new frame was built with a hard tailed configuration in the rear and Sportster forks up front. The wheels were swapped for ones from a Honda Goldwing. The fuel tank and bodywork both come from unknown donor vehicles. Great bike, don’t you think? And don’t forget to check our list of the fastest bikes of the world.

Iron Riot: Harley Softail Custom Bike by One Way Machine

Julian von Oheimb is the ower of the shop One Way Machine. He pulled out all the stops with this industrial-looking Softail, which he’s nicknamed Iron Riot. He bought a 2001-model carbureted Harley Softail Standard, in perfect condition, with just 1,400 miles on the clock. Straight away, Julian took the rigid mount, 1450cc Twin Cam motor out of the FXST frame, and dismantled the bike for a thorough inspection. The next step was to clean up the engine, transmission and oil tank. He’s kept the Softail’s original CV carburetor, but it looks even shinier than when it left the factory. The engine internals were in immaculate condition, so the powerplant has just been treated to a new air cleaner and rocker boxes, plus a new points cover. The breathing is revolutionized though, with a simple and elegant exhaust system.

BOLD – Electric Motorbike Concept by Camal Studio

Today we want to show you stunning motorbike concept BOLD created by Italy based Camal Studio, in collaboration with Tacita (the technology partner) and Alcantara (providing the trims for BOLD’s seat). Made from top to bottom in Italy, the BOLD is a electric bike with 100 horsepower, capable of going from 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds, and is powered by a 10 Kwh battery that can charge in half an hour. The motorbike has one singular closed form that contributes significantly to its visual bulk, but the color separation, with the silver on top and matte black at the bottom, helps cut the visual mass, making the bike look speedy and streamlined. The most interesting design element is the bike’s visor, which extends all the way over the headlight and even below, creating a sort of protective shield around the front of the bike in a manner that makes it instantly iconic and memorable.

Old-Styled Extraordinary BMW R50/3 By Titan

A small shop based in the ancient university city of Graz Titan has created this unusual vintage BMW bobber. Titan decided to buy a 1956-vintage R50/3 frame stored in Herr Zink’s attic. They removed the rear suspension from the R50 frame and devised a new mount for the cardan driveshaft. The hunt began for an engine and gearbox from the late 70s or early 80s, and an R75/7 was found for a reasonable price. “We kept the wheel hubs, the engine and transmission, and the fork tubes,” says Michael. The forks were fitted with new seals and bushes, and modern Wirth springs slotted in. Then they were mated to the R50/3 frame with a 9° rake kit from the German specialist AME Chopper. The finishing comes from stunning alloy fork claddings—hand made over 70 hours by the famed Austrian metalworkers Blechmann. The wheels are works of art too, with the original hubs restored and mated to new 18” rims with fresh spokes. The rubber is classic block-pattern Avon Mk II. The old school tires will probably struggle to contain the power unless the rider has a gentle right hand: the 745cc boxer motor has been rebuilt with a Siebenrock Big Bore Kit , punching it out to 1070cc and delivering 70 stout German horses. After a fresh coat of high temperature paint, it was shoehorned into the R50/3 chassis and plumbed in to new ceramic-coated pipes, topped off with gorgeous fishtails. It’s the tank that’s the crowning glory, though. Channeled to sit low on the frame top tube, it’s a 4.5-gallon handmade meisterwerk with alloy side covers and grippy kneepads. A touch of candy blue lifts the classic paint scheme – dark blue with white pinstripes. The seat is worthy of special mention too. Tooled from leather, with immaculate inlays and blue stitching, it’s the work of the Greek outpost of Autostop—a global leather specialist that designs and produces leather interiors for Toyota, Ford and Chrysler. As a result, this one of the coolest custom BMWs you’ve ever seen!