Stylish V-Moda Crossfade 2 Headphones

V-Moda, the renowned California-based company that’s specialized in designing high-end mobile audio products, has just unveiled the Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones, an exciting upgrade to the brand’s successful Crossfade Wireless and Crossfade M-100 over-the-ear headphones. Bragging about Hi-Res Audio certification, the new V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless also come with larger cushions, new color options, plus an increased battery life; and if you’re ever in the mood to travel, their special CliqFold design will make that experience even more enjoyable. Versatile and stunning, these headphones will easily suit anyone, regardless of purpose – listening to music, DJing, producing records, and so on. Packing dual-diaphragm 50 mm drivers, with a hi-resolution CCAS coil, these headphones will allow users to play 24bit/96kHz or higher music files, benefiting from an increased dynamic range and unique audio experiences. Of course, these headphones will also impress you while they’re connected to your mobile device. The Crossfade 2 is able to receive audio waves wirelessly at up to 33-feet away (10-meters) from a Bluetooth source. It’s also worth mentioning that a 430mAh battery is standard, rated to deliver more than 14 hours of music playback. The Crossfade 2 not only come with larger ear pad cushions, but these cushions have been specially enhanced with a new memory foam for better comfort – you are welcomed. Available in three colors, V-Moda’s Crossfade 2 Wireless can be purchased for just $330 (matte black), $330 (matte white) or a rose gold version, featuring Qualcomm aptX codec support ($350).

Futuristic And Elegant Gravity Headphones

Korean designer Kyumin Ha is pretty well known for his innovative projects. And this time he’s decided to make a gorgeous pair of conceptual headphones. Capable of standing upright without any support when they’re not in use, perfectly balanced at the point between horizontal and vertical, the Gravity headphones offer us the pleasure of staring at a device defying gravity, creating an air of weightlessness. The Gravity headphones show off a simple and minimalist design, benefiting from Kyumin Ha’s unique sense of artistry and practicality – something that may come useful, as this is an everyday device. Their lightness is beautifully complemented by perfect geometry and proportions. These headphones look really cool, although there’s no info on technical details or audible delights. We’ll have to wait a bit more for that kind of info.

The New Normal Wireless Headphones: Leather and Metal

New Normal describes their upcoming Bluetooth 4.0 headphones as audio gear designed for “executives, travelers, and exceptionally stylish humans”. And indeed, their Suit Edition headphones looks every bit the premium part wrapped in leather and precision machined metal, an audio accessory with the fit, finish, and material communicating luxury rather than tech. At first glance their leather and metal design alongside the 5-axis articulating earpiece looks remarkably like something that could have come out of the B&O PLAY catalog, a design devoid of any visible wires between the hand-stitched Napa leather band and the champagne anodized aluminum ear lock. The design is optimized to adapt for any ear, while also supposedly lessening ear fatigue, a common ailment for anyone who wears earbuds for more than an hour or two. Each unit can be customized for comfort using silicone buds designed in over 30 sizes; New Normal will send replacements if the ones they ship with aren’t comfortable. Hidden inside one side of the Suit Edition band is an integrated swing-out USB male component for charging (the headphones are good for 8 hours playback), with capacitive touch playback controls on the other side. There’s also a built-in microphone, making the New Normal Suit Edition not only look the part of a businessman’s luxury device (currently priced as a $199 pre-order), but it’s also equipped for the daily duties of someone who uses earbuds for regular calls on the go. Available in red or black this sports edition is available for $50 less than the leather-wrapped version at $149.

Eco-Friendly LSTN Headphones

LSTN is a startup based in West Hollywood, CA. They produce unique, eco-friendly headphones with top-quality sound that are individually handcrafted from reclaimed wood with acoustic properties that outperform synthetics. Their collection consists of earbuds (The Bowery), on-ear (The Fillmore) and over-the-ear (The Troubadour) headphones handcrafted from reclaimed exotic beech, cherry and ebony wood inlays. Prices vary from $50 to $150 – you can buy them here. And each pair of LSTN Headphones sold helps restore hearing for a child in a deaf school. Take a look!

Elegant Parrot Zik Headphones

The following elegant Parrot Zik Headphones were designed by renowned French designer Philippe Starck and combines numerous advanced technical features and a visually stunning design. Among Parrot Zik features: they are connected via Bluetooth making them wireless, Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) providing up to 98% noise reduction, an "intuitive touch-sensitive panel"(located on the right ear cup, allows the user to swipe up and down for volume, or left or right to change tracks), Hands-Free Calling, "Parrot Concert hall" effect (mimics the sound of a live concert), and it offers the possibility of pairing two Zik Bluetooth headphones with one device! And now they are available for purchase! You can buy it here.

Limited Edition Present Boxes for All Blacks Rugby Team

The Art Box Collection & Paperlux to develop a limited edition present for the players of the All Blacks Rugby team and 40 partners by request of Adidas. “Alex Sun and Richard Lange developed 70 personalized and individual boxes together with our Creative Director Max Kuehne. This unique cherrywood box is etched with motives developed by the moko-artist Rangi Kipa from New Zealand. The doors can be pushed open into 4 directions and generate 4 different mokos. Inside the box, personalized Sennheiser headphones and an individualized book are found – each covered with the original material of the famous black jersey. The rest of the book tells the story of a 12-year long partnership – building on Pride, Passion and Partnership.” Enjoy!

Headphones Collection by Ferrari and Logic3

If you like Ferrari and want to own something special under this brand then take a look at the new audio collection of collaborative line between the Italian automotive brand Ferrari and Logic3 audio producers. Now the iconic look and recognizable style of Ferrari is clearly visible in the world of audio gear. Collection includes nine headphones and four speaker docks across two series: “Scuderia”, whose models mirror the look of Ferrari “F1” racing team, and “Cavallino”. All headphones of both lines feature patented “Thin film acoustic technology” (“TFAT”), which achieves a passive dynamic-balancing system for increased fidelity, wider frequency range, and deeper bass. Just exhibited at CES 2012, most headphones and earphones are expected in april of this year. Check both collection here.

Molami’s Luxury Headphones “Pleat”

Molami is the brainchild of industrial designer Maria von Euler. And today we want to show you the Pleat: a headphone that complements the bone structure of the face – framing your look. “Pleat is an over-ear headphone encased in napa leather and designed to accentuate the lines of the face. It folds and rotates allowing for maximum wearability and safe storage. Pleat’s closed design incorporates noise isolation and its sound provides low-distortion, allowing you to focus on your music. The bass is deep and articulate, and the mids and highs are natural sounding and clear. These headphones are suitable for a multitude of musical genres.” You can buy the Pleat for €400. Have fun!