Design for New iPhone IQ – Ergonomic Concept by Steel Drake

Many designers try to create new iPhone concepts and not always they came up with interesting results. Steel Drake‘s proposal for the next-gen iPhone, dubbed the iPhone IQ, not only implements the robust frame and body we’ve been missing, but its shape is ergonomically adapted for the palm and harkens back to the comfortable, bubbly rear side of the original. Other features include a truly borderless display, invisible camera/sensors that live beneath the display, and a bigger overall size. Would you be down for an all-new iPhone direction? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to check 12 cool iPhone cases.

Elegant and Functional iPhone X Case

The sculptural Fold Case is as functional as it is elegant. The iconic architectural fold flows from the contour of the iPhone X, resulting in an intriguing silhouette that’s both practical yet aesthetically pleasing. It’s not only a safety jacket for your precious smartphone but it also dresses it up! The flowing nylon plastic folds contour around the iPhone X in an artistic, enveloping way. Natural curves almost feel as though its an organic extension of the device. Inspired by structured garments and architectural lines, it looks draped in the same way a clothing designer would apply fabric to a model. The result is an elegant alternative to the bulky, boring phone cases currently on the market! And don’t forget to check our collection of 12 Cool and Multifunctional iPhone Cases.

The Hyper-Ergonomic Stylus Pen by David Craig

Architect David Craig and Dublin Design Studio have launched a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter for Scriba – a stylus designed with the input of hundreds of illustrators, designers, architects, animators, artists, mobile workers and tablet users that aims to make sketching for architects and designers more natural than ever. The design avoids the traditional approach to styluses, realizing that a digital tool should do more than emulate pens or pencils. With no buttons, the user controls line weights and program functions with their grip. The ergonomic body, after countless 3D-printed prototypes, sits comfortably in one’s hand, reducing fatigue. Scriba has a battery life of 35 days of constant use, or 6 months on standby.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Retro Mac

At the start of the year, Elago took us back to 1984 and the birth of the original Macintosh computer with a quirky stand designed for the Apple watch. Now, the tech-design brand returns with an expansion to the nostalgic product line, introducing the ‘M4’ stand for the iPhone. Compatible with 6, 6s, and 7 models, the small silicone product firmly holds a smartphone in place, cleverly turning its screen into the display of a beige or black retro Mac. The object is modeled after the now-retro Macintosh desktop computer that first made waves back in 1984. Users of the Elago ‘M4’ can easily insert an iPhone 6, 6s or 7 into a snug slot on the side of the small-scale stand, which has been made from high-quality, scratch-free silicone. The unit not only protects devices, but also prevents damage to the surface that it rests on. Openings allow easy access to the volume bar, while cable management enables the ability to charge an iPhone while it rests in the stand. users can conveniently use the ‘M4’ as a companion to watch videos from, or pair to a keyboard for hands-free use.

Loudspeaker And Charger In One iPhone Case ‘Peri Duo’

The ‘Peri Duo’ iPhone case integrates a hi-definition speaker system and 2500 mAh battery into the design. Creating a full audio experience loud enough to fill several environments, the ‘Peri Duo’ can also provide more than a full charge to smartphones, with a sleek design making it ideal for both casual and professional settings. The Peri ‘Duo’ smartphone case features dual purpose-functions; as a standalone bluetooth or wi-fi portable speaker, and to encase the iPhone for on-the-go listening plus added charge. It provides a rich audio experience from its integrated hi-res DAC(digital-to-analog converter) and fully programmable single-chip audio digital signal processor.It also offers true EQ(equalization) settings through the embedded DSP firmware using the accompanying Peri audio app.It can even be configured to multi cast music with multiple Peri ‘Duo’ cases through peer-to-peer wi-fi connectivity, creating a custom audio experience. Boasting a 2500mah battery, users will receive an additional 130 – 160 percent battery, which translates into 12 – 17 hours of talk time or 4 – 6 hours of continuous playback depending on the volume setting. Also embedded into the case is a microphone ensuring the clarity and crispness of voices during conference calls. The Peri ‘Duo’ is available in four color combinations: black/silver, white/gold, red/black, and a special edition black/black. The ‘Duo’ is built specifically for iPhone5 / 5 s/ 6 /and 6 plus models. The California-based technology has also developed the ‘Duo-Slim’ for the ‘7’ models and is currently reaching out for fund ingvia its Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed in detail here .

12 Cool and Multifunctional iPhone Cases

In the world of multi-functional things to have just a stylish case for your iPhone is boring. But if it can do one or more additional actions – that is another story. Case that could open you a bottle of beer, or case that holds your credit cards and money or even case with built-in pepper spray that can defend you from thief. Interesting, huh? Check the following collection of 2-in-1 iPhone cases and the next your wish will be to change your old ordinary case to the new multifunctional one! Have fun!

Creative Stand for iPhone “iDUCK”

Another clever stand for iPhone and other smartphones. Called iDUCK it’s fashioned as a duck beak in a bright orange color. It features many options. Stick it on to the back of a phone, storage earphones in the hollow of the beak or use it as a cool keychain accomplice. Simple, creative and positive. If you want you can buy it here for $19.90.

Stunning “iXoost” Dock

This stunning iOS dock called iXoost is hand-built in Italy. Graceful and shiny pipes are complimented by leather trim and a base made from a solid block of aluminum. The docks are available in V8, V10 and V12 models. The V8 and V10 have the same specs: two 28mm tweeters, two 25mm midrange cone drivers, one 100mm subwoofer and one 200mm subwoofer. The top of the line V12 adds an additional tweeter, midrange driver and 100mm subwoofer. The iXoost website doesn’t list prices for the docks, but you can be sure they’re expensive. Take a look!

Stand “Jaguchi” for iPhone and iPad

Due to the popularity of Apple products there a huge range of various accessories for iPhone and iPad. Today we want to show you creative stand created by Japanese studio Nendo. This original stand “Jaguchi” for iPhone and iPad was made in the form of a crane with flowing water. Stand is made from polycarbonate and available in four colors: white, black, blue and colorless.