Electric Motorcycle Pocket Rocket by Sol Motors

Sol Motors is a German company based in Stuttgart, and this year they received GERMAN DESIGN AWARD as a recognition to this contemporary electric vehicle design. It stands out from the crowd not just because its exterior body design but also due to its innovative synergy of lightweight design, performance, and connectivity. This motorbike cleverly integrates function with creating clutter of additional parts, a modern contemporary design that fits urban lifestyle. Designed by Manuel Messmer and engineered by SOL Motors, Pocket Rocket is definitely different from its competitors on the market. It is structurally and functionally efficient by incorporating technology with a functional lifestyle. This concept motorbike aims to deliver emotional driving experience . Featuring minimalist frame with tube shaped body, this bike looks very unique but we don’t see any direction lights. Hopefully they can release more details soon. Meanwhile be sure to check 10 world’s fastest motorcycles

Moped-like “Mobike E-bike” for Electric Bike-Sharing

The world-renowned company Mobik launches electric bike-sharing developed in collaboration with Amsterdam-based design firm Springtime. The moped-like “Mobike e-bike” uses both hybrid power and full electric drive, and is meant for rides up to 5 kilometers. Just like the brand’s regular bikes, the electric ones are stationless and can be left anywhere in the street. The new vehicle’s moped-like full electric drive allows an easy transition for people with moped experience rather than cycling experience. Mobike and Springtime’s two-wheeler offers a 70 km range and a top speed of 20 km/h, addressing long rides up to 5 km, while traditional bikes are commonly used for only 3 km distances. The final result embodies Mobike’s quality manufacturing, the sharing product experience, and smart technologies, along with Springtime’s knowledge in urban mobility, user-centric product design, electric vehicle systems and visual design. All features on the bike are designed with a user-first approach – for example, the one-hand adjustable seat allows you to easily match your height, and the secure phone holder facilitates navigation. Alsodon’t forget to check Xkuty Electric Bike and Premium Electric Bike from Slovenia.

10 World’s Fastest Motorcycles in 2018

Motorcycles, don’t we just love them? The faster they get, the more our hearts pound. They have the power to make the manliest of man, into a little boy. They just have that undefinable sense of excitement we all want and beg for. However, with the plethora of bikes out there, the right one is often hard to pick. There are so many types of bikes out there, like super bikes , muscles, scooters etc. Getting into picking the choicest of the lot from each type will take a while, so we decided to give you a quick look at the fastest motorcycles in the world in 2018.

New BMW Motorcycle Concept by Mehmet Erdem

Designer Mehmet Erdem always creates mindblowing conceptsmand we’ve already shown you some of his concepts – BMW Radical Concept and BMW Apollo Streamliner Motorcycle Concept. For his new BMW motorcycle concept, he imagined the future of BMW’s R1100, which is a sports motorcycle that was made in the ’90s. What you see before you clearly doesn’t look like it was from the ’90s, unless you’re talking the 2090s. The build looks a little like something that would come out of Wayne Enterprises, with its mostly black body, large rear wheel, and intimidating exhaust. As with most of the stuff Erdem dreams up, we wish we could see this thing on the road.

BOLD – Electric Motorbike Concept by Camal Studio

Today we want to show you stunning motorbike concept BOLD created by Italy based Camal Studio, in collaboration with Tacita (the technology partner) and Alcantara (providing the trims for BOLD’s seat). Made from top to bottom in Italy, the BOLD is a electric bike with 100 horsepower, capable of going from 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds, and is powered by a 10 Kwh battery that can charge in half an hour. The motorbike has one singular closed form that contributes significantly to its visual bulk, but the color separation, with the silver on top and matte black at the bottom, helps cut the visual mass, making the bike look speedy and streamlined. The most interesting design element is the bike’s visor, which extends all the way over the headlight and even below, creating a sort of protective shield around the front of the bike in a manner that makes it instantly iconic and memorable.

Harley Davidson MT500 Military Motorcycle

The Harley-Davidson MT500 is a bit of an unusual motorcycle. It’s thought that just 500 were ever made, and it’s not known how many have survived in original condition. The MT500 is powered by a 500cc Rotax single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with 4 valves, 5 gears, and kickstart only. It’s a mechanically simple motorcycle designed explicitly for military use – though it’s broad adoption never took place due to many militaries only wanting diesel-powered vehicles for matters of logistical simplicity. The basic design started in Italy, before finding its way to Britain, being put into production with the Armstrong-CCM company in 1984. The model saw limited military use in Britain, Jordan, and Canada until it was phased out in 2000. Harley-Davidson isn’t a stranger to badge-engineering motorcycles, and if you look back over the long arc of motorcycle history there are very few established marques that haven’t at least dabbled with rebranding bikes. The reason Harley bought the MT500 stateside was the hope of acquiring a military contract with the richest armed forces on earth. Sadly it never came to be, largely because of the aforementioned diesel-only guidelines. The majority of the Harley-Davidson MT500s that were built, were built to the same specifications. There are twin jerry can holders either side of the fuel tank – designed to hold either water or fuel. There’s a waterproof rifle case on the rear right side for an M16 or similar, and the case is designed in such a way that it can take both scoped and unscoped weapons. All-original MT500s only rarely come up for sale, possibly because collectors are sitting on them in anticipation of a value increase as they edge closer to vintage territory. The 1999 model you see here is estimated to be worth between $20,000 and $24,000 USD, and it’ll be crossing the auction block with Bonhams in Las Vegas on the 26th of January.

All-Electric Beast Zvexx

A talented group of designers and engineers have joined forces with a few bike shops in Switzerland with the aim of developing the world’s most “badass” electric motorcycle. That’s how Zvexx Motorbike has been born, a company which plans to deliver outrageous performances, at least in theory, in a jaw dropping two-wheel wonder. The company’s first project was simply called Zvexx and it’s a fierce-looking all-electric machine, equipped with 26 lithium-ion battery cells that add up to a total capacity of 13 kwh, which should be responsible for up to 150 km (93 miles) of range – but that’s not what this motorcycle is all about. The performance-oriented Zvexx features a custom electric drivetrain, developing an astonishing 1,218 Nm of torque the instant you touch the handles – that’s almost the same torque as a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, but you now get it on two wheels, which is even more impressive. This will translate into a 0 to 80 km/h time of less than 3 seconds! Now, the ravishing bike before you is somewhat of a unique project at the moment, but the company is working hard on making this a production bike. The Zvexx is the only fully registered bike like this, and you might just spot it on the roads pretty soon in limited numbers.

DIGIMOTO – Motorcycle Designed In Virtual Reality

Take a look what industrial designer Christian Zanzotti along with GRAYDEV and Wunderlich just built with some VR assistance. The Digimoto started life as a BMW R1200R. Then, after completely dismantling it, Zanzotti donned a VR headset and designed individual parts. After fabricating those parts, the team built a totally unique ride. Not only does it look like it’s from the future, it boasts features that feel like they are, too. Onboard sensors track data and display it directly on the rider’s visor. The cooling elements of the headlight were 3D printed. Everything is streamlined. Unfortunately it’s not for sale, unless, as Zanzotti states on the site, you impress them with an offer. Don’t forget to check our list of the fastest bikes of the world.

The Ducati 1299 Panigale S Anniversario Special Edition

To celebrate the 90 years in which Ducati has grown to be a luxury manufacturer of sport motorcycles and technology, the new 1299Ppanigale S Anniversario aims to set a new performance benchmark. Complementing and enhancing the Panigale’s award-winning design, the 1299 S Anniversario features unique graphics to commemorate 90 years of Ducati’s passion and performance. Dynamic and distinctly racing-inspired, the stunning graphics include also special gold-coloured Marchesini forged aluminium wheels. The limited edition model, which shares its name with the small manufacturing town of Borgo Panigale, is a strictly limited edition of 500 examples worldwide. Each motorcycle features a special, machined billet aluminium top triple clamp, on which its name and number are laser-inscribed to guarantee exclusivity. The colors of the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario take their influence from those of traditional Ducati race bikes. The white, black and red fairing are a noticeable match with the Marchesini gold wheel rims. This celebratory ensemble expresses all of the passion and the striving for performance that has characterized the company’s 90-year history. It features the 205 hp superquadro 1285 cc engine, providing the perfect platform from which to unleash its incredible 205hp power. The twin-cylinder superquadro also features Engine Brake Control (EBC) which optimises vehicle stability under extreme turn-in conditions, ensuring the highest level of riding precision. The clutch cover, cylinder head covers, and oil pan are all cast in a golden-color magnesium alloy to ensure the engine’s strength with the absolute lowest possible weight. It’s total racing aesthetic is expressed further with twin LED front headlamp designed to be an integral part of the front air scoops. The double LED rear lights wrap around the air vents harmoniously following the iconic panigale tail lines. The instrument panel on the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario uses a full TFT display. Tthe colour display’s configuration is variable and automatically adapts to variations in environmental light and to the user’s selected riding mode. It also features a "lean angle visualization", allowing riders to see their achieved lean angle displayed on the dash in real-time.

Light Rider – World’s First 3D Printed Motorcycle

APWorks just announced the creation of the world’s first 3D-printed motorcycle that can actually be used as a daily rider. Aptly named the Light Rider, given that it weighs in at a mere 35 kg (77 lb), the electric-powered two-wheeler appears to be what would happen if H.R. Geiger designed a motorcycle. The company said the exoskeleton-like design of the Light Rider came from the need to make the frame structurally able to withstand the loads and stresses of everyday riding. Powered by a 6-kW (8-hp) electric motor with a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph), it may not be at home on the freeway, but can be used for daily city driving and commuting. The frame of the Light Rider weighs all of 6 kg (13 lb) and is made of a material created and patented by APWorks called Scalmalloy. This is a second-generation aluminum-magnesium-scandium alloy (AlMgS) that the company claims is stronger than the aluminum-silicon powder material used in most production-scale 3D printing today. The use of Scalmalloy allowed APWorks to create hollow rather than solid frame parts, which made it easier to hide most of the cables and other elements that might be more visible on a standard motorcycle. Bionic algorithms were also used to optimize the entire structure, resulting in a cleaner overall design and a finished bike that weighs 30 percent lighter than other eBikes currently in production. And don’t forget our list of the fastest bikes of the world.

Custom BMW Motorcycle With Camouflage Detailing

Motorcycle builders Diamond Atelier and clothing brand K1X team up to create a custom BMW “R nineT” with a long-hanging frame and aggressive features. The finished café racer includes an 1180cc two cylinder boxer engine, that outputs 115 hp and is accompanied by a new suspension system to handle the power. Dubbed the ‘DA#4’, the bike includes a hand-built header and intake system matched with a grand prix exhaust muffler. The German mechanics also reworked the frame, fusing a hand-stitched seat, a bespoke aluminum gas tank and tailpiece, and the CNC machined alternator cover. Together with the glossy superblack paint finish, the Munich collaboration is sure to turn heads when it hits the streets.

Unique 1985 BMW K100 Motorcycles by Impuls

The k101 is a handcrafted motorcycle project by Impuls in collaboration with the artists Fabian Gatermann and Matthias Edlinger. Based on the BMW K100 the team manufactured two unique and essential motorcycles with the artists. Through the completely new interpretation of the bike in terms of appearance and the custom manufactured parts, each motorbikes becomes an iconic and minimal artwork itself. The munich based k101 project by impuls creates a new fusion and bridge between art and motorcycle. The artist Fabian Gatermann brought the whole motorcycle back into 3D and created a set of polygons through manual iteration and draw them back onto the motorcycle by hand. The process of building a bike from scratch with drawing, 3D modeling and manufacturing is expanded back to the computer and a manual redrawing onto the bike. The artist Matthias Edlinger created an ironic interpretation of the common bike aesthetics on the bike. The common pin up and illustrations ornaments are deconstructed and attached onto the bike in the Edlinger style. Edlinger has a rough artistic approach that he mixes with a subtle and humoristic flavor.

2016 Ducati Diavel Carbon Revealed

Ducati‘s latest version of the “Diavel Carbon” is now more assertive than ever thanks to all-new graphics and several technical-aesthetic features. The “Diavel Carbon” has the latest generation “testastretta” engine with ABS and traction control. The bike is equipped with ducati’s specifically programmed riding modes that guarantee exciting agility, but also a safe riding experience. Its 162 hp and weight of just 205 kg, together with its exclusive design, make the bike a comfortable and sporty lifestyle motorcycle. The grey color balances the visible carbon, the red stripes and the dark chrome paintwork on the frame. The exclusive forged wheels with exposed machined finish enhances the muscular design of the ducati “Diavel Carbon”. Other fresh features include the exhaust manifolds with ceramic coating, brushed stainless steel silencer covers and a totally redesigned set with an exclusive trim.

Expemotion E-Raw Concept Motorcycle

Today we want to show you creative bikeExpemotion E-Raw Motorcycle. The design is dominated by the seat – made from laminated layers of wood, it provides the look and feel of furniture while replacing the gas tank with negative space – and the large, colorful motor covers, both of which are set on a simple steel tube chassis that leaves the more striking components in the spotlight. A central mount allows your phone to serve as the speedometer and battery gauge, yet another forward-thinking feature in what’s sadly still just a concept. If you want you can check real bikes in our lists of the fastest bikes in the world.

Tesla Model M Motorcycle

Tesla’s four-wheeled offerings have been a huge hit among automotive enthusiasts, so we can only imagine just how nuts fans will go if/when the brand ever reveals a 2-wheeled electric vehicle. Independent designer Jans Slapins shows us what he thinks Elon Musk and company could cook up with this Tesla Model M motorcycle concept. The London-based designer has done a stellar job with the concept bike, keeping the design aesthetics in line with what we’ve become accustomed to from the California EV producer. The bike is powered by a 204 PS (150kW) electric motor that allows the rider to choose from four different computer controlled modes including Race, Cruise, Standard and Eco. The electric motor is powered by lithium-ion batteries that are installed low on the bike’s frame. The motorcycle features no transmission, offers up a trunk storage space where the fuel tank would normally be (perfect for holding a full face helmet), lightweight carbon fiber wheels, and a mono shock out back along with upside down forks up front for suspension. And if you want to see real motorcycles you should check 10 World’s Fastest Motorcycles.

Deus Electric Custom Motorcycle

The Honda CT110, or “Postie” because of its popularity among postal workers in Australia and New Zealand, has long been praised for its durability and ease of use. Now, thanks to bike builders Joe Fischer and Ryan Mischkulnig, it can be praised for its style, too. Their custom Deus Electric took home top honors in Deus Ex Machina’s “2015 Deus Bike Build Off” in Sydney recently. Starting with a Honda C90 Cub, the duo tore the bike down and built it back up with an electric motor and battery from an MX bike known as an H-52 Hurricane. Copper tubing highlights the reimagined mini electric cafe racer, and the fresh paint job looks extra slick paired with the all black wheels.

Lane Splitter Concept Car Transforms Into Two Motorbikes

Writer Mark Wilson at Fast Company came up with the idea of an electric car that splits into “two badass motorcycles” as he loved the idea of owning both in one vehicle. The two segments fasten together at the bottom with special attachments, which can be released at the push of a button. When the vehicle is functioning as a car the front wheels are kept close to the vehicle, but when the sides split into motorcycles the front wheels extend to give the bikes more stability. The wheels can also tilt sideways to the segments can be ridden as bikes. According to Wilson, the idea behind this car is to offer the social experience of a car while also featuring a personal urban transport vehicle that is sporty. It measures in at a length of 128 inches and resembles a buggy like vehicle. It has been inspired from Batman Tumbler and work by Syd Mead. It transforms into two motorbikes that are closed-top when it splits. After argodesign did their bit, Mark took the concept to the New York Auto Show to propose the idea to car firm.

BMW Apollo Streamliner Motorcycle Concept

Styled for saltlake speed record attempts rather than daily usage, the BMW “Apollo Streamliner” motorcycle is a concept created by industrial designer, Mehmet Doruk Erdem. Designed as a personal project, the bike’s main focus is on speed but retains the brand’s heritage through key details. It does this by combing traditional styling, illustrated by the brown saddle, exposed engine and rear suspension, with futuristic characteristics. Reflecting the delicacy of a musical instrument, a key aspect is the wide and slopping front section which minimizes the wind effect on the rider.

Custom Bike Production-R by Thunderbike

The people at Thunderbike have come up trumps again with this astonishing new motorcycle. The bike is based on a handmade frame-kit by Thunderbike released in 2014. As for aesthetics, its as muscular as they come without the frills, baring its Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine completely in the buff. Height adjustable with the touch of a button to control air-ride suspension, its also as smooth on the streets as it looks. The Engine & Transmission are made by Harley-Davidson, so even though it is a luxury product, you don’t have to worry about getting service around the world. The wheel diameters are 21 & 26 inches. For the rear tire Thunderbike needed to team up with Metzeler (Pirelli) to create a special 260/35/21 tire. One more special on the bike is the front-end (fork), which was created in a small series also for original Harley-Davidson bikes.

Steve McQueen’s 1915 Cyclone Motorcycle to Auction in Las Vegas

One of the most exclusive motorcycles ever produced – and that was formerly owned by Steve McQueen – will be going under the hammer in March. Minnesota-based motorcycle manufacturer Joerns Motor Manufacturing Company produced one of the most highly prized pieces of motorcycling history – the Cyclone. Because its production run was so short, very few of the original Cyclone motorcycles were made. The best estimates say around 300 were manufactured, with only six known to remain in existence today. And one of them is in McQueen’s collection. Anything owned by McQueen is selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. After McQueen’s death in 1984, the motorcycle was purchased by EJ Cole, who will be auctioning a massive collection of 225 vintage motorcycles in the March EJ Cole Collection 2015. The Cyclone is expected to bring in around $650,000-$750,000, which will make it one of the most expensive motorcycles ever sold.