Top 15 Original Chess Sets


Top 15 original chess sets

The history of chess is more than 1500 years. It’s the oldest skill game in the world. Ancient chess are represented in the museums in all over the world. They are amazing. But times change. Nowadays modern art gives the artist more leeway in technical execution as well as concept expression and arrangements of design elements. There are no strict rules and obligations the artists must stick to. Today we have compiled a list of the most fancy and stylish chess sets modeled by different designers. Some of them you can buy though they might cost you a handful of loose diamonds. Some exists in a single copy. Enjoy!

Skeleton Key Chess Set

Skeleton key chess set. Design: Dave Pickett

Rubber chess set

Rubber chess set

Rubber chess set. Design: Buro fur Form

Wobble chess set

Wobble chess set

Wobble chess set. Design: Adin Mumma

Onda Chess Set

Onda Chess Set

Onda chess set. Design: Alvaro Uribe

Playmore chess

Playmore chess. Design: Fredrik Lund

Terrain alterable chess set

Terrain alterable chess set. Design: Tonfisk

Amorphous Organic chess set

Amorphous Organic chess set

Amorphous Organic chess set. Design: Alastair Mackie

Chess set for Tesla

Chess set for Tesla. Design: Paul Fryer

Pumpkin Chess

Pumpkin Chess

Pumpkin Chess. Design: Yayoi Kusama.


Design: Barbara Kruger

Eye for an eye

Eye for an eye

Eye for an eye. Design: Tunga

Auto part chess set

Auto part chess set

Auto part chess set. Design: Armando Ramírez

History Chess

History Chess

History Chess. Design: Boym

The Copper/Steel Contemporary

The Copper/Steel Contemporary.

Art Deco chess set

Art Deco chess set

Art Deco chess set.

  1. wow these are like next level toats awsome man!!!.:):)
    keep up the rad werk guys!!!!!!

  2. Some of these are absolutely beautiful! I really like some of the unique takes on the chess board as well, like the skeleton key board. I actually think it’s pretty practical. You’re less likely to accidentally mess up the board when they’re in key holes. Super cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. “Form follows function”. Although the sets make for decorative art, I doubt some of the designers even play chess. Part of successful design IMHO is to research the components and how they interact. At first glance I noticed four chessboards/pieces improperly set-up. I can’t be a fan of the work if the most basic details are ignored.

    As previous poster Mike stated, “… Not very practical. Nothing I would purchase.”

  4. I really like that auto parts one… the peices are easy to distinguish and are also pretty badass

  5. Crap. I agree with the first comment. Though you can technically play chess with them, no-one would want to – due to the sheer irritation value of not having clearly identifiable pieces that subscribe to a standard or that wobble etc. Too distracting. I don’t think any of them surpass the iconic simplicity and beauty of the Staunton design.

  6. None of these sets can be used for playing chess. They are not functional. But they are rather beautiful to keep on display. But none of thme come any near to the creativity and ultra-modernist beauty of the original Staunton design (functionality of staunton set is a bonus!). However, these sets are colorful and beautiful to look at.

    1. i beg to differ…. since you can pick up the pieces and move them around, i’d say they were functional. just because you don’t like them…..

  7. Awesome post man!!! Very beautiful Chess Boards. Even the best ones that I have seen in my entire life.

    Thumbs up.

  8. “Chess set for Tesla. Design: Paul Fryer”
    I like the idea of the light-up chess pieces, but I’m not sure how annoying it could be to have to keep slotting in the pieces each time you move.

    “Wobble chess set. Design: Adin Mumma”
    I like the orignality of the wobbling pieces … Mind you, again, it could become a bit irritating to play properly. But good for the novelty factor.

    “History Chess. Design: Boym”
    I like this one for the craftmanship that went into carving the pieces.

  9. I like the origionality of them all. There are some that I am not sure would work very well. The Amorphous set looks like you could loose track of who is who very easily. The Tesla set would not last very long at all. The pluging and unpluging of the tubes would burn them out rather quickly, note the pawn of the blue side second in line! Besides some people (like me) like a drink while we play, not a good idea with that kinda voltage on the board. But it is a cool design for conversation sake. Last but not least is the Teeth!?! Unless you are a dentist or a mortition this would just not be a good way to keep track of your chop’s, unless you have a spare set of dentures to replace the ones that get lost! I think that the Wabble set and the Copper/Steel are my favorites. Oh and the Rubber set I think is a super idea for getting the kid’s interested in Chess witch is a good idea for any child to learn! Make-Um THINK!!!

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