Novartis Reflections Campaign

Novartis Reflections Campaign

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Created by talanted amarican photographer Tom Hussey these advertising posters are dedicated to new Novartis drug called the Exelon Patch. Exelon is a transdermal patch used to help people with memory problems and daily living challenges associated with Alzheimer’s disease. These images show how patients with Alzheimer’s see their younger self. Campaign includes several posters and each of them is great.


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  1. Robin

    lol! cool design are makes you great. Thanks for share.

  2. Design Online Pros

    Awesome creativity !!
    This is an amazing experience to be here and getting such type of wonderful

  3. Mostafizur

    Awesome!!!What is a great work.Thanks…

  4. Hope

    The gentleman with the mail in his hand, I’m wondering if he could have been portrayed as a mailman in the mirror. Super images.

  5. Arne

    This is fantastically creative. I hope I look like that when I reach such a ripe old age!

  6. Shamim

    wow ! what a nice work!!

  7. Garden Seed

    Simply Brilliant!!!!

  8. Alison

    This is fantastically creative. I hope I look like that when I reach such a ripe old age!


    Considero que estas imagenes son muy ilustrativas, que nos hacen reflexionar sobre Alzheimer Desease (AD) pero creo que lo importante es recordar que es mejor siempre cuidarse, y evitar los factores de Riesgo, pues No solo es lo genetico, sino tus estilos de vida, los que se conjugan para que se presente. Me permito mencionar algunos factores de riesgo que juegan un papel muy importante para adquirir la enfermedad por lo que hay que evitar:
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    Thanks a lot.

  10. James in LA

    I’d like to correct something. The author (of the above photo caption) said: “These images show how patients with Alzheimer’s see their younger self.” That’s not entirely accurate, although I understand the reasoning. The unexpected truth is, these pictures show how all older people see themselves NOW. I’m nearly fifty, and have just placed my mother in a nursing home. It’s a nice, pretty one, and I see her every weekend. Now, I’ve been exposed to many older residents over the last few years as I’ve had to take over what she can no longer manage. And once every few months, in some way one of them says “I don’t feel any different inside than I did when I was twenty. I’m still me. Do what you can to prepare for yourself.”

    I’m an actor in Los Angeles. For 48, I’m pretty cool. 🙂 I hang out with smart, creative people, exercise like a pro athlete, and make films. And yet, I realize that I am one stroke away from the mirror.

    Please prepare yourselves. And please, please, make eye contact with an elderly person. And touch them. No one touches them. Hold their hand. It costs nothing and it really, really makes them feel like the world still cares that they’re here. -JP

  11. James

    Brilliant! each one tells a unique story, very cool!

  12. Logo Design Canada

    LOL!! its a creative work art with mirror nice share i like this creative advertising campaign.Your blog is nice and so good i like this blog beautiful design template also.

  13. ButtaFlyy

    Love it!!!

  14. Shamima Sultana

    huh…we all will be aged like this..:(
    its a nice try…sounds good.