Retro Ads from Moma São Paulo

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retro ads

Company MaxiMídia is one of the largest in Brazil focused on modernization and developing the industry of marketing communications in the country. Agency Moma São Paulo presented a series of prints for advertising company seminars, aimed at to familiarize professionals with new opportunities of using social networking and other tools of communication through the Internet. Prints are made in the futuristic style of the 50-ies to attract the attention of the older generation that remembers this kind of posters. Take a look at these vintage images – they are really interesting and worthy of your attention!


retro ads

retro ads

retro ads

retro ads

retro ads

retro ads


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  1. These ads are so cool. There’s something about retro effects that make any advertisement attractive.

  2. Jenna

    I love all of them. Like many others I find myself captivated with vintage advertising.

  3. How amazingly clever! Thanks for putting these ads together. This is a fresh marketing idea.

  4. Mare

    Marvelous vintage adds for modern technology! Really got my attention-very clever thinking. Bravo!!

  5. very very cool. I love retro ads!

  6. Selcan

    wowwwwwww amazinggggg superrr :))

  7. I love retro oldschool adv. Brillant list.