Absolutely Amazing Illustrations by David Fuhrer

David Fuhrer

Today we want to show you absolutely amazing and beautiful art works of Swiss designer David Fuhrer. He’s master of digital art and for his life won a lot of awards. Even his portfolio created with Flash won a FWA award. His interviews were featured in many Design Magazines, Art Books and other design resourses. The fan thing that he don’t think he’s talanted. "Lots of practise and practise practise practise! I don’t have any talent at all. When I started people laughed at me and told me to stop because my lack in talent." So look at these works and create your own opinion!



David Fuhrer


Blue Moon

David Fuhrer


Drug Free Zone

David Fuhrer


Last Days

David Fuhrer


Magic Rooms

David Fuhrer


Big Tree

David Fuhrer


Metal Heart

David Fuhrer



David Fuhrer


Red Apple

David Fuhrer


Humble Voice

David Fuhrer


Space Scenes

David Fuhrer


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  1. Laurence

    Wonderful i love i love it Good Work dear David Fuhrer

  2. JHG

    There are some very nice vector designs here, I’m quite impressed! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Levinson Axelrod

    This is fantastic. Great work, awesome colors and intricate art. I enjoy it very much!

  4. Johnson Koh

    The details are amazing!

  5. Bronson

    Wow, David Fuhrer’s illustrations skills are absolutely insane. Not only does the composition and subject matter rock, but the technical execution of the illustrations is sublime.

  6. dimi

    Wow, they truly are amazing. I have seen some of them before but not all. Love his work