Got Milk?

Got Milk?

got milk

We’ve mentioned about creativity of russian photographer Andrey Razoomovsky in our previous post – Photosession with Aliens. And we couldn’t avoid to represent you another great photosession of him. This juicy photoshoot called Milk will impress your imagination by high quality art nude. Gorgeous girls, seductive poses, flows of milk… Enjoy yourself!

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk

got milk


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  1. Latina sexy

    Nice and sexy images.

  2. Name

    AWESOME!!! The way the milk was splashed on the body.

  3. Yucel

    There was a reference to a PDF on the artists website… which is a Russian web site… anyone have a copy or the direct download link? if yes, please find me thru my website and email me the link? Thanks… Love to know how to use a similar effect…

  4. Bruce

    W O W !!! Exquitly done!

  5. Frank Nerenberg

    Wow that was art! Have you more images to share Andrey? 🙂


  6. fathur rozi

    I’ll drink milk everyday,

  7. fathur rozi

    Very, Very, Very great collection I like milk

  8. tom

    unbelievable. great work.

  9. Yucel

    Amazing visual, how are they done?

  10. mudit gupta

    its amazing form of art.
    I had never imagined this kind of excellence.

  11. Duke Blackthorne

    At first glance I thought these looked too photoshopped

    But I had to catch myself and say duh thats the point

    I’m no photoshop whiz at all I can barely use the invert image tool

    But this is quite an elegant display of the feminine body and feminine

    More like nude art rather than erotica and tastefully done.

    I am not sure if the author was trying to use milk as
    a metaphore because milk naturally associated with breasts and milk

    I always love seeing metaphors in art it adds to the richness
    of whatever art it is and shows insight on the artists part.

    This seriously remind me of an awesome dream I had when I was 14 too!

    Great job!

  12. dr.internetz


  13. Du

    These are beautiful artistic photos.

  14. Rob Wallace

    Very nice collection – I like milk lady.

  15. NAVID

    they are very intresting which technique you use?please thank you.. Navid from Iran mashhad

  16. dada

    its not that i dont like nudes, i just think this isnt artsy. its tacky. suited for a cheap calendar for machos. (except for the ones on the pool)
    i must admit though that andrey is very skilled with photoshop or whatever program he used to create the milk effect. so, congrats on that. but please, dont call this art.

  17. MGL

    Really great creativity. I’m going out and buy a cow.

  18. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Seriously cool dude(s) !

  19. moon_7

    i love this pic.vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv good


    Hola Gordo: Etas fotos de la serie Got Milk, me parecen muy hermosas, llenas de un ingenio increible; no tengo idea como hacen eso, pero el efecto es único. De quie son esas fotos?

    Un abrazo,

  21. Vance

    If these were in an an American Dairy Farmer’s ad campaign 40 years ago, I would have been drinking a LOT more milk!!! GREAT work!

  22. DD

    Makes my thirsty!

  23. Name

    perfect work !!!!

  24. matthew

    milk has never been sexier. way to go marketing

  25. gelus

    godly beautifull, u got some nice imagination. keep up

  26. Michael

    Fairly tasteless stuff to me…I mean, looks like anything you’d see in a Maxim mag. Sorry…just not very artistic.

  27. schmuckinfo

    Nice art work. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing this post.

  28. Jim Jones

    great hot pics

  29. Designer Resources

    really hot and interesting pictures.

  30. JAB_au

    That’s impressive

  31. Dee Asay

    That is so cool. That is inspiring!!

  32. Linda Stranger

    Now, THAT’S what I call art.

  33. clippingimages

    Nice art work. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing this post.

  34. Name

    Very interesting images. Keep up the good work.