The Lolli-POP Project by Massimo Gammacurta

lolli pop

Today we want to show you interesting conceptual project Lolli-pop by Italian photographer Massimo Gammacurta. Featured in the following still life photos lolli-pops are edible icons handcrafted by Massimo with real hard ball candy. Each candy demonstrates images of well-known brands and is easily recognizable. So check them out, guess and have fun!


lolli pop

lolli pop

lolli pop

lolli pop

lolli pop

lolli pop

lolli pop

lolli pop

lolli pop

lolli pop

lolli pop

lolli pop


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  1. Nadienne

    Consumerism at its finest?

  2. william chodeston

    You guys are so dense. Its obvious why he used all corporate logos. The project is called lolli-pop. The pop having twop meanings. Pop culture, lolli-pop. See the correlation. All these logos are prominent in pop culture. Bewm.

  3. relationship advice

    I love the mtv lolli, nice to lick it…

  4. Android

    wawooo nice work 🙂

  5. Photo Calendars

    the air jordan lolli is well-endowed…

  6. Jones

    Amazingly done, but I’m wondering what they taste like?

  7. le_quasar

    All corporate logos man? If you’re going to go to the trouble of creating such beautiful things, you could at least choose a more transcendental topic.

    • fabiotas

      that’s what I thought at first. But maybe, just maybe, this artist is not trying to do an homenage to corporate thieves, but a critic. Candy is always prettier than what it tastes. Usually a chemical cocktail, it’s worse than better for almost every reason.

  8. fajas colombianas

    I love the one from Mtv the most.

  9. kiwi

    Shawnabcdefg, it isn’t bad. Half of them are high-end fashion designer labels. 😛

  10. erik

    Disney one kicks ass, more colors.. more grungy.. more unique..

  11. Zen Clandestino

    Wow this photos are beautiful. I like lollipop that you have created 🙂

  12. shawnabcdefg

    Is it bad that I don’t know what a lot of these are? I know maybe four out of the lot

    • Jon

      You and me both.