Royal Wedding Rings Collection

Royal Wedding Rings Collection

Mi Princesa

Spanish Jewelry House “Carrera y Carrera” many years fill the orders of Spanish royal family and this fact directly influenced to the last collection of beautiful wedding rings. Jewelry designers embodied in them royal attributes – tiaras. Collection “Mi Princesa” consist of 6 rings in the form of tiaras – Spanish, French, Russian, Greek, Indian and Japanese. They are lavishly decorated with miniature elements of nature and are made of matte and polished gold. Each tiara has a base – a narrow ring with diamond pave, which is the wedding ring as itself. Ring in the form of tiara should be presented to engagement. Dividing presentation of wedding ring into two parts, “Carrera y Carrera” brought into this ritual is truly a royal romance.

Mi Princesa Greco-Romania

Mi Princesa

Mi Princesa Francesa

Mi Princesa

Mi Princesa Española

Mi Princesa

Mi Princesa Rusa

Mi Princesa

Mi Princesa India

Mi Princesa

Mi Princesa Japonesa

Mi Princesa

Mi Princesa


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  1. Akhtar

    absolutely astonishing!

  2. Katie Gold

    Those are all so beautiful. I can’t wait to tell my friends about these creative and unique designs at my next jewelry party.

  3. burberry handbags

    hello!I think you are right.

  4. buy electronic cigarette

    Beautiful Rings, Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. luci

    Rings are gorgeous and exquisite ….i wish one day i could get one of them:)

  6. sydney wedding venues

    Go to a smaller local jeweler and have it custom made. It is so much more special when you conceived the ring yourself. My husband designed my ring and while the diamonds are small, it’s still absolutely beautiful. Unique is highly important.

  7. Livia

    …Did anyone else notice that Mi Princesa INDIA is, in fact, Native American? o.O

  8. Rioritasjewelry

    This is summed up in one word: perfection!

  9. E cigarette

    These are beautiful. I wish my boyfriend could get a hold of one of these for when he proposes.

  10. Shalu Vohra

    Great rings