Samsung Proxima Concept from Johan Loekito


This stylish concept isn’t so simple as it looks at the first glance. This is LED wristwatch and phone at the same time. It was created by industrial designer from California Johan Loekito. As it was noticed in description of device it is a collaborative project with Samsung Design America created in fall 2009. The slogan of this project – you’ll never lose your phone again. Open the post and you’ll know how it works.











Proximity sensor detects the presence of the detachable unit. Never lose your phone again.


Emits a warning tone when user moves away from detached unit. Press button to ‘call’ the detached unit.


Allows user to locate contacts using the proximity sensor.


Detachable unit features a color e-paper display and a dual OLED display.


Detached screen. Calling mode.


Compact mode (closed) and messaging mode (open).


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  1. mudasir`

    this watch good

  2. sanduram

    hello people…dont panic..this is just a concept watch not the real one…n nobody knows if this really comes out as a physical product…so relax n just watch the watch 🙂 cheers!!!

  3. koushik


  4. mirian

    me gustaria comprar uno, pero no se donmde puedo encontrarlo vivo en alicante españa, por favor si me pueden indicar, gracias

  5. lol

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!! (when, where and how much can I buy it????)

  6. prashanth

    hey guys …how much it cost and where i can get it …

  7. n980000

    where i can buy ? how much ? when ?

  8. mahesh

    greatone… where can i buy this? and howmuch is it?

  9. Selidbe Beograd

    this is absolutely incredible…Great Work

  10. amit luhach

    i wanna know the price of thid watch….,

  11. Marc

    sign me up! great design!

  12. mohamed

    beautiful and very needed

  13. AKHIL

    I am really very curious to know its launch date in India and its price.Its a wonderful gadget i have seen so far.

  14. ::P

    i want it ……when it will b in market …i will b d frst 1 to buy it;-)

  15. shiv

    Ooohhhh! man this is awesome where can i buy it
    i want it
    how much
    can pay any amt

  16. James

    okay, this is beyond awesome!

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    The slogan of this project – you’ll never lose your phone again. Open the post and you’ll know how it works.

  18. Mark

    I was not going to comment since there is so little that shows an actual use of art and enginereing in most of the listed designs! However, This is an exceptional design with both form and function. I hope to see this come to market as I am sure that it will be the “Next BIG thing”!!!

  19. moonoytq

    where i can buy ? how much ? when ?

  20. Omniflux

    I dont think you can buy it at the moment but man is it awesome!

  21. Sam

    where can I buy it?

  22. Free web traffic

    This is cool. A glimpse into the near future. 🙂