Amazing Interior Design from Moomin Books

Amazing Interior Design from Moomin Books

Moomin books

Have you ever read Moomin books of Finnish novelist Tove Jansson? If yes you will love this bright design for family entertainment center created by designer Maria Yasko from Russia. We’ve already featured works of this designer – Interwined Shelves – and today want to continue. Interiors of children’s play hall, cafeteria and recreation were designed to recreate lanscapes from these books. Even colors in decoration will remind you about this fairytale. And of course everything was made to give your child pleasure and joy while visiting such center.


Moomin books

Moomin books

Moomin books

Moomin books

Moomin books

Moomin books


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  1. Homes and Interiors

    Really amazing…

  2. carpet cleaning melbourne

    The interior-as-movie-set… or children’s book. Wonderful thinkers and designers.

  3. Barsha

    awesome, all designs are really stunning, very beautiful.

  4. pragnesh parmar

    stunning ideas………
    no such words for your brilliance in this field,
    exceptional work, carry on……
    and thank u for sharing…..

  5. Emily

    Wow, love these ideas! How great would this be in a kids room! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Sugathan

    Could somebody tell me what is the material used to construct this??

  7. roger

    Any one know where can I find this book??

  8. Jamie

    I would love it if I lived somewhere like that! 😀

  9. simon

    I love the Comet in Moominland themed one

  10. j

    The one with the comet thing is so fantastic! I would love to live there!

  11. Robert_M

    Someday when I’m a parent, I would love to make a playroom based on one of these designs. So awesome.

    • Liz

      EXACTLY my thought. But, mine is more along the lines of “I should really have some kids so I have an excuse to design a few rooms this way!!”

  12. S.

    I’ve actually never read any Moomin books, but I LOVE these designs.
    MUCH prettier than the usual Primary-Color scheme used for kids (I hated primary colors even when I was very small), and the soft tones manage to be both relaxing and fun! Awesome!

  13. Maria

    Of course I’ve read the Moomin books! What amazing and very inspiring designs!

  14. vessolinni

    Very innovative, the bright colors look magical and appealing to the eye. In such interior you would feel like you’re a leading character in a fairy tale.