Dream House Mahina

Dream House Mahina

dream house

Some time ago we’ve shown you unique collection of buildings designed in the form of the moon. And the following house will continue this theme. The Mahina house (the Maori name for Moon) also has been designed by Weber Consulting in the shape of the crescent. It’s going to be built on Kawau Island, about 60km north of Auckland, New Zealand. With floor to ceiling windows and white modern interior with house looks really incredible. This luxury house is 827 square feet and have a plant room, deck, swimming pool and “thermal mass” to regulate internal temperatures. Official website says “A predominantly modern residence with a ‘Bondesque’ suggestion of times past; the glamorous age of martinis and tuxedos.” And it’s hard to object. This is really dream house. Despite of usual order we decided to show you video at the begining. It’s really stunning.


dream house

dream house

dream house

dream house

dream house

dream house

dream house

dream house

dream house

dream house

dream house


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  1. Gvozden

    Moon, Everything is said …. Moonlight Sonata

  2. Eliane

    Exotic house!

  3. Ara

    Maravillosa!!!! Cuánta creatividad!!!

  4. Easa sharifi

    nice house

  5. bita bonakdar

    j’aime penseur creatif et un design unique,
    etonnant pour des vacances!

    • stan grootes

      salut dame magnifique,agreable de vous voir ici!
      il est clair que vous aimez ce site st toujours d l’amore style minimaliste…

      • bita bonakdar

        passer un bon moment,
        oui , j’aime ce site dans premier depart ,mais maintennant je veux ecrire un commentaire!

  6. Lena Ballard

    one day this house will be mine

  7. Kastury

    wow beautiful

  8. Faizan.

    very is heaven.

  9. RaeneKaleinani

    Is that heaven? Just amazing!

  10. h2opolopunk

    Looks like its much bigger than 827 sq ft… maybe in meters^2.

    • lauren

      this house is mine I am living with 3 people so back off

  11. Singh

    amazing……… lovely……

  12. Omniflux

    This is my future house!