Incredibly Beautiful Cakes by Talented Baker Elena Gnut

Incredibly Beautiful Cakes by Talented Baker Elena Gnut

Elena Gnut is a 31-year-old food artist from Kaliningrad, Russia and she is already recognized as one of the world’s most talented cake artists. She became famous for showcasing her original intricate cake designs. Elena Gnut’s cakes look more like artistic sculptures than treats meant to be eaten. Browsing through her popular Instagram, you often feel like you’ve found the most amazing cake you’ve ever seen, but then you scroll further down and find even more impressive ones. Whether she’s molding the frosting into whimsical shapes or using edible dyes to paint incredible scenes or portraits, the young confectioner is always coming up with new and intriguing ideas that keep her Instagram fans coming back for more. And don’t forget to check A Lumberjack Cake With An Edible Axe.


cake for the ballerina

cake with a bear playing guitar

cake mozart

cake with mozart portrait

cake with realistic octopus

cake with flamingo

cake with princess elza

cake with batman reading comics

beautiful cake with angels

beautiful cake chair with roses

cake island with palms for surfer


cake with an anchor

smoking pipe cake

cake with whale and ship

realistic piece of meat cake

realistic steak cake

deadpool cake

cake with berries

cat by the pond cake

cake with snowdrops

stork bringing a baby cake

cake with deer

white creative wedding cake

book with roses cake

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