Ösa E-Bike – Beautiful Minimalist Modular Motorcycle

Ösa E-Bike - Beautiful Minimalist Modular Motorcycle

The Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer CAKE has always managed to blow our minds with their dynamic, state-of-the-art two-wheelers, and this time they’ve taken things up a notch with their latest innovation ‘Ösa’. Ösa is a “clean and efficient utility vehicle with [an] integrated power station and off-road capabilities.” The modular bike is perfect for on-and-off-road riding, and is electric, accelerating all of us towards a zero-emission future! Inspired by the humble ‘workbench’, Ösa showcases a gray uni-bar over the seating area, providing a clamp-on system that allows the user to attach numerous items from baskets, bags to tools and much more, creating over 1000 different configurations for different purposes! And also you should check 10 smallest folding mini bikes for sale.

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