Luxurious Sony PlayStation 5 Prime Gold Edition by Caviar

Luxurious Sony PlayStation 5 Prime Gold Edition by Caviar

PlayStation 5 was released last year and ever since it is high in demand. And Caviar has released a gold edition of the gaming console. Called the PlayStation 5 Gold Prime Edition, the console is a part of the collection which includes the gold variants of gadgets such as iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Mini, and AirPods Max.

golden sony playstation 5

The elusive PS5 draped in 18k pure solid gold (20 kg in total) is going to be a limited edition offering – only five of them to be exact. The intricate pattern on the casing clad in gold is nothing short of amazing, giving the already stylish PS5 a distinct luxurious aura. Keeping with the high-class theme, the console’s stand comes in high-grade ebony.

sony playstation 5 prime gold edition

gold playstation

gold playstation 5

To match with the console’s look, the DualSense controller gets a facelift too. It has a soft genuine black leather covering with an intricately engraved pattern to go with the console’s styling. The joysticks get the bling factor in the form of gold inserts with the plush Caviar logo smack in the middle.

exclusive sony playstation

Interestingly, the whole package costs $352,770 – making it the second most expensive gaming console on the planet. Yes, it is not the most expensive! Last year the brand came up with the PS5 Golden Rock Edition carrying a mind-numbing price tag of $500,000. That said Caviar admits, the PlayStation 5 Gold Prime Edition is the most exclusive series ever made by them.

exclusive gadget

Since only five of the solid gold version will be there, Caviar is generous enough to launch a cheaper gold-plated version too. The gold plating used on this one is 24k and only 99 units in total will be up for grabs. It carries a price tag of $12,750. If you’re someone who appreciates high-end, exclusive items, you might also be interested in security gadgets and devices for your home that offer both luxury and top-notch security features.

sony playstation limited edition

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