Futuristic and Whimsical Building in Qazvin, Iran

Futuristic and Whimsical Building in Qazvin, Iran

“Sepid” designed by the Shar Group is an organic-shaped concrete-clad commercial and residential building in Qazvin, Iran. The concept of the project started with three rectangular volumes stitched together, that were later clad in a secondary curved envelope with multi-sized extruded window frames. the architects avoided using 90-degree angles both inside and outside the structure, giving a futuristic view.

futuristic house

In order to feel the integrity of the façade, the Shar Group wrapped the entire building in a bent shell. In the next step, a second cover was added to emphasize the corners and provide a continuation to the façade. By setting the window outlines and tiny scattered square openings – looking like pixels from far away – on the building shell, the architects sought to add a playful touch to intriguing passers-by interest.

concrete house

creative house

futuristic house

old house

oncrete house

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