New Concept Car from Morgan

New Concept Car from Morgan

Morgan concept car

Company Morgan has always been famous for the original design of their vehicles. At present time it also remained faithful to its principles and released a new concept Morgan 2+2. The concept represents an aluminum, ultra-light sports roadster with design and luxury characteristic of the brand. Finishing interior is also at high level – were used natural materials: wood and leather. This concept acr will be presented in August 2010 in Pebble Beach.


Morgan concept car

Morgan concept car

Morgan concept car

Morgan concept car

Morgan concept car

Morgan concept car

Morgan concept car

Morgan concept car

Morgan concept car


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  1. promo products

    I am likely to have one nice car in my place form Morgan company. I will prefer this company for the best model cars.

  2. auto finance sacramento

    love me a Morgan! Stole this gorgeous three quarter rear view from bbratley’s ppage. A good variety of Stumbles to be found on her site

  3. David

    Very retro feel–looks almost like the old deusenburgs in a way.

  4. Mobil Family Ideal Terbaik Indonesia

    Nice and gentle design, perfect newborn of baby boomer. really… indonesian would call it “Konsep Mobil Ideal Terbaik”

  5. ross

    I love the concept drawings with the deep dish Alloys

    what a car its mixing the Hot- Rod versus Roadster styles

  6. Kevin

    Great concept drawings, execution? Not so much.

  7. Coches

    just beautiful!

  8. Documentary Movies

    I love it, for 25 years I’ve been saying the carmakers should look back to the earliest styles for inspiration, and finally this is the first time I’ve seen such a thing, and it’s awesome. Let’s hope it sets a trend.

  9. Grayman Returns

    It’s wonderful.

  10. cristi

    awesome car

  11. Bronson

    It’s a great looking car with a classic vintage / retro feel to it – the rear angles remind me of the Weissman I saw on an episode of Top Gear.

  12. dimi

    wow… That’s very nice!