15 Best Concept Cars of Largest Automakers

Nowadays concept cars aren’t just a show to attract attention to an auto brand. This is a real technological art. New concept cars are a great examples of modern design, the most advanced technologies and revolutionary ideas. Auto industry giants, such as Mercedes, Toyota, Audi, BMW etc., create innovative concept cars to show their vision of future serial cars. But you don’t have to attend the next Paris Motor Show or NAIAS – in this post we have gathered 15 most interesting concept cars from all over the world lately.

15 Best Concept Cars of Largest Automakers

A few decades ago, concept cars were but whimsical imaginations; and were often referred to as futuristic and highly advanced technologies. Today, concept cars are a reality we’re all familiar with. Most companies have manufactured innovative concept cars and launched them in the market over the years. Some of the elements included in these cars include electronic driving, retro-infused styling, and other aesthetic features that have completely revolutionized the automobile industry. Here are some of the top 15 best concept cars launched by the largest automakers currently ruling the market that you might be interested in.

Hyundai Genesis Concept Car

The concept car by Hyundai Genesis has a truly futuristic look and feel. The framework is quirky, sleek and chic to say the least. The all-electric four-seater vehicle is spacious, luxurious and fun, complete with butterfly doors and AI. The design is further enhanced by its elongated hood, carbon fiber frame and plenty of luggage space. The AI Genesis Assistant allows for an interactive experience where you can talk to your car and make payments from the comforts of your Hyundai concept car.

Hyundai Genesis Concept Car

Hyundai Concept Car

concept cars


Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow Concept Car

The Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow is a cool concept car that pays homage to the past, the 1937 268-mph car to be specific. Drawing inspiration from its ancestors and improvising on the design, this Mercedes Benz concept car is a 208-inch long single-seater car with carbon and Alubeam silver construction. The lightweight wheels with non-rotating hubs and rose gold interiors add a vintage quality to the car, without appearing too gaudy. A set of Pirelli 225/25 R 24 tires up front and 305/25 R 26 tires out back add stability to the car, while the extendable rear can be used as air brakes.

Mercedes Concept Car

Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow Concept Car

best concept cars


Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept Coupe

The Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 concept coupe series strives to offer users the most luxurious experience ever. The sleek metallic blue finish of the frame looks elegant yet powerful. And the 2-seater design is a throwback to the “ automotive haute couture” of hand-built and exclusive cabriolets. The Maybach 6 concept car is constructed as an electric vehicle with an output of 550kw. The underflow battery gives a mileage of 500kms. Moving on to the design, the curved construction is sporty yet spacious. Furthermore, you can quickly charge the car anytime, anywhere in a few minutes. User-friendly, attractive and eco-friendly, the Vision 6 model is truly futuristic.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept Coupe

Maybach Concept Car

cool concept cars

amazing concept cars


Cadillac Escala Concept Car

The classic Cadillac Escala concept car is both steeped in tradition and yet revolutionary. It is the perfect blend of the two worlds and the ideal vehicle for the elite and powerful. The coupe silhouette is marked by sharp lines and edgy designs, the dark chocolate color further adds on to the mysterious, elusively classy appearance. The expressive vertical lightning with OLED lights at the rear and the bold 3D precision grills give the vehicle a sophisticated face. The interiors match the beauty and engineering of the external design. With plush cashmere seating and leather trimmings at the doors, the Escala concept car redefines luxury.

Cadillac Concept Car

Cadillac Escala Concept Car

new concepts cars


Buick Electric Concept Car

Buick is an electric concept car which was recently launched in China and has soon grown to become more popular than its American peers. This all-electric sports car offers a mileage of 60mph in merely 4 seconds and can run up to 370 miles when fully charged. Very similar to Tesla, Buick concept cars also resort to Supercharge stations where you can recharge the batteries in 40 minutes. According to reviews, Buick has, in a short span of time, also managed to gain an upper hand in the US market, the enhanced features suit both American and Chinese drivers giving you the ultimate driving experience.

Buick Electric Concept Car

Buick Concept Car


Lincoln Continental Concept

The Lincoln Continental concept car was launched only this year but has quickly gained a reputation among car lovers as a flexible, functional and futuristic vehicle. Competing with the likes of Volvo S90, Acura RLX, Cadillac CT6, and Genesis G90, this concept car is edgy, powerful and smooth. The framework is powered by three engines, namely, a 3l V6 engines with 305hp, a 2.7l twin-turbo V6 with 335hp and a 3l twin-turbocharged engine with 400hp capacity. The six-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel design, and EPA certified 24mpg mileage add on to its credibility and charm. Blind-spot monitor, cross-traffic detection system on the rear, rear-view camera, advanced navigation, smart cruise control, and automatic emergency brakes make the Lincoln concept car a stylish yet safe option.

Lincoln Concept car

Lincoln Continental Concept


Volkswagen ID Vizzion Luxury Sedan Concept

Compact yet spacious enough, the Volkswagen ID Vizzion Luxury Sedan has set the bar higher for concepts cars. The sleek framework is marked by LED light strips at the front, spanning the car’s length to connect in a narrowed blade-like bezel headlights at the rear end. The solid trapezoidal construction comes with precision grills. However, the Vizzion concept car veers away from the conventional cars in one aspect – it lacks a steering wheel and pedals! The electric car is fully automatic, with self-driving capabilities. The interiors are minimalistic, compatible with various apps, offers virtual-reality headsets, has facial recognition, and is equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

Volkswagen ID Vizzion Luxury Sedan Concept

Volkswagen Concept car

vw concept car


Audi PB18 e-Tron Concept Car

The Audi PB18 e-Tron model offers users a classic racing car experience whilst steeped in luxury. You get speed, style, and sturdiness in the same machine! PB aka Pebble Beach. in collaboration with Audi, has launched this innovative, intuitive vehicle only a few months ago. However, considering the popularity that the Audi concept car has managed to gain in such a short time is surprising, to say the least. The exotic car has been designed to run on electricity and save on fuel. The driver’s pod is integrated with the standard elements like ergonomic pedals, flexible steering wheel, and horizontal sliding controls. The design is inspired by the open-wheel racing car, with the driver’s seat situated on the center of the vehicle.

Audi PB18 e-tron Concept Car

Audi Concept Car

new audi concept cars

concept car interior design


Ferrari F80 Supercar Concept

Ferrari with its classic red design has also launched its range of concept cars that have taken the world by storm. The red frame is maintained in the F80, with a few changes in the framework, and it’s all set to hit the market in the near future. Ferrari concept car is powered by the hybrid drivetrain combined with a KERS system and combustion engine. The vehicle is said to offer a power of 1200hp. The F80 is supposed to be a two-seater car, with twin-turbocharged V8 batteries and AI support. Read more about this concept car.

Ferrari F80 Supercar Concept

Ferrari Supercar Concept

Ferrari Concept Car


Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept

With Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept car entering the market, the future of the automobile industry sure looks promising. A pioneer in luxury cars, the brand has also made its mark in the concept car market with the new and improved Terzo Millennio, the electric sports car that serves the needs of the millennial. It saves on energy, takes a lot less time to recharge, and offers a higher mileage than its peers. Edgy, exaggerated and elegant, the shocking blue frame with capsule-like pointed design, the Lamborghini concept car truly looks like something from the future.

Lamborghini Concept car

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept

best supercar concept


BMW Concept Car – The BMW Vision Next 100

Nothing beats the elegance and sophistication of a BMW when it comes to luxury cars. The BMW Vision Next 100 takes the video car series a step further and is among the top players in the market today. The vehicle is personalized , tailor-made to suit the needs of the driver and loaded with the latest functionalities. The framework is sleek, stylish, sturdy. The Alive Geometry construction incorporates a 3D structural design both inside and outside the car. Dynamic design, flexible controls, and compact construction make the BMW 100 concept car a popular option among the elite.

The BMW Vision Next 100

BMW Concept Car

best bmw concept cars


Mazda’s Vision Coupe Concept 2018

The Mazda’s Vision Coupe was awarded the “Concept Car of the Year” title at the 11 th Annual Car Design Night auto show held on 6 th March 2018. A panel of 18 judges came to this conclusion after thoroughly examining its features, design, construction, and technical functions. The metallic finish gives the vehicle a shine that looks sleek and stylish. The frame is both spacious and compact, powerful and elegant. Mazda concept cars combine the traditional elements and give it a unique twist- a customized version of the classic luxury cars of the yesteryears with better features.

Mazda Concept car

Mazdas Vision Coupe Concept

concept car


Apple Car Concept

Apple, a company known for its smartphones and other gadgets has finally entered the automobile market with the Apple concept car. The futuristic, all-electric autonomous car can be a real game changer, with its brand backing and unique advanced functionalities. Like all of its other products, the Apple car will be integrated with artificial intelligence, biometrics, the latest navigations system, flexible movements and more. The company is all set to launch its concept car in the near future. Till the time the idea meets the road, we can only speculate its massive success among amateurs and professional car lovers alike.

Apple Car Concept


International motor fairs, historic Concours, and private press shows have all displayed unique, debutant new concept cars of 2018. These cars, though ridiculously expensive, are also extremely futuristic and advanced. If you’re tech-savvy or an automobile enthusiast who’s interested in learning more about concept cars then we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget to check 10 most expensive cars in the world and the list of the best free cars website templates and themes.

  1. I simply can’t understand why they simply don’t produce those awarded(especially Mazda). You will always find people to buy a brilliant car. (I know it’s about the money but that’s what “Limited Edition” is all about … A DamnGood business model …

  2. From the bottom of my heart. These cars are extremely stunning and breathe taking. I could watch them all day. These are the only set of cars which are closest to perfection.

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