New Concept from Peugeot - Bike B1K

Peugeot B1K

Peugeot design team has just published the pictures of their new concept: a bicycle, called B1K. It looks like a racing bike with a minimalist design. Bike doesn’t have chains at all and made from a special heavy-duty material. Pretty interesting concept. Also do not forget to check another bike concept – DH Freeride Bike-Concept.


Peugeot B1K

Peugeot B1K

Peugeot B1K

Peugeot B1K

Peugeot B1K


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  1. Dakawi

    how did u solve the pedals motion system?

    i think u would have to pedal a lot just to move a little.
    were is the breaking system?
    what’s the material of the wheels?

    Nice job!! i like it

  2. Ariyas

    Intriguing Design. I am not feeling the seat.

  3. M, McKenzie

    Awesome Bike!

  4. vessolinni

    I would definitely like to put my hands on that bike.

  5. BLOGitse

    oooops how tech! I don’t know if I’d like to sit on that for a long time… LOL!
    Pics are great though!