Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo: Vision of Tomorrow’s E-Mobility


Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo: Vision of Tomorrow's E-Mobility

Porsche unveils an electric vehicle with a spectacular design language at the Geneva Motor Show, the “Mission E Cross Turismo” – a fully electric sport crossover SUV adaptation of their not-yet-released Mission E. Porsche claims that the car will have 600 horsepower, do 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds, go more than 500km/310 miles on a charge, and charge at a rate of 400km/250 miles in 15 minutes. The car also has all-wheel steering and Porsche’s electrohydraulic Dynamic Chassis Control anti-roll system to actively stabilize the car when cornering or on uneven surfaces. As for size, the Mission E Cross Turismo is 4.95 meters/194 inches in length, which is longer than a Porsche Cayenne or Mercedes GLC/GLE but 4 inches shorter than a Model X, which puts it on the large side of the CUV category in terms of length. Porsche bills the CUV as a multi-purpose vehicle, with good ground clearance for possible off-roading and flexible cargo capacity for sports equipment like surfboards or e-bikes. Also Porsche states that the car has “eye tracking control” which can sense where the driver is looking to help bring certain parts of the vehicle’s infotainment system into focus, which are then controlled by smart touch controls on the steering wheel. And be sure to check 15 All-Terrain Vehicles For Sale.


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