Tropical Island Paradise Yacht

luxury yacht

You’ve probably seen various design of luxury yachts but for sure you haven’t seen such creative one. UK based company Yacht Island Design Ltd. moved up to a new level and has combined giant-sized personal luxury yacht and tropical island. This floating paradise has its own miniature volcano, flowing waterfall, mountain stream, and valley pool flanked by a series of small bamboo huts and shelter-providing palm trees. Deployable beach deck allows acces to the sea for various watersports and sea level relaxation. “Indoor entertainment is catered for by way of a cinema, library, games room and gym, with relaxation options in the form of a multitude of lounges each offering their own unique ambiance, and a fully equipped spa.” It’s true paradise, don’t you think? And a similar yacht concept is included into top 10 expensive luxury yachts!


luxury yacht

luxury yacht

luxury yacht

luxury yacht

luxury yacht

luxury yacht

luxury yacht

luxury yacht


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  1. Mike

    Nice to be In a quasi recession with many loosing their homes and their life savings so a few could live inthe lap of luxury.

    • Bob

      Go home Mike and finish your ged

  2. Adrian

    probably Greek. They’ve got the money!

  3. Yassel- Sign Company

    I would love to be in one of those is like a small sity. I’ll take a few friends of mine… 🙂

  4. cjoenk

    only billionare can buy this yacht

  5. Beth

    That’s crazy. There’s so much money out there.


  6. Jo Green

    Wow, if they actually ever make one of those, I[‘d love to see how it turns out!