"Friendly Clock" from Maxim Maximov

"Friendly Clock" from Maxim Maximov


Industrial designers try to make your life easy by creating a various innovative clocks. And their innovation lies not only in its design and the way they show the time. But also in additional features. Like in these timepiece “Friendly Clock” created by Russian designer Maxim Maximov. “Friendly Clock” displays your everyday schedule, which keeps changing with each passing hour according to your daily routine. All you need to do is install your timetable for the day and clock will display it with time on its surface to keep you updated about your routine tasks.








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  1. ice

    i also want to buy …who knows where can buy ,i am at singapore.

  2. B.

    can anyone tell me if these are available for buying somewhere? e-mail me if you know anything.


  3. John


    Is it forseeable if and when these clock will be ready for sale?

  4. custom waterfall

    This friendly clock speaks of itself. It has details that tells you the time and what you should do during that time. Isn’t it amazing? I am really can’t wait to have one. Thanks for posting it.This is really a friendly tip.

    • duriel

      no, it’s not amazing when even a clock tells you what you should do. i hate people who cannot rule their own life without obeying to anything.

  5. meandyou

    is this a porno film displayed on the tv screen when the clock says film???? LOL

    • Mahsa

      as 00:01 is time for making love, U should watch a porno film to get prepared for the midnight 😉

  6. Sam