Perfect Millennial Cocktail Kit by Luxerose

Designed by Onfire Design, Luxerose’s newest line of cocktails delivers in threes. Each cylindrical tube comes equipped with a distinct color, flavor and name like Summer Love, Night Out and Moon Child. “The cocktail and beverage category is a rapidly growing sector. To stand out a new brand needs to think a little differently and bring some innovation to a demanding consumer group that is always looking to discover new and unique flavours. Luxerose is an RTD range of cocktails aimed at the young, millennial female audience in New Zealand and China. Designed for social occasions and gifting, New Zealand mixologists were commissioned to create 3 distinctive cocktail blends reflecting current flavours and taste trends in the New Zealand social scene. Packaging the cocktails was an essential part of the project. In conjunction with the client, we created a unique set of 3 glass vials which, when chilled, could easily be dispensed at home or in bars. These are contained within a presentation case lavishly decorated with a modern, colourful and abstract botanical illustration showing various flora and fauna from New Zealand. Future range extensions intend to utilise the same livery but with illustrations inspired by different countries and cities. Bright, colourful and fun, this new way of enjoying cocktails brings a new dynamic to any social event.” Also be sure to check Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World.

M. Hostomme Abysse Ocean-Aged Champagne

A steady temperature and lack of light is an ideal environment for aging Champagne, but only a few houses in France take that to the extreme by aging their liquid underwater. Abysse is one of those, a Grand Cru Brut that 12 months under the sea off the coast of Southern France locked in a steel cage, after 48 months of aging on the lees in stainless-steel tanks and Burgundy French oak barrels. Abysse is the only ocean-aged Champagne being exported to the United States, with only 60 bottles being made available. And don’t forget to check Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World.

Oregon Wine Tasting Room by Lever Architecture

Surrounded by 23 acres of Oregon’s wine country, the L’Angolo Estate Tasting Room is a reflection of the landscape around it. The structure is comprised of two cantilevered roofs, inspired by the neighboring oak trees. Underneath the oversized canopy sits a simple cedar-clad form. Paired with the interior’s polished concrete floors and timber ceilings, the building as a whole takes on a minimalist design, much like the owner’s wine-making process. Panels of glazing encase the room, immersing guests in views of the valley while large sliding glass doors give a direct connection to the vineyard. Also we recommend you to check mindblowing Phillipe Starck’s Blade-Shaped Wine Cellar.

Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World 2018

There is something about wine that makes it an immensely royal experience every time you take a sip. It features in all the old texts, and so strong is the attraction for it that even many religions look the other way when it comes to drinking wine. The vines of southern Europe are perceived as more than cultural heritage today. The drink of kings, here is a list of 10 bottles of wine sold that were so expensive as to make them the stuff of dreams.

Modern Wine Inspired By a Mechanical Background

Check out the branding, packaging design, and wine marketing for Grape Garage 32a by Magnetic Stories – a design bureau based in Karlsruhe & Edesheim, Germany. “In 1957, his grandfather was one of the first people to bottle wine in Schweigen in the Palatinate region. Just like his grandpa, Alexander Grimm is no cliché winemaker. He is self-taught and learns from his experiences. In addition, he is an industrial mechanic. He started in 2014 and is now producing his third vintage. You can look forward to the surprises to be found in his bottles. Oliver Semik & Lutz Suendermann developed the brandname, branding and designed the lables for the five very impressive newcomer wines (from Riesling to Grauburgunder). The minimalist and stylish approach gives it a truly high-quality look that strongly resonates with modern wine drinkers.”

Karim Rashid Has Designed A New Sculptural Wine Bottle For Stratus Vineyards

David Feldberg, owner of Stratus Vineyards teamed up with New York based designer Karim Rashid, to create the sculptural Decant wine bottle. The goal of the project was to create an innovative bottle from the Stratus philosophy, ‘form followed by function’, which represents how the unfiltered Cabernet Franc wine is uniquely grown at Stratus Vineyards. From concept to completed design, the layered glass of the bottle creates a slip-resistant handle and serves as a decanter for the naturally forming sediment while visually stimulating the senses. The Decant bottle boasts a deconstructed design that was inspired by the layers of clay, granite and limestone, that are in the soil where the grapes for the wine are grown. Also, don’t forget to check Beautiful and Unique Bottles for Luxury Drinks and Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World.

Phillipe Starck’s Blade-Shaped Wine Cellar

French designer, Philippe Starck recently joined forces with fellow architect, Luc Arsène-Henry, to construct a stainless steel cellar for Château les Carmes Haut-Brion. The Bordeaux wine estate desired a structure that can withstand unstable environmental conditions and be submerged in the site’s manmade lake. The duo answered with a sleek makeup which encompasses three stories: a barrel cellar on the lowest floor, a tasting room on the second floor, and a roof terrace where visitors are welcomed with a stunning vista of the vineyards. Moreover, the cellar which is meant to resemble a large knife that has fallen from the heavens, is also capable of storing approximately 300 wooden barrels of the finest wine. Starck says the design is “free from any architectural gesture, it symbolizes the qualities of the wine that is made there: finesse and elegance.” He adds: “[The wine’s] home had to be evocative, a minimum, an institution, a reflection.”

10 Most Creative Products for Your Kitchen

If you’re in the mood to add a twist to your day to day cooking routine, feel like impressing your dinner guests, or even just need to find the perfect gift for the design-enthusiastic person, this is just for you. SOHO Design Shop is an online store where unique and innovative items are affordable and attainable. Cute kitchen gadgets that will make your time in the kitchen much more enjoyable! Here are our top ten most creative ones for your kitchen:

50 Reasons & 30 Wishes Wine

A wine that keeps you engaged and social! 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes gives you the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine (or 2, or 3) and let’s you share the fun by sending a custom message in a bottle to your friends, family or anyone that enjoys a glass of wine! “Let’s just imagine a wine bottle that gives you many reasons to buy it and share it with the people you like and for the reason you want. Choose a good reason to share a fine bottle of organic wine! And send a message in a bottle to friends, to your boss or even the president! We proudly present 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes, the first customizable wine bottles that encourage you to share a bottle of good wine with a personal message. Because the best way to congratulate someone is with a bottle of good wine! So, customize and enjoy!”

Tokaji Wine Bottle by Szabolcs Moldovan

Take a look at the stunning packaging design for Tokaji wine bottle created by Szabolcs Moldovan, Romania. “All elements of the packaging are hand carved by an artist, further giving it value. This would be possible due to the fact that the aim of the product is not mass production. Materials used are wood and metal/precious metals. The wood wine holder symbolizes a cathedral that protects the wine, and even after the wine is consumed, the packaging can be reused as an artwork on a shelf or table, while the label that contains precious metals can be taken off the bottle and hanged on the wall of wine cellars, to further push the idea of reusable packaging, packaging that has value, and should not be thrown away or discarded. With all the work that goes into packaging these days, it is still heartbreaking to see that they end up in the trash.” And don’t forget to check our post about Most Expensive Bottles of Wine.

Csetvei Winery Hrsz. 737 Wine Label Design

Take a look at the creative packaging design by Kira Koroknai, Budapest . As a starting point, Kira’s goal was to create a minimalistic and eye-catching design which fits to the extant identity of Csetvei Winery. "With the black and white pattern, I wanted to reflect on the wine’s characteristic and full-bodied taste. The other aspect of the designing was to create the unity of the label and the bottle.I wanted the bottle design to be a part of the treat of drinking wine, that’s why i chose the full bottle design instead of a classic label form. This way, the bottle also becomes a part of enjoying the wine. It creates a personal experience as the drinker holds and turn the bottle around while having a chat."

Blood of Grapes Wine Bottle

The following creative bottle design created by Belarusian designer Constantin Bolimond is based around the concept of wine as the blood of grapes. The striking form is themed off a human heart to reference the fruit’s origin – France. The product is realized in black and white finishes, featuring a simple inverse typeface to communicate the wine’s label. The design brings a new meaning to the devil’s nectar. Take a look at this bottle as well as on most expensive bottles!

Cuatro Almas (Four Souls)

Created by creative team GRANtipo with creative director Sergio Daniel García the following wine collection was designed for Señorío de Somalo using a unique range of materials. "The project consisted of creating a series of graphic elements that, putting aside the established canons, are able to be sustained over time, emphasizing on the innovation of their materials. We wanted to take a good product, the wine from the Bodegas Señorío de Somalo, and turn it into something unique with a collection of limited edition bottles packed with information, with the use of BIDI codes, which offer us the possibility of creating minimalist labels, expandable with a simple gesture: when scanning the code with a mobile we’re literally taking you into the world of the winery. The collection’s name is Cuatro Almas (Four Souls). The “souls” represents the different varieties that the winery hosts. The whole collection is about this number: four collections with four bottles each:

Cool Baggy Winecoat by Jakob Wagner

Danish designer Jakob Wagner created a sleek bag that keeps your boxed wine fresh with style. Called Baggy Winecoat it features a non-slip rubber base with a comfortable handle, and its spout will fit all standard taps. It’s large enough to slip in some ice to cool down your beer, soda, juice, ginger ale, and any other drink you want to take with you on the go. Very convenient accessory comes in five colors for you to choose from: black, red, white, lilac, and black leatherette. Enjoy!

Wine Glasses “Calici Caratteriali”

With following creative collection you will forget about ordinary wine glasses. “Calici Caratteriali” is a series of experimental wine glasses that Italian design studio Gumdesign created for the Abitami show during the Macef home show in Milan this month. In this collection you will find wine glass that you would like to try for sure! Take a look!

Albert Reichmuth Wine Store in Zurich

Swiss design firm OOS have designed the interior of the Albert Reichmuth wine store in Zurich. “Always considered to be an insider’s secret among wine lovers in the past, the Albert Reichmuth wine store is now opening its first showroom accessible to the public at Feldstrasse 62 in Zurich. “LA GALERIE DU VIN” is both a sales as well as a wine tasting and seminar venue and aims to appeal to regular customers and passers-by alike. The spatial layout and staging by OOS reflect the store’s values and traditions and let the wine bottles speak for themselves.”

One Glass for Every Drink

Modern life become more and more multipurpose. But I bet you didn’t even think that such multipurpose can touch such item as glass. Sven MILCENT and Utopik Design Lab have invented cup that can be used for four main types of drink: water, cognac, wine and champagne. It’s called “One Glass for Every Drink” and uses the same head for each drink but with different base. Exellent idea don’t you think?

Beautiful and Unique Bottles for Luxury Drinks

If you’re our loyal reader you should remember our post about creative bottles designs of Sparkling Wine Collections “Colier” or Balblair Scotch Whisky 1989 Special Edition. Today we want to show you wider collection of unique designs of bottles. But with one little nuance: all featured bottles belong to only luxury alcohols. Cost of each luxury bottle is from a few thousands of dollars and up to $1,000,000. Sometimes price depends from the quality of the drink and sometimes a bottles are more expensive than liquor. But each and every bottle is worthy for attention! Enjoy! Also you should check Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World.

Sparkling Wine Collections “Colier”

Every limited edition pieces have spectacular design. But some of them are worthy for additional attention. “Colier” is a limited edition of sparkling wine targeted to business women. And design of its package is stunning. It was created by united team of two designers from Ukraine – Reynolds and Reyner. There are exist two variants of design: 23 luxury sets “Brut” which consist of bottle and presentation box and 5 premium sets “Vintage Brut” which consist of handmade bottle and cocoon container. Cocoon container is also interesting. All the weight is focused in its bottom part that’s why it don’t turn upside down. And it also keeps cold inside before opening. So as a present champagne “Colier” will be unforgetable!

Creativity with Wine Glasses

True artist knows how to convert ordinary object into fantastic art works. For example as Leszek Kobusinski. He transform photos of wine glasses into beautiful piece of art. Unusual views, strange forms and a lot of broken glass are the main features of his works.