Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange

Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange

conceptual tent

Excellent conceptual idea for the lovers of hiking. English mobile operator Orange has recently presented their vision for the tent of the future. Well even it was just tent it could be purchased at least for a stylish appearence. But it has enough benefits. This miracle tent made from photovoltaic fabric capable of storing solar energy (an excellent replacement of cumbersome photovoltaic panels!). Subsequently, with the help of this energy you could charge mobile devices – just put them in a special pocket. The tent is equipped with LCD-screen as well. Also it’s very convenient to look for a tent in the dark or in a large tent camp – you just need to activate it via sms or RFID-technology, and a tent will light up with a soft yellow light.

conceptual tent

conceptual tent

conceptual tent

conceptual tent

conceptual tent

conceptual tent


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  1. Roberto Martin

    This is an awesome product. Where can I buy one and where are they available?

  2. simone

    I want one now!!!

  3. Rory Kendrix

    wow this is very intriguing, very interesting and that’s good really cool.

  4. Samantha

    Were do u get that tent form I would like to get one

  5. Jessica jackson

    Where can you buy this and how much is it????

  6. Robert Shults

    Where do u get it at ?

  7. Kent

    where can I get one and how much?

  8. Uswin Wood

    Prefect for the Dig sites and Airsoft! Want one!

  9. colleen

    Is it a hard tent to put up

  10. mike sweeney

    where can i buy those Solar Tent From Orange
    let me know

  11. brendin

    fresh idea non the less might be of use for archeologists and the likes nice one

  12. Logan

    Would rather see some of these ideas being used for people that need shelter – disaster relief, slum housing…
    nice renders though!

  13. joe

    No way I’m hiking with that on my back. Far too heavy.

  14. T

    I’m not sure I want to sleep in my office…unless I could give up my house

  15. home furniture

    Right, it’s excellent conceptual idea for the lovers of hiking

  16. Roberto

    D +…. vend├ível…

  17. modern house design

    great ideas for future

  18. Lucas

    This is pointless and extraneous!
    Yeah let’s go tent camping and rough it by sleeping in our tent that is more technological than my house. and probably more expensive too.

  19. ryan bishop

    if it was on sale our grandchildren would probobly have to pay it off

  20. Eric Heinzman

    THAT is f’ing cool! The nighttime rendering makes it look like the Sydney Opera House.

    Accessory Wish List #1: A battery that stores enough of the tent-generated power to brew my coffee in the morning.

  21. Gennice

    Oh my God! This is so amazing! I wonder how much would this cost if it was on sale? ­čÖé