Unique Swan Shaped Mega Yacht Concept “Avanguardia”

Unique Swan Shaped Mega Yacht Concept 'Avanguardia'

Known for his unique watercraft concepts, Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design Studio unveils his latest imagining: “Avanguardia”. Meaning “Vanguard” in English, this mega yacht proposal takes its name from the positioning of the control tower, which also appears like the head of a swan. unconsciously inspired a 1970’s Japanese manga, the “head” functions as a control tower to maneuver the 137 meter long yacht. It can also detach from the “neck”, transforming into an auxiliary 16 meter boat.

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When in motion, the “head”, or control tower, can adjust Avanguardia’s position by lowering itself to the middle of the mega yacht body. The rear deck part incorporates a personal port for two jet capsules, also designed by Lazzarini. The two jet capsules can be attached to the structure becoming an auxiliary propulsion for the mega yacht. Once the head is detached, the top part of the mega yacht become an auxiliary control tower.

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Avanguardia is subdivided into 5 decks and can fit up to 60 passengers. The imagined propulsion is conceived with twin fully electric side engines and for more speed, a central MTU Rolls-Royce engine will be able to push the 137 meter yacht to a maximum cruising speed of about 18 knots. What is essentially a stylistic exercise, Lazzarini says that Avanguardia could become a reality with a client that’s able to invest. Also be sure to check top 10 most expensive luxury yachts.

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