Magnificent and Spectacular Ternary Tower in Shanghai, China

Magnificent and Spectacular Ternary Tower in Shanghai, China

Let us show you amazing project called “Ternary Towers” by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio. The project, which consists of 3 separate blocks, has a height of 400 meters. When the three separate pieces come together, they remind each other of the pieces that complement each other and reveal a smooth transitional image in the city silhouette.


“The surface openings of the structure, which emerged with a rhythmic spread, also support this idea. Aiming to offer a different experience to the user, the project is aimed to have a very striking silhouette at the city scale. When we examine it technically, it has a reinforced concrete core and steel consoles. It is important that 3 separate towers are assembled at the same time during its production.” Also be sure to check 15 most beautiful towers in the world.

beautiful tower

creative beautiful tower

creative tower

china tower

concept tower

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