Top 5 Free Online Video Makers for 2020


How to choose a free online video maker? Which of the free can be called the best? And this free video editor has to be with music and effects. Check out our review of Top Free Online Video Makers where you will find out that the choice is not limited to just Adobe Spark, but there are other worthy free counterparts.

Top 5 Free Online Video Makers for 2020

Did you know that the first video editing machine, the “Moviola” was invented in 1924? In these hundred years, stupendous improvements have taken place in video makers. The world of digital revolution in video editing began in the year 1991 when Adobe released its video editing software – Premiere. The year 1999 saw the launch of Apple’s Avid Final Cut Pro. And the rest, as they say, is history!

The Evolution of Video Makers

Gone are the days when Free online video maker software was used by only filmmakers. As well as website builders – we’ve talked about this in our post What Are The Best Free Website Builders. What was initially used to edit Hollywood movies has now become an integral part of both our personal as well as business lives.

The fundamental use of video makers since their invention has been editing. Today’s video makers feature tools like:

  • Basic editing tools – Crop video, rotate video, split video, and edit audio
  • Advanced editing tools – Play reverse stabilize video, Pan and zoom, adding mosaics, color tuning, and mixing audio, changing the background
  • Combining video, GIFs, and images to create video
  • Text tools – adding subtitles, managing the text speed, adding titles
  • Special Features – AI (Artificial Intelligence) editing scope, creating time-lapse sequences, adjusting light and exposure levels, creating slow-motion effects.

Top 5 Free Online Video Makers for 2020

Confused about what is the best free online video maker that suits your needs? Looking for a free video editing software ?

Read on for our expert recommendations of the best and easiest free online video maker software of 2020:

Adobe Spark [ visit site ]

Adobe Spark free online video maker

Adobe Spark is a one-stop-solution for all your media related requirements. Have an idea for a visual story? All you need is Adobe Spark to see your ideas become videos, webpages, or social media posts. Whether you are looking for “Beginner Level” tools or “Professional Level” quality, Adobe Spark is the free editing software that is perfect for you.


  • Comprehensive solution for animated videos, graphics, and websites – Spark Video, Spark Page, and Spark Post.
  • Suitable for all levels of users – beginners to professionals
  • Creativity unlimited – access to Adobe’s personal collection of images including Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Photos, Dropbox, or Lightroom CC.
  • Designer Themes with fantastic layouts, smart color themes, and engaging font designs

Pros of Adobe Spark

  • Free beginner plans to get you started
  • User-friendly interface
  • Works both on desktop as well as mobile
  • Easy to share content on social media and websites

Cons of Adobe Spark

  • Free designs contain a watermark, need to upgrade to premium plans for removing the watermark
  • Limited video formatting
  • Website is limited to a single page

Animoto [ visit site ]

Animoto free online video maker

If you are a professional photographer, school or educator, business, real estate company, or a social media influencer, Animoto is the ideal free online video maker with music and pictures that will help you create not just videos but also helps you with creating virtual tours, slide show videos, and marketing material.


  • Variety of professional templates to suit different users
  • Access to 350+ musical tracks
  • Easy to use Drag-And-Drop interface
  • Free video maker with music – More than 1 million stock image library
  • Wide spectrum of custom colors.

Pros of Animoto

  • Very easy to use – no need for prior knowledge of editing
  • Easy to share on social media platforms
  • High-quality videos suitable for professional usage
  • High safety – website based program secured with HTTPS protocols

Cons of Animoto

  • Subscription pricing model may be expensive if you opt for monthly plans
  • Limited access to free resources like templates and music library with the free plan
  • Free version contains a watermark.

Flyr [ visit site ]

Flyr free online video maker

Flyr is a free online video creator that provides cool template ideas, social media integrations, engaging storytelling, and interactive features powered by cloud sharing platforms, artificial intelligence, and an outstanding intuitive user interface.


  • Customization for optimum creativity – convert online articles to video stories, edit videos from YouTube in real-time,
  • Loaded with promotional features
  • Facility to easily add hyperlinks to any media

Pros of Flyr

  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to export with the option of choosing ratios of video formats
  • Artificial Intelligence features for smarter output.

Cons of Flyr

  • No customization of Flyr pricing plans
  • Limited video formats – available only in Portrait mode, Landscape mode, and Square mode.

FlexClip [ visit site ]

FlexClip free online video maker

FlexClip is a free online movie maker which is great for family videos as well as professional video bloggers. With its wide variety of templates, creating videos is as easy as A-B-C.


  • Full HD video export
  • Timeline feature—helps to add photos and videos one after the other
  • Different aspect ratios – 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9

Pros of Flexclip

  • Free online website based software—no need for downloading it
  • Quality loss doesn’t take place during the editing process
  • Easy to use interface—suitable for beginners as well as experts
  • Less time for uploads
  • Support for all different types of video formats – MP4, AVI, MPEG4, and WMV
  • Completely free to use
  • Facilitates live preview function

Cons of Flexclip

  • Limited support of cloud storage and cloud computing
  • Export videos only in mp4 format
  • No option to add multiple texts to videos and photos.

ClipChamp [ visit site ]

ClipChamp free online video maker

ClipChamp is a free video editing software that offers the benefit of editing the video in the browser itself without the need for inconvenient uploads.


  • Offers multiple output formats—FLV, GIF, WMV, MP4, and WebM
  • No need for downloads – only online registration needed
  • High-quality output even in the free version
  • Intuitive interface for faster performance

Pros of ClipChamp

  • No watermarks
  • Very easy to use
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Works in-browser
  • No need for installing software

Cons of ClipChamp

  • Doesn’t provide professional-level quality
  • Lacks complex editing functions
  • Limited exporting features
  • Limited access to the stock asset library
  • Works best only on Google Chrome.

Which One Should I Choose?

By far, Adobe Spark is the video maker you can rely on for all your editing, with the ease of use that makes the tool accessible for even newbies. Also, check out Animoto because it has pretty much everything that you get with Adobe Spark, at a slightly lower price point should you choose to upgrade from the free plan in the future.

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