Eco Concept Car "Peugeot Velocite"

Peugeot concept car

This stunning eco concept car called “Peugeot Velocite” was created for the 2008 Peugeot design competition by industrial designer Juan Carlos Noguera from Guatemala. It’s an electric vehicle that offers zero emission drive on crammed roads. Generating power from a low-resistance electric motor located inside the rear orbital wheel. Running on three wheels, the vehicle concept provides a motorcycle-like suspension setup with a single swing-arm, housed on the right wheel, for easy controls. In addition, the Velocite recharges onboard batteries while moving downhill. Its sporty lines and compact design appeal to a younger audience.


Peugeot concept car

Peugeot concept car

Peugeot concept car

Peugeot concept car

Peugeot concept car


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  1. not important

    this thing looks pretty cool.

    • not important

      is it real and when can i buy it?

  2. Uncle B

    Lower running cost electrics and hybrids will soon rule America’s roads. Oil is edging upwards as we speak and huge Asian demands for gasoline are about to start as 1.6 Billion Chinese new car owners line up at the pumps this year. Expect the price of gasoline to go through the roof in the U.S. very soon!

  3. Alan Brusky

    Wow this thing is sweet…