Innovative Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Car


Innovative Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Car

Previewing a new generation of INFINITI vehicles, the Q Inspiration Concept proposes how an innovative VC-Turbo powertrain, next-level autonomous drive technologies, and a unique human-centric interior could enrich the experience for drivers of luxury sedans. The Q Inspiration Concept is meant to demonstrate future technologies and will not be available for sale. Presenting the next stride in INFINITI design, the exterior of the Q Inspiration Concept features a concise design with dynamic and confident proportions. It is the first manifestation of INFINITI’s new form language, for an era of advanced powertrains. The concept eschews classical sedan forms with coupe-like proportions and an elongated silhouette, demonstrating INFINITI’s design vision for vehicles in this segment. nd don’t forget to check 10 most expensive cars in the world.


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